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In which Jansen changes our plans.

Hey y’all, it’s LfT. Chelsea asked me to fill in for her since she, you know, just birthed a child. And as said child’s faux aunt, I was happy to oblige.

I’ve been busy lately – I’ve moved THREE times this summer (!!) – & wasn’t able to make it to any of Chelsea’s showers. I know, bad Aunt. So I decided to make it up to her by planning a trip to see her the first weekend of September. No big deal. She wasn’t due until the 19th, that gave us plenty of time to gab our hearts out (Chelsea & I can talk for 5 hours straight without coming up for air – and that is not an exaggeration) & eat some cinnamon rolls before Jansen was due to make his appearance over two weeks later. We exchanged emails on Monday to firm up our plans. I’d been looking forward to our visit for quite some time.

Then Wednesday morning Chelsea texted me that she was on her way to the hospital. Suddenly, it’s Baby Day. 18 days early. I think Jansen knew his momma couldn’t stand being pregnant in this Texas heat for one more minute & decided to come early.

I’m going to let Chelsea give you the details (mostly because I don’t know them!), but yes, she had her baby. He came early this morning, a 90210 baby! Sorry. Cheesy, I know.


I already adore you. All day I’ve been looking at the pictures of you that your momma texted me. Your chubby cheeks are just perfect for squeezing & kissing. I can’t wait to hold you & hug your momma. I can’t teach you about baseball – I’ll leave that up to your mom – but I will teach you all about which shoes to pair with which onesie & how important it is to add more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for.


Aunt Lauren

So yes, I’m still going to see Chelsea, with only a slight change in plans. Instead of gabbing about whatever we usually gab about, we’ll be oohing & awwing over tiny fingers & toes. Instead of stuffing our faces with cinnamon rolls, we’ll be smelling the best smell in the world: a newborn baby’s head.

I guess I’m not too upset about the change in plans. Not at all.

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