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Seven Quick Takes

Another Friday, another week gone by. They sure are flying by over here! Click the logo for more Quick Takers.

We got our car back this morning and it’s nice and shiny and clean. As far as we know, it was fixed properly. Now we’re getting used to driving it again. I was enjoying the nice handling on the Dodge Avenger we had. But it is really nice to be up higher again… SUV’s are the way to go!

I borrowed a dress from my cousin’s cousin (I don’t know an easier way to say that) and I was going to wear it to my shower tomorrow. I tried it on last night and I look very blah. I’ve seen it on her and she doesn’t look blah at all. I’m going to go to Old Navy during my lunch break to see if they have any cute dresses on sale. (I’m not going to hold my breath.) Then we’ll stop at Motherhood on the way home tonight to see if there’s anything. Hopefully I’ll find something. If not, oh well. I’m pregnant and people have to be nice to me regardless of what I’m wearing.

Have you ever seen shoes tinier than this??

My mother-in-law receives the MIL Of The Year award. On Monday she and my SILs took my to get a pedicure and out to dinner. On Wednesday, she cleaned my house. SHE CLEANED MY HOUSE. I know there are a lot of great MILs out there but she at least deserves the MIL Of The Week award. And that’s not up for debate.

In case you missed the reference above, I have my third and final baby shower tomorrow. This one is being hosted by two of my aunts and my sister-in-law. (The SIL that had the beautiful little Avery!) I think it’s going to be so much fun. I’m also excited that it’s the last one so I know things are winding down. I can get things in order and settle in for the big day.

The men at my office are very obsessed with my due date. They all seem to think I’m going to have the baby right this minute. When I walk into a room someone will say, “Not here! Don’t do it here!” or “Uh oh… watch out. Get out of her way before she pops.” One guy came to my office to see if I was still around and asked, “How are you doing? No water breaking or anything, right?” My boss seems to think that Jansen is laying the wrong way in my uterus… like he has turned and I’m so big because he is literally laying the length of my belly… like his head is pushing my belly out and his feet are facing backwards. I don’t mind their chatter, as long as they stay away from the “wide load” comments.

Yesterday was August 19. My due date is September 19. How do you feel about that? (Truth be told, it makes me a bit nervous!)

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