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Do You Get Sick Of My Lists?

Here are some things.

– I watched Biggest Loser last night. It was¬†hard for me to not take notes and share all of my thoughts and feelings with you. Even though we got off to a bad start last week, this episode¬†reminded me how much I love this show. This week’s was one of my favorites- lots of vomit and screaming and crying. Would you like to share your thoughts and feelings?

– I went shopping with my mom and sister yesterday. It wore me out!

– Huggies suck. I bought a small pack to try them out. They were on sale and I had a $2 off coupon so I figured it was worth a shot. I started using them yesterday morning. He went through 4 outfits yesterday. Yeah, that’s not okay.

– Jansen is SO cute. I stare at him all the time. I can’t help it!! I know he’s my son and all, but I really do think he’s one of the cutest babies that has ever existed.

– Do y’all watch Modern Family? How many people do you think put salt in their chocolate milk this week? Stephen did! He thinks maybe he put too much salt in it… it just tasted like salty chocolate milk. Salt and chocolate are a magical combination, so it sounded intriguing to me. Has anyone else tried it?

– Jansen just got a camo onesie. Pictures to come.

– My sister is getting very close to adding some other items to her shop. I’ll let you know when they are listed but you can always check her site to see what’s new. (Click here.) I won’t tell you what new line of items she’ll be listing, but I will give you a hint: She’s taking a book binding class.

– Incase you haven’t heard, the weather here in Houston is awesome… but with that comes the allergies. I had a headache last night that I assume is from allergies. It’s not fun but I sortof want a pumpkin spice latte.

– Thanks to everyone who participated in Ten on Tuesday. From the looks of it, there were several new participants. I wish I had the energy and desire to read through them all! Hello all of you new people, leave a comment and say hello.

– What should be the first book I buy for my Kindle?

– I need more sleep.

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