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Seven Quick Takes (I Think It’s Actually Wednesday)

I don’t really think today is Friday. I swear that just last night I was watching Biggest Loser. I hope weeks don’t keep going this quickly, I’m not quite ready for Jansen’s arrival. I’m not sure I can come up with seven things to tell you after such a quick week. Let’s see.

My belly button is almost even with my belly. It looks really weird but it’s fun to touch. Stephen calls it my turkey timer. The baby isn’t done cooking because the button hasn’t popped out yet.

During my first trimester, my sister went through a phase where she made grilled cheese sandwiches with muenster cheese, tomato, and avocado… then she’d send me a picture message of it. So every few weeks I get this deep urge to have one. I’ve had it for dinner twice this week. If you’ve never made a grilled cheese like that, I suggest you do it so that you see why God invented muenster cheese.

On Wednesday night, Stephen’s car had a meltdown. We were leaving Babies R Us in separate cars and just as I was pulling into the driveway at home, he called to tell me he was still in the parking lot. His gears wouldn’t change so it was stuck in park. Isn’t that fun? After 30-45 minutes of playing around, it finally changed. He dropped it off at the mechanic’s and we came home and tried not to sulk. It’s our old clunker. Since we carpool to work 4 days a week, we don’t have to use it much but it is still convenient to have. So turns out it was a transmission issue and it’s pretty big deal. We’ve decided to just ignore it. Ignoring things always makes them better. That’s why sometimes when Stephen doesn’t like what I’m saying, he closes his eyes. True story.

A couple months ago I told you how upset I was that some idiotic squirrels were digging seeds out of my freshly planted garden. Well guess what those stupid punk squirrels did now? They are pulling up my mature strawberry plant. PULLING IT UP. Like I think these animals have thumbs and biceps.

Have you seen the Swagger Wagon video? If not, watch it.

Did you watch it? Seriously. Just watch it. Then if you don’t read Lauren’s blog or Lyndsey’s blog (their names are links), you may not have seen this video. Maybe one of the funniest videos of all time.

My husband vacuums with his tongue sticking out. I don’t mind. He could vacuum in a toga and tiara if he wanted to. There is nothing sexier than a man vacuuming. I speak truth.

I don’t know much about my child yet but I do know this. His favorite hobby is kicking my bladder. He likes to treat it as a punching bag. Or a pinata. I get the sharp sudden urges to pee and then it’s over. And then it happens again and again. It’s a very weird sensation. But I’ll take it over no kicking at all. I love to feel the little guy moving around in there!

Happy weekend to you all. I have plans that involve a baseball game, glidder testing, hanging out with family, and possibly shopping for dining room chairs. Whoo hoo.

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