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Seven Quick Takes

Happy Friday, y’all!

Thanks for your advice about my glasses. I’m taking them back to the eye doctor today to get them rereadjusted. I will keep taking them back until they feel good and don’t make my brains mush out of my ears.

My best friend’s dad made Jansen a bookshelf for his bedroom. He is delivering it this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!! I can’t wait to see it and I’m so honored that he took the time to make something special for my little man! I’ll be sure to show you pictures next weekk.

I gave Jansen a bath yesterday morning and as I was taking him out of the tub and putting him in a towel, he peed all over me. All over me. I had to laugh about it and ignore it because we all know that the worst feeling in the world is NOT getting peed on by a newborn… it’s getting out of the bath and not being wrapped up tight in a towel. Honestly, there is nothing worse than being cold after a warm bath. So I had to ignore the pee and bundle my baby up.

Jansen will be a pumpkin for Halloween. I know that’s not very original but I saw the costume and it was so cute and on sale. We don’t have any Halloweeny plans, we’ll actually be at a baby shower. But I think it’s totally appropriate for a newborn to dress up for Halloween at a baby shower. Right?

Jansen is laying on Stephen’s chest right now. I think that may be the most beautiful sight in the world – your baby laying on your husband. Sometimes I’m shocked that I have a husband. Always I’m shocked that I have a baby.

Did you know that there is a Chia Obama? Like the Chia pet… but an Obama. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia.

Look how cute. I love these boys!

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