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Pregnant Pause – Week 30

Today is a true pregnant pause. I’m taking a break… from blogging, from work, from moving in general. I’m home today, alternating heat and ice onĀ  my back trying to make the spasms stop. I’m really hoping these don’t last all day because I have a grocery list staring me in the face. Plus, it’s not fun.

I’ll have a picture for you later in the week. We’ll be sure to take the picture today so we don’t mess up the weekly progress.

Also, can we just talk about this for a second… Can you believe I’m 30 weeks? That means I only have 10 weeks left. TEN WEEKS. Next week we’ll be in the single digits. Scary? I think so.

We made a ton of progress on the nursery this weekend. All the furniture is arranged, the curtains are hung, the rug and lamp are in pace. It looks fantastic. I’m not going to show you pictures until it’s done. Sorry Charlie. Just imagine Awesome, that’s what it is.

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday. I’ll be here on my couch, somewhere between a sit and a lay, in the only position that doesn’t make me jerk in pain.

(ToT will be posted shortly.)

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