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No Idea

I’m currently sitting on my recliner with The Food Network on in the background. I’m taking a thank you note writing break to say a few words to you and let my hand regain some feeling. I’d like to finish all of my thank you notes before Saturday since I have another shower… which means a whole new batch of thank you notes to write. I don’t want to get behind. As so many of us discussed on Tuesday, thank you notes can be overwhelming. And the last thing I want is to be overwhelmed by something I am truly grateful for.

So I have absolutely nothing to tell you today. My blogging mojo has escaped me… along with my memory, my wardrobe, and every bra that fits me properly.

Tomorrow morning (which is actually today for you) I have my next doctor’s appointment. Really hoping I haven’t gained another 17 billion pounds! I think this will be the appointment where she tells me that I have to start coming weekly. That sort of makes me sweat a bit. It’s almost here!

Things are coming together. The nursery looks great, it’s pretty close to being done. Our front living room looks like Babies R Us vomited all over. One of these days I’ll get my mind together and figure out where to put everything. I’m not sure why that’s so hard, it’s not like Jansen is going to judge me. He’s just going to see all this sweet stuff and think that we are the coolest parents. We may or may not tell him that we didn’t actually buy any of it.

We’ve been gifted two hand-me-down Pack N Plays! TWO. For free. I’m telling y’all… I’m not exaggerating when I say that you’ve blessed our socks off. Seriously! So we’re going to pick the Pack N Play we want and probably sell the other on Craig’s List so we can get a bit of cash to go toward other items we need. Can you buy sleep?

(The answer, my friend, is no.)

You can buy a recliner that helps you sleep though. And that’s what we did, and that’s where I park myself every night. In the living room, tucked into our recliner, with two ceiling fans and two floor fans. Stephen doesn’t sleep in the living room with me because the couch isn’t really that comfortable. Rookie is really confused. She starts her night in the living room and then runs to the bedroom. At some point, she ends up back in the living room with me. Of course I appreciate her company but when she starts barking at people in the morning, I want to pull her tail off. I’m sure she’ll get used to it eventually… just about the time we bring a tiny human being home to throw her world upside down all over again.

It’s okay though, she’ll be in good company. Our world will be upside down and inside out, for sure!

Tomorrow is Friday, which means you’re basically getting an entire week of random from me. Why you stick around, I have no idea. No idea.

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