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Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

Here I am… Monday morning, coffee in hand. I have absolutely no reason to be this tired. Saturday night was Jansen’s best night yet, he slept SEVEN straight hours. I woke up, fed him, and then we cuddled in bed and went back to sleep for another two hours. Thank you Jansen and Daylight Savings for joining forces and giving me some good sleep.

I was curious if the seven hour stretch was just a fluke (tease) or if this was going to be our new normal. Stephen and I decided we’d start giving Jansen a bigger bottle right before bed to see if he’d sleep longer. So he’d been having 4 ounces in his regular bottles and 5 ounces in his bedtime bottle. Saturday night we gave him about 6 ounces and he slept for 7 hours. (These are the details that nobody cares about except us, new moms, and Jansen’s grandmas… feel free to skip!) Sunday night we gave him 6 ounces and he sucked it dry. So we gave him a bit more to see if he’d take it. Yes sir! Little man downed a little over 7 ounces and I’m sure he would have kept going if we let him. At least we know that he takes after Stephen and I with our lack of self-control to say “no” to good eats!

How would he sleep with 7 ounces in his belly? Well, this could go two ways. He could sleep like a champ with no tummy growls to disturb his sleep OR he could wake up every two hours because his diaper was saturated.

Kiddo slept 6 hours! He woke up at 5:00 this morning and since I wasn’t ready to get up for the day, I got him from his crib, brought him to our bed, and cuddled him. No milk, no diaper change. He went back to sleep until I fed him at 6:00! Ladies and gents, we’re onto something new and it is amazing! And I am SO not the mom that wakes up to check on him. No no, I sleep and I sleep hard!

With two nights of good sleep PLUS the daylight savings, there is really no reason I should be this tired. I should feel more rested than I have in months. Instead, I sit here with my eyelids drooping and my styrofoam cup of crappy work coffee. I guess there are some things in life we’ll never know the answer to.

Which, speaking of answers, can I ask you something?! Maybe someone out there knows the answer. Why the heck is midnight considered “a.m”?? Why wouldn’t it be p.m. until 1:00? Last I checked, 12 is higher than 1. Shouldn’t we count up until 12 and then start over?? Who the heck made the decision to time p.m. until 11:59 and then change to a.m.? This has been bothering me since about kindergarten. I need answers people, I need them bad!

Anyways, sorry about the boring Monday post. I guess just goes with my mood. I’ll post ToT shortly (once I come up with 10 questions) but in the meantime, here’s a picture of my baby in jeans and a button down! He’s with his daddy, his daddy’s daddy, and my daddy. Stephen is standing on a step, that’s why he looks giant.

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