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Seven Quick Takes

Here’s a nice batch of random all fried up for you this fine Friday morning!

On this week’s ToT, there was a question asking if we’d met anyone famous. I mentioned some baseball players and then my friend Rachel reminded me that I’d kind of met Mark McGrath. HOW DID I FORGET?

Incase you don’t know, Mark McGrath is the lead singer of Sugar Ray. He is also my celebrity crush from age 14-17. Rachel’s dad worked for the Six Flags organization and got us back stage passes to the Sugar Ray concert there. Before the concert we were hanging out at some picnic table “back stage” and I had to go to the bathroom. There was this small porta-potty over next to a trailer. I went to stand in line. Little did I know, that trailer was THE trailer. As the lady came out of the bathroom, I started walking up to go in. Just then, Mark (first name basis) came out of his trailer and literally ran into me. Well, more like knocked shoulders. But still. And then he said “What’s up?” and I just stared at him.

Also, I got to go back stage at a Pat Green concert once. I was with a few friends and we wanted to get our hats signed. (Yes, I have a cowboy hat. In fact, I have several. I live in Texas. It’s not all stereotype.) He walked by and one of my friends said, “Excuse me Mr. Green. Will you sign my hat?” And he signed our hats. I don’t even remember if he spoke.

I have bragged about my dog several times before. Sure she has her faults. She pees when she greets people, she barks when someone is at the door, she has seasonal allergies. No dog is perfect. But Rookie is sort of brilliant. I swear she speaks English. The following scenario is just two of several times/situations this has happened.

I’m cooking dinner and Rookie is hungry so she walks up to me and just stands there and stares. I tell her, “I know you’re hungry, Rookie, but I’m cooking dinner. If you want to eat now you need to go ask your daddy. Otherwise, you need to wait until I’m done.” She immediately turns and runs off to stand in front of Stephen.

I’m crawling into bed and Stephen is still in the living room. Rookie is already sprawled out across the floor by the bed. “Rookie, I’m ready for night night. Go tell your daddy.” And off she goes to the living room to get him. Stephen will usually come in and say, “Did you tell Rookie to come get me?? Because she just ran in there and stared at me and then the door, then me and then the door.”


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this. Click here to follow me on Twitter. I’m not very exciting but maybe you are.

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I know some people aren’t crazy about it, but it works for me. It’s really a no brainer. I get free gift cards just for using Swagbucks instead of Google. And I still use Google when Swagbucks can’t answer me!

How do you feel about Toms? I’ve had at least 4 people tell me lately that I should get a pair. Sometimes they are ugly. What do you wear them with?

I wish I could get away with wearing skirts and dresses to work. They are so much more comfortable but in the construction industry, it’s just not normal. Of course it would be allowed, I’d just get a lot of attention and that’s not always a good thing.

Happy weekend, y’all! Hope you have some fun times ahead of you!

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