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Seven Quick Takes

 Another 7 random tidbits of info that you just couldn’t live without…

I’m so glad you all loved the colors we chose for the nursery. I’m pretty thrilled about it. I’m sitting here wondering what I used to fill my brain with. Now it’s all visions of blankets and booties and toys and colors.

Yesterday a guy at work came to chat in my office. He’s not in the office very often so he wanted to get caught up. “Boy or girl?” I told him it was a boy. He asked the name. “Jansen Bridges.” His eyes got wide and said, “Wow. Unique. Well I can honestly tell you that there is nobody else that’s ever had that name!”

I smiled and said, “Actually…” and then immediately shut my mouth “…you’re probably right.”

I don’t know if you caught it, but back when we announced the name and sex I got the following comment on my blog (for the record, I wouldn’t be sharing this if it was sent in a private email, but since it’s already public I think it’s okay to post):

“Congratulations and blessings to you and Stephen on the impending arrival of your son! We have never met. My name is Betsy and I live in California. I found your blog awhile ago while surfing the net for the latest BL updates and have enjoyed your ramblings ever since. Normally, I am not a big “commenter”, but when I saw your post today I was completely blown away! (So much so that I even emailed a link to my sister to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.)

Your son Jansen Bridges Hurst shares the SAME name (almost exactly when you say it out loud as my sister pointed out) as our beloved late grandfather, JANSEN BRIDGES HERTZ of Toronto. His friends called him Jeb. As I understand it his older siblings took to calling him “J.B.” which when said fast in a child’s voice sounds like “Jebby” which evolved into “Jeb” as he became a young man. Until today, I had never heard the name outside of our family. Many of us are named for my grandfather. My given name is Elizabeth Jansen in his honor.

While I have no doubt that your son will leave his own unique mark in the world, I wanted you and Stephen to know that he enters in good stead. My grandfather was the finest man I’ve ever known. I miss him everyday. He loved his family and the LORD above all else. He taught by example and always gave more to others than he took. He made sure that his children and grandchildren grew up knowing what it means to live in the LIGHT.

God bless all three of you as you grow into a family of your own.

Our family will be holding your family up in prayer for the safe and healthy arrival of Jansen. May he always know God’s grace and be blessed with a lifetime of health and longevity.”

But work doesn’t know about my blog (I’m a firm believer in the separation of work and play) and it would be really hard to explain how I randomly knew of a man in California that had this name. So I shut up and was thankful that I stopped before too much damage was done.

Stephen and I are going to try to fashion our own curtain rods out of painted PVC pipes and wooden balls. Anyone ever tried to do this before? Wish us luck.

We got another floor fan in our bedroom to help with my hot sleeping issues. Ever since then, I’ve started a morning ritual. After I get out of the shower I walk to Stephen’s side of the bed, unplug his fan, pull up his side of the sheets and comforter, then walk to my side and to the same with my fan and sheets. We aren’t really “bed makers” but I feel like this is pretty good. Yesterday morning Stephen walked into our room while I was doing this.

S- So you’re the one that’s been making our bed every morning?!
C- Well who else would it be?
S- I don’t know. I thought maybe I was doing it but kept forgetting.

An automated machine from RoomsToGo called Stephen on Wednesday to tell him that they’d be making the delivery between 2pm and 6pm. While I’m glad that they did that (previously we were told it would be anywhere from 7am to 10pm), I wonder why they don’t tell you that you’ll be getting that call. And really, it doesn’t change our day a whole lot. That’s still a pretty big window.

I get to see my niece tonight! My SIL is out of town on business so my parents invited my brother and Avery over for dinner. They knew they had to invite us too or else we’d be having some serious words! I can’t wait to see her.

It’s been a while since I’ve shown you a picture of her. This is her first time to go swimming, look how cute they are! Such a fun family!

I really don’t care about hockey or soccer so this week’s sports news is lost on me. I do need to read up on this whole Big 12 business though… what’s that all about?!

Have a great weekend. Try to contain your excitement about our recliner being delivered… I know it’ll be tough!

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