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Seven Quick Takes

I’m actually posting Quick Takes today, as opposed to last week when I pulled out the Lazy Card and skipped.

Thank you for your words yesterday. I’d love to say that they helped, but they didn’t. It’s not that I’m too tired to write or don’t care. I want to… badly. It’s not because I feel pressured to put good content out there to keep readers, it’s because I ENJOY writing. Writing used to be my stress-relief, my happy time. But now I sit at the computer and… nothing. No matter how much I want to write something, I just can’t. But I’m coming to terms with this hormonal imbalance and realizing that my mind isn’t working properly. Once I can put it into words to myself and to my husband, I’ll put it into words to you. All I’ve got right now is that I am not me.

I have an exciting and eventful weekend planned. And the best news is that I think I’m going to be able to sleep in on Saturday morning!

Well maybe that’s not the best news. But it’s pretty high up there.

I hope everyone saw the beginning of The Office last night. HILARIOUS.

Oh my gracious. Jansen was so entertaining last night. He was smiling and doing this gasp-laugh thing. It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I got the video camera out but, after taping 3-4 minutes of him staring at Stephen or my sister, I gave up.

If anyone is in the market for a new journal, you need to get one from my sister. She made me a super cute journal for an “I’m sorry you have to go to work” gift last week. I just wrote in it for the first time yesterday (it’s always so hard for me to put the first mark in a journal) and I love it. GO HERE to get to her shop, it’s the hard cover one that I’m in love with.

I get to meet a blog friend this weekend! I’ll tell you all about it next week, I’m sure I’ll have pictures.

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