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A Monday List

1. Yesterday was September 19. Also known as “Jansen’s Due Date.” Can you believe it? He’s been here for 2.5 weeks. I sort of can’t remember my life before he was here. Everything is different. Everyone always said that once you have a baby, every aspect of your life changes. Everyone is right.

2. Jansen had his 2 week check up on Friday. He gained a pound since we left the hospital, so now he weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces. He also grew an inch, so now he is 21 inches. He’s currently in the 50th percentile for weight and 74th percentile for length. We have a tall, skinny boy on our hands!

3. I am always thirsty.

4. I will post Ten on Tuesday questions. I’m not sure if I will be participating, but I’ll definitely post them. I need more questions, I’m running low. So if you come up with a set of 10, email me at chelsea @ rootsandrings dot com.

5. Yesterday we gave Jansen his first real bath. Previously we’d just been allowed to give him sponge baths since he still had his cord. His cord is gone so we gave him a big boy bath in his whale. He cried a bit but not like he did with the sponge baths. He was so cute when he was all wrapped up in his towel with wet hair. No, we didn’t get a picture. We aren’t that good yet. It was hard enough to bathe him while convincing Stephen that baby pee wouldn’t kill him.

6. Yesterday was fantastic. It was the first day that Stephen, Jansen, and I spent ALL day together ALL alone. It was bliss. I want more days like that. I understand that Jansen is the cutest baby in the world and everyone wants to see him and cuddle him, but it was very necessary for us to have that time alone before I had a melt down. Maybe I’m hormonal and imbalanced… or maybe I’m just a mom who is desperate for time alone with her husband and her baby. Now I want more of those days.

7. Moms, what is your favorite brand of diaper? Does it change based on the baby’s size?

8. Biggest Loser starts tomorrow. I haven’t decided if I’m going to be blogging recaps. I don’t have DVR so I’ll have to watch it live… and I really don’t know how reasonable that’s going to be with a baby. Thoughts and feelings?! I know there are several of you who only read my blog for the recaps. Although if that’s the case, you won’t be reading this post and can’t give me your two cents.

9. We have rice weevils. Gross. They are in our pantry so we are having to go through and throw almost everything out.

10. This is all.

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