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I Have Too Much To Say So I Won’t Say Much

Good morning and happy Labor Day to you all. I normally wouldn’t post on a holiday but I thought I probably should check in… if only to show you another picture of Jansen. Oh, and also to tell you that we’re going to skip Ten on Tuesday this week. Sometime this week I’ll post questions for the following few weeks so that we can keep this going even when my life is too busy to care about ToT. But for this week, give me a pass.

We’ve had visitors in and out since we got back from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. It’s fun to have everyone meet the little guy. One plus? They all take pictures of him. I have yet to upload the pictures from my camera but I have several hundred pictures on my computer from other people. And because I love you so much (and because I want to brag) I will show you some!

This is prebaby… When we finally made it to the labor and delivery room.

But I know that’s not what you want to see. You want to see more of the beautiful little boy that was hiding in that giant belly! I don’t blame you, he’s amazing!

He looks massive in this picture but he’s not, the heater is just really small.


Like father, like son.

Okay these files are taking 10 million years to upload and I have a baby to feed… so I’m stopping. But if you leave me comments and tell me how cute he is, I’ll post more tomorrow!

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