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Pregnant Pause – Week 35

We are almost done with these Pregnant Pauses, aren’t you excited?!

We have entered the stage of “the baby could come at any time.” My brother, sister, and I were all early. I’m not sure if that sort of thing runs in the family, but I’m just going to assume it’s a possibility and be prepared. Although Stephen was 3 weeks late so I’m also going to be mentally prepared to go past my due date. No expectations– that’s the name of the game!

Stephen and I had a conversation last night about “what if he came tomorrow?” For the most part, we’re ready. We have the essentials… minus a crib mattress, but he won’t be in the crib for the first few weeks anyways. We also realized that we don’t have our stroller and carrier set yet. So this is how it would go. We’d rush to the hospital and call my mom, “Hey mom, we’re going to the hospital. Would you be a peach and run by Babies R Us and buy our stroller/carrier combo. Thanks a bunch.” Then we’d call his mom and say, “We may or may not be having a baby in 5 seconds. Can you bring the three of us some clothes? Be sure to grab my hand knit socks! And also some Double Stuf Oreos? Thanks.”

So after that conversation we decided it might not be the end of the world to go ahead and start thinking about packing a bag. Granted, that bag could sit around for literally 6 weeks, but it could also be necessary in a few days. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. So one of these next few days we’ll pack a bag… which will then jinx us and Jansen and his giant head will stay put for 6 more weeks. But I’m willing to take that change. He can cook as long as he needs to.

Stephen has reached the stage of realizing that this is really close and wondering if we’re prepared. I was ready for this. It’s common. Women start reading books when they are 5 weeks along. They read blogs and magazines and baby discussion boards. They think about the nursery for approximately 23.5 hours a day. They come up with the “what to register for” list and constantly think and rethink their decisions. They are mentally prepared. Then in the 35+ week range, the men realize the time is near. They have yet to crack open a book and start wondering if all the crap in their living room is enough. I hear this is why those lamazze and birthing classes are so helpful… it gets the man mentally prepared. We opted out of those so we may be hitting up You Tube so that Stephen can have some peace of mind.

I feel mentally prepared. Not physically. I’m tired and everything hasn’t found its spot yet. I have piles of thank you notes to write and my folders at work aren’t quite in order. The good news is that I got the cutest diaper bag in existence so even if I’m not prepared, I’ll at least look the part!

Speaking of… this is what I look like today.

It’s nice that my belly is so big that you can’t notice my growing butt and thighs! I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m kind of huge. In fact, I had several people come up to me at church yesterday to remind me that I’m getting really close. Yes. Yes, I know this.

I spent at least 2 hours in my parents’ pool yesterday afternoon trying to cool down and give all of my muscles a break. It was nice. Sort of makes me wish I could conduct my entire life in my recliner or the pool. (Or in a pedicure chair… which is where you’ll find me today after work!)

Do any of you have any advice for the home-stretch? Any advice for Stephen? Any must-haves for our hospital bag? Let us hear it!!

(ToT will be posted shortly.)

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