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This Is A Recording

Thank the Lord for auto-post.

Let’s assume you’re reading this at 8:15. You’re comfy in your chair with a cup of coffee, belly full from breakfast. I am not. I am at my weekly OB appointment.

Yesterday was seriously uncomfortable. I was irritable and felt like Jansen was beating me up. He wiggled non-stop which meant that he hit every square inch of my uterus with serious force. On top of that, the pressure was very intense. It felt like he gained about 10 pounds and all of that weight was pushing down, trying to get out.

Last week after my appointment, I had contractions the rest of the day. So I’m pretty much preparing myself for an uncomfortable day today… and depending on my progress, maybe some more serious contractions. I’m not technically due until September 19th but I really don’t think he’s going to wait that long.

In sum: Our bags are packed and Stephen studied up on the stages of labor and his role throughout the process. We’re ready if Jansen feels like coming today. I kindly asked him to wait at least until September 1. Since it’s now September 1, he knows he’s free to come at anytime.

So keep us in your prayers. We could have another 3 weeks ahead of us, or we could have 3 hours ahead of us. And in case you were wondering, that makes for a really anxious mom-to-be. I’m doing my best not to analyze every pain or contraction but it’s difficult. I’ve never done this before. You can read the books and ask the questions but that doesn’t mean anything! So just pray that we’ll have a sense of peace throughout this waiting process.

If you’re following me on twitter (<- link), that’s where you can find updates. Otherwise, I’ll update here tomorrow or Friday.

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