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Pregnant Pause – Week 26

Twenty six weeks. Today I am 26 weeks an 1 day. Which means I’m well over my halfway point and, according to most sources, I am a week away from my third trimester. We’re getting closer to the end. I’m much more relaxed and not dreading the arrival of Jansen like I was at one point. I think it’s because I’m feeling more prepared.

All of our furniture is in boxes in our formal living room, waiting for us to get our act together so we can move it in it’s proper spot. We’ll need to paint and clean the carpets before that happens. Hopefully Stephen and I will get the carpets cleaned this week. My mom and sister are going to paint the walls in about two weeks. I have a whole clan of people who have offered to help paint but the room is pretty tiny and I don’t want a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation. Want to see the progress that was made this weekend? Of course you do!

A ceiling fan! I think I mentioned this but all of the bedrooms in our house came with sconces on the wall instead of overhead lighting. Stephen installed a fan in our bedroom right after we moved in (Houston without ceiling fans is equivalent to some sort of ancient torture) and we decided we’d slowly add them as needed. There is no way we’d allow our child to have a bedroom with no ceiling fan so that was on the pre-baby agenda. I picked out a pretty but plain $69 fan last week and had my handyman husband install it. It’s not something he enjoys doing since it requires attic work and have I ever mentioned that Houston is hot? 

But he did it and it is beautiful!

We decided to keep the sconce on the wall as an additional source of light. Now we are in need of different sconce because we currently have THIS gold number that is selling for $7 at Lowe’s. I love my child too much to keep that in his room. Any advice on where to find a good sconce? I’d love to find one that looks like a kid’s fixture but that’s proving to be difficult. To make things more complicated, we want one that has an on/off switch so that we don’t have to have it on every time we flip the switch on the wall. Advice? Anyone?

I also washed and folded a box of hand-me-down clothes. They were already washed but somehow it still creeped me out. They needed to be washed at MY house. After doing that, let me just say this… Jansen has a lot of clothes!

I’m sleeping alright once I can actually fall asleep. But during the day I’m constantly tired and hot. I’m about to resort to my first trimester self and make a 9:30 bedtime. I know it’ll be hard to get myself in bed that early but, man, I really think I need it. This baby-growing thing is really using up a lot of my energy.

Probably the biggest development this week is that we can now see Jansen moving from the outside. It sort of looks like an alien trying to get out, but we try not to think about it like that. It’s pretty fascinating. He feels pretty huge when he moves around inside me but I thought that might just be because he’s cramped and I’m being dramatic. I’m not! Stephen and I stared at my belly while Jansen was doing one of his kick boxing classes and my stomach was moving all over. He’d kick the top left and it would stretch the skin down to the bottom right. It was pretty amazing!

That’s about all I’ve got for you this week. Sorry if you think these weekly updates are lame, suck it up for another 13 weeks! I need this to be documented. Here is my belly shot. (I’m not sure why I thought that taking these pictures in the morning was a good idea. I don’t think I look good in any of them. I should take them in the evening when I’m awake and my hair has settled down from the blow dryer frizz.)

Hellllllo belly!

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