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Texas Proud

It’s officially freezing here in Houston, Texas. Well, not technically freezing, but really freaking cold. It was in the 50s this weekend which pretty much means that we are in the dead of winter. In fact (confession) I actually put in my Chris Tomlin Christmas CD on Saturday. True story. It’s not even my birthday and I’m already anticipating Christmas. I can’t help it. For some reason I have major holiday anticipation this year and the only way to fill my Christmas cup this early is to listen to music and to drink holiday drinks. And I’m okay with it. Don’t judge.

As I was saying, we’re in the dead of winter here. So we’re traded in our flip flops for boots and our tank tops for sweaters.┬áSome of you would welcome this weather with jeans and short sleeves but not us. We die. In fact, I saw a woman power walking in my neighborhood wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a hat, and gloves. GLOVES. I was in shock when I saw her. But then again at least she was outside… unlike me who prefers to stay indoors in such extreme weather like this.

I can hear all of you letting out a heavy sigh. You think we’re crazy. You don’t understand Texans and our weird allergy to temperatures below 90 degrees. I can admit it, we’re a weird breed. But while we may be weird, we don’t think we’re wrong. We believe that you should sweat in the summer and be able to sit outside by a fire pit in the winter. We don’t think you should ever have to battle ice storms or shovel snow before you leave for work. We like it here, and we’re proud to admit it.

In fact, we’re proud in general.

(No that’s not Jansen’s stocking.)

(ToT is posted.)

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