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Pregnant Pause – Week 27

Ladies and two gentlemen, brace yourselves. We are entering the third trimester. The land of discomfort, heartburn, puddles of sweat, and no sleep. Can you handle it? Of course you can handle it, you only have to hear about it! Can I handle it? That is yet to be determined… although I don’t really know that I have a choice.

Being two thirds of the way through this pregnancy is shocking. When other people are pregnant, I feel like they are pregnant forever. But I seriously feel like I just peed on that stick last week! So if there is a lesson in all that, here it is: Don’t get pregnant until you are good and ready… because 9 months really isn’t that long to prepare your mind for it. Luckily, we were ready. Plus, we’d been trying long enough that when we saw the pink plus sign, we were relieved that it could happen. In fact, after the initial “ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod” shock, Stephen said, “Yes! I’m not shooting blanks!” (Which apparently is a common reaction from dudes.)

Anyways, welcome to week 27. This is what I look like today.

I don’t see much of a change from last week, although I’m sure there is. I’ve had several requests to make a page of all of my belly shots since they are sort of fun to scroll through. I’ll get that together sometime.

Saturday I went to the lab for my glucose test. Thankfully the blogosphere had made this out to be equivalent to Chinese torture, so I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t that bad. I showed up and gave them my paperwork. They asked if I’d been fasting and then gave me a bottle of orange drink. (They didn’t ask me if I had a flavor preference… Typically the women at the lab don’t really care if you have any preference about anything at all.) She told me I had 5 minutes to drink it and then my time would start. I opened it and braced myself. Two women sitting close to me in the waiting room grimaced. “Oh I’ve been there! I don’t envy you.” Grrrreat. I drank.

Okay so I would never actually order this beverage at a restaurant, but it wasn’t that bad! Have you ever done a test that involved drinking barium? THAT IS BAD. This? This was more like drinking a super sweet Sunkist. The first few gulps weren’t awful and I wondered what all the fuss was about. By the end of the bottle, my throat burned from the sugar and carbonation. (Those are carbonated, aren’t they? That wasn’t just in my head?)

All in all, no big deal. I definitely wouldn’t even put it in the top 5 worse things about pregnancy. (For the record, I actually AM enjoying my pregnancy. I don’t want you to think that I’m not. I’m just not going to lie and say that it’s all sunshine and puppies.) The worst part of the test was the sitting and waiting for an hour while starving. And really, I’m pregnant, so I’m starving 90% of my day. I’m used to it.

I don’t know the results of the test yet. I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday afternoon and we’ll talk about it then. I’m sure I passed.

Oh and in other pregnancy news, I’ve decided it’s time to go up a size in underwear. I think my butt has grown. Stephen just thinks that my belly has grown so much that it pulls the elastic. Either way, these just aren’t acceptable anymore. You know what’s fun? Buying new underwear! You know what’s not fun? Buying new underwear that you know you’ll only wear for 3 months and you’ll probably burst out of it in two months time anyways. I think that America should change their baby shower standards. You should have one shower at the beginning of your pregnancy, before you know anything about the baby. An All About Mom shower. You get gift cards to restaurants so you don’t have to cook, pedicure certificates, maternity clothes (including underwear), Tums, ice cream, regular strength Tylenol, fans, and money to put towards your AC bill. Brilliant? I think so!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a fantastic Father’s Day. My dad was out of town and I’m a horrible daughter and forgot to call him. In my defense, we spent the afternoon with my in-laws and by the time we got home, I had a headache and wasn’t thinking straight anymore. FORGIVE ME DADDY!

Happy Monday!

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