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It’s Been A Few Days Since I Posted A List

– Do you miss the lists?

– I’ve had my glasses since last Friday. I went back to the eye doctor on Tuesday to have them readjust them because they were too tight behind my ears. They still feel a tad bit tight but I’m scared if I have them loosen them anymore, they’ll fall off. Is it something I need to get used to? Or do I need to take them back in to have them readjusted again (re-readjusted)?

– It’s 10:35 on Wednesday night and Jansen has been WIDE AWAKE since 8:00. I hope that means he’s going to sleep well tonight. Monday and Tuesday night he slept in his bassinet instead of his swing. (You know, like a normal human being.) It went well. I’m hoping we have a few more good nights in the bassinet so I can move him to his crib.

– He has a Baby Einstein Pack N Play set up in our living room. It has this thing that hangs above him that plays music and has flashing lights. He LOVES it. He lays there and stares at it! Unfortunately the song and lights only last about a minute or two and then you have to push the button to make it start again.

– And now he’s asleep on my lap. PASSED OUT. Like, hard! His mouth is wide open and his binky is on his chest. Goodness gracious this kid is cute!

– I sat down yesterday to cash in all my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards. APPARENTLY you can only make 2 purchases in the Swag Store per day. UGH. I have enough Swagbucks to buy 36 $5 giftcards. It’s going to take me 18 days to finish buying them! I wish I would have known that ahead of time. Then it takes 10-15 days for the Amazon store credit to show up in your account. So I’ll be done with this process in about 33 days. Dumb.

– Jansen is awake again. He’s farting and smiling and it is so cute.

– Did you catch my Tweet on Tuesday night? Frito Lay is discontinuing the biodegradable Sun Chips bag because it’s too noisy. It IS too noisy. Every time we go to the grocery store, Stephen grabs one from the shelf and makes as much noise as he can before I say, “Yeah. OKAY!”

– I’m no longer pregnant but I’m still addicted to Double Stuf Oreos. I think I’ll allow myself to keep this addiction until I stop breastfeeding, then I’ll need to get it under control. I just can’t help it, they are Heavenly. I swear, Nabisco needs to jar that icing.

– Has anyone seen The Social Network? Is it good? I kind of want to see it because I think it looks interesting. I also want to see Life As We Know It… not sure if that’s out yet. Stephen and I recently rented The Killers and Valentine’s Day from RedBox. Neither were excellent, but neither were bad. One thing I was reminded of? I love Ashton Kutcher!

– I thought I’d leave you with the photos I took of Jansen on his one month birthday. Each month I will take two photos of his in his custom monthly onesie- one up close to show his cuteness and the cuteness of the onesie, and one far back to show his growth in the chair.

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