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Pregnant With A Chance of Showers

We’re closing in on the end of this pregnancy. The true sign? Well besides my massive belly and constant yawns, we’ve hit the season of showers! I’m blessed with so many fantastic people in my life that there are 3 showers being thrown for me. The first one was last Saturday. I was slightly nervous just because that is A LOT of attention on me for a long time. I’m not that great in person, that’s why I write on the internet.

But it was a blast. There were 5 hostesses and I’d show you a picture except the one on my camera turned out terrible. They themed the shower around books and animals. The invitation had invited everyone to bring their favorite children’s book to start a library for Jansen. Let me tell you… GREAT idea. (So great, in fact, that Stephen spent an hour and a half on Saturday evening reading through many of the books.)

When I walked in, this is what I was greeted with.

How stinking cute is that? The baskets in the back went home with me and are now full of books. And look at those baskets in the front! They’ll be perfect in his nursery! Those big green things are books that spell out his name. PRECIOUS.

Everything was decorated perfectly, with his colors spread throughout the house. This cake was fantastic.

Don’t you just love those tissue paper pom poms?! Since I’m still mobile-less, I’m thinking about making a big orange one and hanging it above his crib. Thoughts and feelings?

My sweet little niece joined the party and was a big ball of smiles the entire time. I’m really hoping that she’s giving Jansen secret messages about how to be a happy baby.

We played a game that involved candy bars. When I first saw it, I thought it might be that nasty game where there are melted candy bars in diapers and you have to smell and taste to figure out what they are. I’m thankful that it wasn’t that game. Instead, there was a science fair type board with candy taped to it.

Then Mendy, the loudest and perkiestĀ of the hostesses, read us a story. Anytime she paused, we were to yell out a corresponding candy that went with the story. Example? “When Chelsea found out she was pregnant and told Stephen, he exclaimed, _____”

“SKOR!” Which, of course, I won because I was there when I told him! If you guessed correctly, you won the candy. It was such a cute game!

Then it was time for gifts. Gifts and more gifts. It was quite overwhelming and hard to process. Not to mention I was sweating like a freaking pig! When I went home I sat by myself and looked through all my loot so I could really process it. I later showed Stephen and made him pretend like he was REALLY INTERESTED. He agreed to sit and look over everything as long as I promised not to make him say that everything was “cute” because he “just doesn’t use that word.”

I really did get some great stuff. Bottles, a swing, a bathtub, items for the diaper bag, items for the house, so much stuff! I didn’t get good pictures of all of it but this is a set of AstrosĀ and Longhorn onesies that made me so happy!

Y’all, it was so much fun. It was so nice to see all of those women in the same room at the same time. I’m quite overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity, and I know Stephen is as well. Thanks to the hostesses for throwing such a fabulous shower! Thanks to all the attendees for your love, support, gifts, and prayers. You all mean the world to me.

Now I get to recover this weekend and then have showers the following two weekends. Of course I’ll tell you all about them and show you more pictures. For now, I’ll leave you with a reminder of how cute my momma is!

(If you want to see any of the pictures larger, just click on them.)

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