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Riddle Me This

Two things for you to ponder:

*I went to Babies R Us the other day. It was just a quick trip to replace some bottle nipples that I had destroyed by accidentally cleaning them with a brush that wasn’t intended to clean nipples. As I was standing in line my eye caught the Thanksgiving markdowns so I wandered out of line to see if there were any fantastic deals. (There were, by the way. I got an “I’m Thankful For Mommy And Daddy” onesie for $3.30!) They had a rack of onesies that said, “My First Thanksgiving.” They were cute but nothing too spectacular. Anyways, here is the issue. They had these onesies in sizes up to 24 month. My First Thanksgiving. Twenty four month.

*So I did it. I battled the pre-Thanksgiving grocery store mob. This year I am making a turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and two pies. I loaded my cart with all the ingredients… bread, heavy cream, butter, a giant bird, etc. (Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving.) I took my goods to the front to check out and gave the cashier my Kroger card and coupons. I always love the end up my shopping trip so I can see how much I saved and so I can get the new coupons that the register spits out. Yesterday I saved about $25! But my question is this: You know how the register gives you coupons that match your spending habits? Often I’ll get Smart Ones coupons when I buy Lean Cuisines. Or Gain coupons when I buy Tide. The competitors are trying to encourage me to switch. Well yesterday I got a Slim Fast coupon.

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