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“Mondays Can Die.”

Last Monday I received an email from Lauren. This isn’t uncommon. Our normal Monday subject title is “It’s Always Monday.” And it is, isn’t it?! Always! Everytime you freaking turn around, it’s Monday again. But last week’s email was different. Remember that was the worst Monday in the world since I had to go back. So her subject was “Mondays Can Die.” I appreciated it and I’m reliving that experience today.

I have a fantastic weekend. Jansen got baptized yesterday so we had tons of friends and family in town. I got to see so many people that I love. The only sad news is that my BFF Friend Forever, Lyndsey, is in town and I don’t get to hang out with her all day because I have to go to stupid work. Stupid work. So she gets to hang out with my mom and my cute baby all day while I’m sitting 5 feet from a mens’ restroom and catching up on 6 week’s work or work. Lame.

Here is some good news:

I actually posted ToT this weekend so if you’d like to participate, just click the ToT button on the right sidebar.

I fit into a size 6 maternity jeans. I haven’t fit into a size 6 since my freshman year in college, and I’m really not sure if this qualifies as “fitting into a size 6” since the waistline is a stretchy band. Regardless, it’s fun to look at the tag.

There is a tupperware full of baptism cake at my house. That’s good news if I’ve ever heard any.

My baby looks good in a tie.

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