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Ten on Tuesday (39)

This week, Sarah from Life at a Different Pace came up with a new version of Ten on Tuesday. I thought it sounded like a fun idea! Hope y’all had fun with it too.

For each of the following 10 categories, tell us which brand/product you use and why.

1. Cell Phone
I use Verizon. They are cheap and have great service. In fact, after I got married I stayed on my parents’ plan, add Stephen to their plan, and we just pay them monthly. It’s cheaper than starting our own contract. So that’s that. And I use the LG Dare. I like it.

2. Email
I use hotmail for my primary email and gmail for my junk mail. I know you’re all going to tell me to switch over to gmail because it’s amazing and blah-blah-Lauren-from-Texas-blah. But I like hotmail and it’s too late to change now. So hush.

3. Toothpaste
I used to be Aquafresh only. I like the way it tastes and the little kid in me likes that three colors come out everytime you squeeze the tube. Recently I’ve been trying be a good couponing shopper, so I’m not longer very brand loyal on toothpaste. We are currently using Colgate.

4. Car
We have a non-working Chevrolet Cavalier in our driveway that we are trying to sell. Our working car is a Nissan Murano. We bought it about a year and a half ago and, overall, we’re satisfied. It’s my first SUV and I don’t know that I could ever go back to a car.

5. Writing Utensil
My absolute favorite pen, and the only one I use at work, is the blue Pilot V5 or V7. (I can’t remember if I use the Fine or Extra Fine.) I get one pen from the supply cabinet and use it until it’s completely gone and then get another one. I fill out a lot of paperwork at work and I would go nuts if I didn’t have a good pen.

6. Lotion
I use this age defying hand lotion that Avon used to make. For some ridiculous reason, they discontinued it so I bought like 10 bottles of it. I only have like 2 left. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it’s gone. It’s perfect. It’s not greasy or smelly or sticky. As for body lotion, I use Aveeno oatmeal something or other. Sensitive skin stuff.

7. Interior Paint
Whatever is cheapest. Either Behr or Valspar, depending on where I’m shopping.

8. Soda/Drink
Most of the time I drink water. I’m also currently obsessed with Bordon chocolate milk. My favorite coke, though, is Dr. Pepper. Why? Because it’s the most delicious. And I also love Diet Coke with a lime wedge.

9. Laundry Detergent
If you were around last year you know I went through a LONG phase of severely itchy skin for no reason. This lasted for months and still comes on every now and then. In order to combat it, I’ve switched to sensitive skin everything. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, deodorant, everything. So now I use Tide Free to wash my clothes.

10. Medicine
I use store brand stuff. Asprin, ibuprofen, migraine relief, naproxen sodium, etc. I don’t go by brand names. To those of you who do… WHY? They are all the same!

So that was fun. These will be interesting to read… see what we’ve all got in common.

Here’s Mr. Linky.

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