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A Registration Story

Do they still have those shows on TLC during the day called A Wedding Story and A Baby Story? I was never really a fan of those shows, I thought they were dull. Probably because real life can often be boring if seen in short video clips without producers pulling the entertainment out of the mundane.

I don’t think that A Registration Story could be an award-winning show either. Producers would definitely be needed to manipulate scenes. There’s drama, humor, developed characters, frustration, conflict, and resolution. But somehow it’s still boring. I’ll prove it.

Having your first baby is an overwhelming thing. There’s just so much to think about. Up until this point, our house only needed to work with a lifestyle that involved Stephen, Rookie, and me. We had spare rooms with spare space. Our car only needed to fit us. Our schedule only needed to fit us. Our life only need to fit us. But now all of a sudden, everything is changing. We are cleaning out a room to make a wonderful space for Jansen. We are cleaning up our planner to make time for some relaxation and then open time after September. Basically, our every thought is based around Jansen.

When I envisioned my pregnancy it was all wonderful fun. I couldn’t wait to register and decorate the nursery. It seemed so cute and fun. I think that people should start planning for babies they way many girls plan for weddings – start young. Plan your nursery before you’re even pregnant. It’s too much bedding/color/design overload. We’ll discuss that a bit more tomorrow. Today is all about registering.

What do I know about babies? Well I know they eat every few hours and I know that I hope to provide that food. I know they poop and spit up a lot. I know they sleep, sometimes in their crib, sometimes in other places. But the details? Yeah, I don’t know that stuff.

We started at Babies R Us. My mom and MIL joined Stephen and I to offer advice and moral support. I knew I was going to be stressed, tired, and overwhelmed so I could use a bit of strength. I know that may sound dramatic but it’s not. Wait until you get pregnant and turn into some fat hormonal woman who has to decide what your child will sleep in, bathe in, look at, play with, eat on, ride in, and nap on ALL IN ONE DAY. Who am I? Why would I know? Graco vs. Chicco? Avent vs. Dr. Browns? Blue vs. Green? Boppy vs. Breast Friend? I’m a 25 year old girl whose experitise is in sentence fragments and Biggest Loser trivia. This is not my game.

I came with my notebook. You may or may not know this but I’m a blogger. I have several readers and occasionally they comment and give me advice. A few weeks ago they gave me tons of advice about must-have baby gear. One word: Invaluable. Seriously. I printed all the comments and read it with a pen in hand. I studied those notes and then wrote out pages of necessities, sorted by genre. Yes I did. I was not about to let Babies R Us win this war.

We got started in the front of the store. Quickly we scanned the outlet covers and cabinet locks. It was easy. Then we moved around. Yes, we’ll take that mirror for the car and that shade for the window. Doing well, Chelsea, doing well. Next? Crap. Breastfeeding. I thought I was prepared because everyone recommended Medela brand. Well hello, that’s the ONLY brand that was on the entire shelf. So then I was reading things about bags or freezing or pads or protectors or cleaning whips. It was too much. TOO MUCH TOO SOON. I pointed several barcodes at Stephen and his laser gun and I pray that this will somehow allow Jansen to eat without too much work on my part. Updates to come in September.

It was fairly smooth sailing after that. We knew we wanted the Chicco Travel System over Graco. Chicco has higher safety ratings and it MUCH easier to work. The Graco stroller stresses me out. I didn’t have many preferences in many other areas though. I thought that would be okay. I knew what I needed but figured I’d pick the brand once I got there. That was harder than I thought. If I was alone I probably could have done it. But I had to answer to three other people. Why that brand? Why that color? What about this one? Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

After a very long 2 hours, my feet were throbbing and I was starving. I had taken the laser gun from Stephen and walked off on my own for a bit. I got through a few aisles before they found me. We hurried through the toys and books, scanning a few random teethers and rattles. Then we turned in our gun.

We headed to a very necessary lunch at The Olive Garden. It was fantastic and allowed us to recharge a bit. We were all really tired but knew we had a little bit more in us.

Onward to Target. I love me some Target. I hadn’t planned on registering there but based on your comments, we chose Target over Burlington. (See, I listen.) Target’s baby section is a fraction of the size of Babies R Us. It seemed manageable. We scanned and smiled. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Only a few more items on our list, all nursery related. Curtains, a rug, a lamp, maybe something for the walls. Bingo. Target is amazing. I had my swatches with me so we could look at colors. I didn’t expect to have much luck but, boy howdy, we did!

It was a great note to end on. We purchased several items for the nursery because we were scared that they may not be around in 3 months. So we went home with those items and notes on my notes. “Check Bumbo prices” “Find ice cube trays online” “Take Baby Einstein thingy off Babies R Us, found at Target for cheaper”… etc.

I’ve played around on the registries a bit online and I think they are done. Feel free to take a look and give me some feedback. (Please don’t ask me how to find my registries… if you don’t know my name and due date, you probably shouldn’t be looking at it. Most of you know who I am by this point.)

Several of you asked me to recount my experiences while registering. I hesitated because I feel like it could be seriously boring. I think it is. I think this is one of the most dull posts I’ve ever written. But it’s the truth and maybe some of you can relate. For those of you who will register sometime in the future, my advice? Be prepared. Do your homework beforehand, take a mom or two to help with your stress, and take a long lunch break. And then when you get home, have a big bowl of ice cream and take control of the remote! And whatever you do, do not watch A Baby Story.

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