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Seven Quick Takes

Why is it already Friday???? Another week gone… another week closer to having to go back to work. That doesn’t make me a happy camper.

My sister recently moved to a new apartment that is located closed to a Sprinkles Cupcake shop. For the most part I think that this cupcake trend is pretty ridiculous. HOWEVER, the mocha cupcake that they make is the most Heavenly baked good I’ve ever tasted. Ever.

We are trying to sell our non-working car. I put it on Craigslist on Wednesday night. I got about 15 emails by Thursday morning at about 10:00. I think all but about 2 are spam. We’re unsure. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, we will be one non-working car poorer and $400 richer. Cross your fingers.

I had an eye doctor appointment this week so I could reorder contacts. I don’t understand why contact prescriptions expire. It’s not like you can overdose or take too many contacts. It’s dumb. If my contacts aren’t the right prescription, I can tell you. But I had to go get my eyes checked and, sure enough, they hadn’t changed. Good thing I love my eye doctor. While I was there, I bought glasses. I haven’t worn glasses since I was in the 5th grade and swore I’d never wear them again. (I got glasses when I was 2. I felt that I’d paid my dues.) I had to wear glasses once or twice throughout high school and college when I got an infection in my eyes. But I’ve decided that I need them. And I’m a mother for crying out loud… I can look like a nerd if I want to!

I no longer shower every day. Will you still be my friend?

Did you know that the new Kindles have 3G? I knew that because I HAVE ONE! Stephen bought me one for an “I love you” present! I can’t say that I will never buy another book again, I love the smell and the feel of books too much. But it’ll sure be convenient! AND I can access my Google Reader on it… which means I can read blogs! I can carry your blogs with me in my purse! How fun!

My son is so cute. This is when he was sleeping in my arm nook.

And here he is in his swing. So freaking cute!

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