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Look What My Kid Can Do

Parents love to talk about their kids. We can’t help it. The second they enter this world, our lives change. We can no longer think about anything besides our baby, who just so happens to be the cutest, smartest, most amazing baby that ever existed. And that baby will turn into the cutest, smartest, most amazing toddler in the world. And so on. And while we try to hold our tongue so that we can still be proper members of society, every now and then we have to tell you all about what our kids can do.

Jansen had his one month doctor’s appointment on Monday morning. (He weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces now, by the way.) My mom came with us because 1) I had to carry a purse, a baby, a diaper bag, and I’m really not that good at it just yet, and 2) I don’t have a car and it’s a long walk.

So there we were, my mom, Jansen and I. Sitting in the waiting room watching 101 Dalmatians and mentally noting how much cuter Jansen is than every other baby there. A little boy was playing with a toy nearby. I’m not sure how old he was because I am new to this motherhood thing and pretty much all kids look the same. If I had to guess, I’d say about 14 months. He was playing with one of those doctor toys with the wooden beads that slide from one side to the other in weird twists and turns. Then he turned and saw Jansen. He was mesmerized. (I can’t blame him, I told you, cutest baby ever.) He walked over to Jansen’s carrier and looked at him. His finger started going toward Jansen’s head and his dad ran over to grab him. Just as he did, the little boy said, “baby.” He looked at Jansen and then up at his dad, “baby.” His dad looked up at us and said, “Oh my gosh. That was his first word. That was his first word. Baby.” Over and over he looked at his son and said, “baby” while pointing at Jansen. His son kept repeating it.

Then Jansen started fussing so they walked away. He carried his son to another family and just said, “He just said his first word!” and walked away. It was awesome. He was so proud! It totally made my day… until I tripped in the waiting room and fell on my butt. True story, ask my mom.

Over the weekend we went to a wedding for a family friend. I knew we had two weddings to go to in October so I ordered some onesies from Taryn’s Etsy shop, Cinnaberry (<– link). They are so cute and I couldn’t wait for Jansen to wear them.

So we went to the wedding and I was so excited to show him off. Sort of a: look what my kid can do, he can be cute! We showed up looking like this:

Aww, look at that. A bowtie!!

A couple hours went by and Jansen got tired of me showing him off. He was sick of all the fuss and didn’t want any more attention, so he did this:

Pee. All over daddy. So I took him to the bathroom and changed his saturated diaper. I brought him back out and we hung out some more. Then? Pee all over Gramps. Awesome.

Your kid can say “baby”?? Cool. Mine can pee a lot.

(FYI, we think the reason his diapers leaked were because they were too small. He’s now in size 1 and we haven’t had a leak since. I had no idea how big he’d gotten so I didn’t realize that the diapers had gone all fat-guy-in-a-little-diaper on us.)

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