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Pregnant Pause – Week 23

On Monday we discussed bedding. Well actually I meant to just discuss my new dining room table and the chair that we want, but apparently all I can think about it baby stuff so I talked about my bedding dramas as well.  Many of you had some good advice, a few of you just gave links to other soft baby blue sets that didn’t really rock my world. I’m not a soft color type of person. And then one of you recommended this site: Mod Pea Pod. And for the next 2 days, all I could think about was bedding.

I sifted through the photos and almost had a heart attack when I saw THE fabric (<- link) that was used in the $919 bedding. My mind was made up, that was what I was getting. But by this point I had also decided I would going to do a turquoise, lime green, and orange room. (See, I like bright. No soft colors here.) So while I still loved this fabric, it wasn’t quite in the color scheme I envisioned. So I kept looking. And then Lauren sent me a link to this set (<- link). Bright colors plus camo! So I was back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. I emailed my girlfriends. I emailed my sisters and mommas. They all said the same thing, “I like ___ a little bit better but they are both so cute.” Not much help. Back and forth. (Insert moaning, whining, and asking why oh why did I ever have to see this website???)

I finally made a decision. I’m going with the second one. I’ll just be ordering the skirt and a pillow. And maybe a diaper hanger thing. The camo won’t actually make it’s way into the set, only the stripes and bright orange. But I’m so excited about it because I just love that color scheme! I still have my eyes peeled to see if I can find that striped fabric on my own. I’m having a rough time with it. So it looks like I’ll need to order it instead of having someone I know make it for me. Oh well. Life goes on!

Things are really coming along. Jansen already has a ton of clothes (I haven’t bought any, thank you very much!) and a few cute books. We are registering next weekend and I’m sure you’ll get to hear all about the woes of registering while fat and needing to pee every 30 minutes. I won’t be offended if you skip that post. (Actually, I’m pregnant. I’m offended all the time. So just don’t read it but leave a courtesy comment so I think you did.)

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

I was a gift from my MIL! I currently have it on the same necklace chain as my monogram charm because I’m going through a phase where I really like multiple danglies on one chain. If I get tired of that, I’ll probably put it on some sort of bracelet. Not sure yet.

In other pregnant news, I have two over-the-belly panel jeans. One is capris, one is jeans. This week the seam in both of the panels pulled out. So now the top of the panel rolls a bit which is so dumb and it annoys me… but not enough to buy new pants. Last week I ordered jeans from Gap. They are cute but the butt is super saggy. I’m wondering if there is a defect because all the reviews on the internet were favorable. I think I’ll send them back and have them trade them out. If the second pair is saggy, I’ll just return them. Aren’t you glad I’m telling you this? I’m nothing if not thorough.

And now, for your viewing pleasure… my week 23 picture.

Big belly! And THANK THE LORD I am still one of those women that don’t look pregnant from the back! It’s all baby, baby! I have an appointment this afternoon so we can see how much weight I’ve gained this month. (Well that’s not the only reason for the appointment… obviously.) I’ll try not to be shocked and ashamed. Remember last time I had gained 9 pounds, for a total of 15 pounds. If you care to take your guesses, feel free. Maybe you should all guess really high numbers so I feel good when I hear the actual number.

I think that’s all the pregnancy news I have. And because so many of you always ask me for pictures in real clothes, here you go!

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is beauuuuutiful Friday!

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