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Open The Vent, She’s Steaming

This has nothing to do with me being hot all the time, although it very well could. This has everything to do with a little gripe-fest.

I have a few pet peeves. I don’t think I have any more than most people, but there are definitely things that grate on my nerves. Smacking, repeating words or phrases (“I mean, like”), when Stephen clicks his fingernails together, severe channel surfing, lying or exaggerating, and MOST IMPORTANTLY being late.

It drives me up the wall when people are consistently late. It’s really a slap in the face because they are basically saying, “My time is more valuable than yours so you can just sit and wait for me at the restaurant while I finish getting ready.”  Not okay people, not okay.

Unfortunately I’ve known several people in my lifetime that have been habitual late-comers. (Sadly my husband often falls into this category, which is causing me to sneak over to the late side more than the early side… we’re working on it.) These are the people you have to lie to. “Let’s meet at Casa Ole at 6:00.” Of course you will know that you won’t be showing up until 6:15, and they’ll never know the difference because they won’t roll in until 6:25. It becomes a game. A let’s-see-how-close-we-can-guess-without-them-figuring-it-out game.

But at some point, these games aren’t fun. They are obnoxious. You want to scream at people and say, “YOU ARE AN ADULT! Get your act together and PLAN.”

The glucose test I just took could have been a nightmare for some. Why? Because there is no appointment time. While at my OB appointment last month, my doctor said, “Sometime within the week before our next appointment, you’re going to need to go to the lab for your glucose test. Try to do it at least 3 days before our next appointment so I can have the results… but not too much before then because you need to be in your third trimester (or as close as possible) and you’re just barely going to be there.”

Insert math here.

Want to see my work? My appointment it on Thursday afternoon so I can’t do my test after Monday. I hit the third trimester on Sunday so I probably shouldn’t do my test before the previous Wednesday. My schedule at work is a bit crazy these two weeks so that leaves Saturday and Sunday. They are closed Sunday. Answer: Saturday.

Want to throw some more planning kinks into the equation? We only have one car, Rookie has a vet appointment at 9:50, the lab is open from 8-12, I have to fast before the test, we have to go to Galveston at some point that day, the test is an hour long. And… go.

We decided to sleep in a bit so I wouldn’t even think about breakfast. Stephen dropped me off and the lab at 9:45 and then went to the vet. I took my test, he picked me up, we went to lunch, and then went to Galveston. Easy as pie. Although it’s not that easy for some.

I walked into the lab at 9:45 and signed in. I took a seat in the corner and tried to get comfy. The lady at the front desk called me up and asked for my paperwork. I gave it to her and she went to the back to retrieve my super sugary orange drink. I went back to my spot. Two women sitting around me looked at me with sad eyes, telling me that they’ve been there and don’t envy me. They puckered their lips and furrowed their brows as they remembered the taste. I braced myself and drank. Not too bad. I kept drinking. Still not so bad. I had five minutes to drink the bottle and I was well on my way. As I finished the last few sips, my throat was burning and I really wanted a glass of water. But the lady at the front instructed me, “No eating, drinking, walking, or chewing up. Just go sit for an hour and we’ll call you back at 10:59.” Fun.

About 30 seconds later, I was bored. I had a book but I couldn’t stay focused because I was tired and also because every 15 seconds someone else walked into the lab and started talking. I needed to people watch but got bored after 5 seconds watching each person. What a pickle I was in!

At about 10:40 my stomach was growling violently and I really wished I’d brought along a blow up mattress for a nap. A girl walked in. She had a huge purse and a laptop bag. She signed in and sat across from me. “Glucose test?” she asked. I assume my belly gave me away. “Yep, almost done with my hour though.” She rolled her eyes, “I’m about to start. I have to do the 2 hour test.”

Poor girl, I thought. She wasn’t pregnant so she was having the test done for other reasons. Sucks. Then I realized, wait… she said the 2 hour test? What time is it?

The lady at the front desk called her over and asked for her paperwork. Their conversation went as such:

Front Desk: Glucose test? Have you been fasting?
Girl: Yes.
FD: Good. Oh wait. Oh honey. You can’t take this today.
G: WHAT? Why?
FD: Well because it’s a two hour test and it’s 10:45. That would mean your test won’t be over until 12:45 and we close at noon.
G: But I called!
FD: You did? And someone told you to come at 10:45??
G: Well no. At first I called and nobody answered. Then I kept calling and finally talked to someone and they said I couldn’t make appointments over the phone.
FD: Well, you can’t.
G: So I just decided to come whenever.
FD: Well you can’t really come whenever because you have a two hour test and we won’t be open in two hours.

Around this time there was a lot of huffing and puffing and eye rolling from the girl. At first I felt sorry for her but, come on! It’s not rocket science! And you can’t blame your tardiness on the person who answered your phone call. She went to the back to do some other test the needed to be done and then came out grumpy and stomping.

I sat there for a second and tried to sort out my thoughts and feelings on the issue. Here they are: Yes, it’s a total bummer when your plans go wacky. It’s annoying when you think you’re going to do something but your plans change at the last second. I GET THAT. However, when you are the one at fault for the plans crumbling, don’t try to make others feel guilty about it! And don’t start pouting like a 5 year old. You won’t gain any sympathy that way.

Is it just me? It really annoyed me that this girl was so rude about something that was her fault to begin with. Come on people, take ownership!

Okay, I think I’m done. We can close the windows, the steam has cleared.

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