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Who Am I?

Towards the end of December 2009 I started losing my mind. Slowly I would start forgetting things, losing things, getting confused, etc. It got worse throughout my pregnancy. Without my planner, I’d never remember to even leave my house. “Pregnancy brain” they call it, and it’s all sorts of terrible.

I thought it would get better. Afterall, I’m no longer pregnant, so why would I have pregnancy brain?! Turns out, there is this new thing called “New Mom Brain” which is basically the same thing, only you have a baby. I can’t remember anything! It’s a wonder my baby get his diaper changed on a regular basis.

At about 4:50 yesterday afternoon, my mom called and asked, “Are you going to meet us there or do you want to ride with us?” Uhhh, what? Ladies and gents, I’M LOSING MY MIND. Of course I knew that I was going to go to my cousin’s volleyball game, I’d discussed it several times. But when my mom asked me that, I had no clue what she was talking about.

Then I got home and, guess what? I realized that I completely missed The Biggest Loser. Completely. And I didn’t even think about it. Whether or not that’s because I’m losing my mind or because there are so many changes this year that it’s beginning to suck is up for debate.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I showed you the first 3 weekly photos of Jansen? It was on his 4 week birthday and I hadn’t taken his 4 week picture yet. Well the other day I was uploading some pictures from my camera and SON OF A BEAST, there was no 4 week photo. Apparently I forgot to take it. This isn’t like missing The Biggest Loser, I can’t just go to my parents house and watch it on their DVR. Nope. It’s a lost cause. We will never know what Jansen looked like in a white onesie laying on the floor at 4 weeks.

Sad day.

Incase you were wondering, this is what he looked like at 5 weeks.

Unless I get a better suggestion today, I’ll be calling the weekly Jansen photos “Jansensation.” I plan to add that tab sometime today… because I know y’all don’t see enough pictures of Jansen so you’ll want immediate access.

Unless, of course, I forget. Because I do that a lot.

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