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Life’s A Beach

I don’t even know what that means. Life’s a beach? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Whatever. I went to the beach last weekend.

Early last summer my parents bought an amazing beach house in Galveston. I invited two of my very best girlfriends from college, Kelly and Lyndsey,  to spend a weekend at the beach for a girl’s weekend. We had a blast and talked nonstop. (If you’re dying to read about it, you can click here and see what I wrote last year.) We decided that we would make it an annual event.

Last summer was also the time I met Lauren. You know Lauren, my Blog Friend 4Ever. We immediately meshed and she became one of my very best friends. We went to the PW Cooks signing where she met Kelly. Then earlier this year, Lauren and her husband joined Stephen and I on a trip to Austin to meet Lyndsey. And just like that, she became One Of Us.

Shockingly I wasn’t nervous about her joining our established group. She was our sister from another mister. Or something.

The plan was for Lyndsey to fly in at 3:30 on Friday afternoon. Kelly would pick her up and they’d make their way to Galveston. Lauren and I would meet them there when we could slip out of work unnoticed. That would have been fun if it had worked out that way. Unfortunately God had other plans. He opened up the skies and grounded all the planes. She arrived at something like 11:00 pm. Then she had to sit on the runway for an hour because the stupid plane couldn’t find a freaking parking spot. Then she couldn’t find her bag. (Let’s not get into the ridculousness of checking a bag for 2 days at the beach, but whatever. I love you Lyndsey.) So basically Kelly and Lyndsey arrived at the house at about 3:00, right about the time Lauren and I turned to pumpkins.

We chatted for an hour and then passed out. We woke up at 8:30 (WHY???) and laid in bed talking. I jumped out of bed at 8:50 when I smelled bacon. Turns out, Lauren was in the kitchen whipping us up some bacon and french toast. We wanted to wake up and have breakfast so we could get out onto the beach. After I fanned two smoke detectors (did you know that even burnt bacon still tastes delicious?) and put down a healthy portion of sugary french toast, we got ready for the beach. We got dressed, packed lunches, applied sunscreen, etc. Then we walked a few blocks to the beach.

Side note: Did you know that when you’re pregnant, your friends don’t let you carry a beach chair? It’s a pretty sweet deal. I’m considering becoming the next Mrs. Dugger so I can be pregnant my whole life.

Anyways. I have no idea where I’m going with the post. I just feel the need to tell you all about my weekend.

We got to the beach and after getting settled in we looked up and saw The Giant Black Cloud of Death heading our way. We repacked all of our stuff and headed back to the house. We only moaned a little bit. We didn’t want to go back inside because we had a perfectly delicious picnic waiting for us in our cooler on wheels so we had a picnic on the porch while watching the rain.

It was wonderful. Fabulous. And then we all started fading. What do four girls do at a beach house when they are sleepy? They take a group nap. Y’all, there are three bedrooms at this house. There are five beds. But of course we took up a whole two beds. We snuggled. Which may explain why I had a nasty cough last week and Lauren has one this week.

I don’t have the time, energy, or loyal readers to continue with the play by play of my weekend. Let’s just say that it involved homemade ice cream, fried pickles, the sun, and NON-STOP talking.

I would post a few pictures but all of mine have serious red eye and I forgot that website y’all told me to use to fix it. (hint hint… help a girl out.) But if you go to Lauren’s blog, she has a couple posted that don’t have demon eyes. I posted her link above but those of you who didn’t notice, let me help you out. CLICK HERE to visit Lauren’s blog. Here’s one picture to prove that I actually have a few… and also to show off my fried pickles.

And for the record, we are now taking applications for the fifth member of our super exclusive group. Applicant must bring some sort of sweet skill to the table. We don’t like boring people. Oh and you have to be funny. And smart. And you have to think I’m funny and smart. So basically that means that our group will stay at four. And also, it’s preferable if you are above 5’8… we don’t really want anyone bringing down our average.

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