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Pregnant Pause – 36 Weeks

As of yesterday, I’m officially considered “full term.” I’m not exactly sure what that means… I imagine it means that if Jansen were born today, the likelihood of him having any developmental issues is slim. Is that right? Does anyone know? I’m sure I could Google but sometimes you guys are better than Google.

I’m pretty sure he is getting bored in there. He moves around constantly and I’m pretty certain that he’s trying to back his way out. His butt is usually pressed up against my belly, causing me to look deformed and lop-sided. Most of the time it is pretty entertaining but sometimes it really hurts. It really makes me wonder how big he is. He feels like he must be huge because he is literally all over the place, but the last measurement we had put him at the 54th percentile. I have an appointment on Wednesday, maybe she’ll give me a bit more insight then.

I have some bad news (mostly bad to me and my sister, and I suppose Stephen). Last night we found my first stretch mark. Let me clarify. Last night we found my first stretch mark on my belly. My hiney is another story and I’d rather not talk about it. Every night Stephen holds my belly and feels Jansen’s movements and then gives him a kiss. Last night as he was doing this he stopped and said, “Wait. What is this? Did you scratch yourself?” Who knows?! This belly gets in the way. He went on, “It looks sort of shiny. Is it a stretch mark??” SAD DAY. I have been told by books and the internet that stretch marks are hereditary… if your momma got them, you’ll get them. My momma didn’t get them so I thought I was in the clear. Then my butt began to look like a sunburned zebra, red stripes from cheek to cheek. I was sad to see that but since my butt is never seen in public, I wasn’t too concerned. But my belly? My belly often visits the beach.

So we are about 99% sure that the line we found last night is a stretch mark. This morning I was inspecting it and I found two more lines on my belly. It is not yet confirmed if they are stretch marks, they are lacking the shiny quality of my beloved first mark. We shall see. So bad news sister, looks like we aren’t in the clear.

Other than that, there aren’t many changes. My feet still hurt, I’m only able to sleep in the recliner, and I can still eat cinnamon rolls like a champ.

This weekend was really productive. I had my last shower on Saturday (more on that later in the week) and spent some time trying to get organized. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel like I’ve made progress. Stephen put the stroller/carrier set together. Then he put the swing together. It was so cute. Until we turned it on. It made the WORST noise (grind click grind click) that, I think, may be worse than a screaming baby. And the sound effects on it? Holy cow! One of the reviews we read online said, “The waves sound like a construction site and the birds sound like two pterodactyls fighting over meat.” Needless to say, we knew we couldn’t keep it. I got online and did some research on swings. I am very sensitive to clicks and I knew I’d go insane if I had to listen to rhythmic clicks all day.

We ended up learning that the one with the best reviews was this Fisher Price swing that converts into a high chair. Interesting. Well we already have a high chair… So I got online and read the reviews for our high chair. Several complaints about how “impossible” it is to get the tray on and off easily. So we decided to return the swing and the high chair and get the two in one piece. Thankfully, Babies R Us didn’t give us any grief over our partially assembled swing that we couldn’t get back in the box and we got the full refund. Last night, Stephen put together the new piece. It doesn’t look as fancy as the others but it is SILENT and compact. To all of you preggos out there, I recommend this product!

Things are coming together. I feel much better after this weekend, knowing we have a stroller and a carrier and a mattress. I can definitely feel that we are nearing the end. I had several bouts of Braxton Hicks over the weekend, mostly when I fold the laundry. I think that the heat and bending are just too much for my body at this point.

Here’s my weekly photo:

When you look at me head-on, my belly sticks out the bottom of that shirt. Thankfully it doesn’t show up in the picture!

(Ten on Tuesday questions were posted as of last Thursday. I think this week is going to be a lot of fun, I’m anxious to see who participates!)

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