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Loser Season 9 Finale!

YAY! The finale!!

Alison is looking beautiful in her red dress and her hair is fantastic.

Flashbacks from before the contestants got to the ranch. (I will do everything I can to make you proud… again.) These flashbacks make me so happy. Such a wonderful show. How can anyone not like this show???

So we know that Ashley and Michael are in but we have yet to find out if the third finalist is Koli or Daris. My guess is Daris because 1) he’s cooler and 2) my highly scientific method of asking my blog readers who they voted for shows that Daris will win.

Before we find out, we get to see them. DARIS! Looks amazing. He’s learning how to manage his time and stress so he doesn’t over eat at night. Atta boy. He has a ladyfriend! Yay for ladyfriends! Her name is Heather and she’s beautiful. They are a beautiful couple.

Now Koli. What is he wearing??? And why is he screaming? Pink pants are not okay. I feel like he is a different person than he used to be… but not in a good way. He annoys me now and I think he’s obnoxious. Koli just said “swagger.” Out loud. On national television.

The results: The winner is DARIS! My blog science is accurate!

OH! I forgot Shay is back!! We get to see how much she’s lost since the last finale. She gets $1000 per pound that she’s lost. She is gorgeous! She started at 304 and is now 252 so she wins $52,000! If she completes a marathon with Jared (Jared the Subway guy) they will double her amount. Awesome!!

Cherita and Victoria. And Sherry (so cute!) They are all wearing dresses in their team’s color! And now Maria. Cherita looks amazing for only being on campus for 5 seconds. And now they are going back to change… wow, they were out there for a minute.

Cherita  – 91 – 32.85% ALL at home
Victoria – 136 – 37.99%
Sherry – 99 – 45.41% She looks a lot older because of her loose skin. My sister thinks she looks like Helen. (Gross.)
Maria – 114 – 40.57% She looks awesome!!! Gorgeous! So proud of her and Michael! They have gooood genes!

Patti and Stephanie. James and John. Again, we are going to talk about how in loooooove Stephanie is with Sam. The brothers are still pretty big.

Patti – 73 – 30.04% She is so cute!! I just love her!
Stephanie – 99 – 37.50%
James – 128 – 26.39% He’s lost SO much weight ON HIS OWN and is still big!
John – 149 – 30.79% Good job.

Melissa… blah. Lance. My sister said, “I love how he dressed up for the occasion.” Migdalia and Miggy. This is the most hated group from this season. “Biggest Loser was not about the money for us.” Melissa… it’s the finale, no need to lie anymore. It was clearly about the money Miss Game Player.

Melissa – 90 – 38.something% I love that they showed her fight with Bob… just incase you forgot that you hate her.
Lance – 128 – 35.07%
Migdalia – 52 – 19.62% Still unhappy. Not my favorite.
Miggy – 91 – 37.92% Her hair looks so much better!

Sherry is still in the lead. Couldn’t be happier for her. Sherry is so sweet!

O’Neal styling in his suit! Sunshine- gorgeous. Darrel, looks great!! Andrea, her hair looks goood! Seriously, I love that they are all wearing their team colors. Did they do that before??

O’Neal – 159 – 40.87% Alison just told him that he was her favorite. I think that’s against the rules!
Sunshine – 114 – 41.45% She looks so good, she is so tiny!
Darrell – 189 – 45.76% HE DID IT!!! We like him too so I’m okay with that!
Andrea – 84 – 28.19% (I wouldn’t be getting these percentages if I wasn’t at my parents watching the DVR.)

Cheryl, so cute. Sam – WHY DO THESE GUYS DRESS SO WEIRD??? That shirt DOES NOT fit. Koli in his pink pants. Ugh. Sam looks like the Village People. Gross.

Anyone plan on watching Losing It? Not it!

Cheryl – 76 – 33.48% She looks healthy and not saggy!
Sam – 142 – 38.17% Knew it wouldn’t be him.
Koli – 215 – 45.76% WOW! But his attitude, ugh. Cheer up and smile a bit. (Edited: His percentage was actually 53.35% — I must’ve seen Darrell’s percentage still on the screen and marked that down. Sorry y’all!)

So Koli is the at-home winner. Good for him……..

Daris is still hunky. Ashley WOW. She is SO small! She is so pretty! Yay Ashley! Michael HOLY MOLYYYYY! How did he do that??? Not my favorite outfit… but sheesh! He is sooo handsome. Wow. I love all three of these contestants so I’m goinbg to be both happy and sad in a few minutes! The order will be Daris, Ashley, and then Michael.

(I will do everything I can to make you proud.) HEY BIGGEST LOSER, next season let’s not repeat the same clip 461 times. Kapeesh?

Daris – 168 – 48.55%  IN YOUR FACE KOLI!
Ashley – 183 – 48.93% I am just shocked looking at her!  So she’s ahead now.
Michael (I love him! “Are my abs showing??” One of the best BL moments ever!) – 264 – HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! A-mazing!!!

Yay Michael! I LOVE this show. Anyone have any thoughts and feelings on this episode?? The finale is always so wonderful! My mom is depressed because now it’s over. I’m not depressed because I know there will be another season! I’ll see you then!

I’ll leave you with a conversation that went on at as we were watching…

Stephen- Man, Michael and Ashley are dating.
Lindsay- No. They aren’t. I think he just likes her.
Stephen- Or maybe he’s gay?
Chelsea- He’s not gay!
Mom- He’s not gay. He’s Italian. Italian men aren’t gay.

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