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Yesterday We Talked About Baths, Today Is About Showers

Last weekend I had my second baby shower. This one was hosted by my mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws, and Stephen’s aunt. And of course, it was wonderfully decorated and I was spoiled rotten. Or maybe Jansen was spoiled rotten, it’s not like I’ll be wearing the onesies or sitting in the high chair. Regardless, someone in the Hurst family was spoiled rotten.

Check out some of the decor. This my mom, my MIL, and me.

Do you need a close-up of those cupcakes?

Cute! They were really good too. The icing looks like it would be super sweet but it really wasn’t.

They had all of my belly pictures hanging above the buffet!

It was pretty darn cute!

The food was great, I had two platefuls because I’m pregnant and I can. It even prompted one of the women to say, “Have you had an appetite chance since you’ve been pregnant?” I wanted to say, “Clearly!” but I felt that might be rude so I just responded, “Hmm, just a tad.”

Speaking of rude. They played a game called “HOW FAT IS CHELSEA?” Just kidding. Kind of. They had a guessing game to see who could guess how many inches around I am, and honestly HONESTLY it didn’t hurt my feelings. I had no clue how big I was and I was thankful that they didn’t make me guess. It was fun to see the answers though. What’s your guess?

My SIL, Heather, guessed the exact answer. I’m 43.5 inches around. She said she’s been watching a lot of weight-loss shows so she had a good idea about large waists! Whatever works, Heather!

Then we did presents. There were presents a-plenty. And of course it’s fun to open them but it’s always more fun when I get home because I can look through everything slowly and actually process it. Here’s a very important question for you… why is everything so much cuter when they put something on the butt?

A frog. On the butt! We also got this little romper that is blue and white striped and it has a crab on the front. On the butt it says, “Ahoy!” We melted. Baby butts are already so cute… they just become over-the-top cute when you decorate them!

I obviously can’t show you everything but I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. This is me with the hostesses. (L-R: Aunt Melanie (Tia Mel), MIL, me, SIL Courtney, SIL Heather – who just got engaged and has a ginormous rock and I should have taken a picture to show you)

This is the diaper bag I mentioned the other day. I actually cheated and opened it before the shower because it’s from my cousin and she wasn’t in town and I just couldn’t wait because it was in a big bag and it was heavy. So I opened it. And it was a diaper bag filled with everything she LOVED when her little Sophie was a newborn. And I had to show you the bag because it’s hard to find something this stinking cute when you’re having a boy.

Don’t you love it? It’s beautiful and well-made and I’m going to look so hip!

In case you couldn’t tell, it was a great shower. My top was sheer and I was wearing leggings, so I didn’t sweat as much as I did at the first shower in the denim dress. Which I think is a bonus for both me and the guests who have to hug me.

I’m going to leave you with the best picture of the day. It doesn’t include any baby gear or even a baby bump, but it’s such a great picture that I’d think it is totally blog-worthy. This is me with my sister.

As always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger. Thanks for letting me document this. It may not be as fun for you to read,  but this is the type of post that I’ll want to revisit in the future.

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