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Seven Quick Takes

Every day I have anywhere from 4-12 people Google “rootsandrings” to come to my blog. I assume they are the same people, not 4-12 new people each day. My question is this, why don’t you just bookmark my blog? Or if you’re going to take the time to type in “rootsandrings” into Google every day, why don’t you just type it in the browser? My blog is

My mom’s dog is obsessed with Jansen. If you are holding Jansen, she’ll jump on your lap. If you walk away with him, she’ll walk with you. And if you let him sleep on the couch, she will also sleep on the couch.

It’s so fun to see blog friends in real life! As I mentioned yesterday, Darla was going to be speaking at a women’s event at much church. She was wonderful and it was so nice to visit with her. If you live around Houston and are ever in need of a speaker for your women’s group, I recommend her.

Want to know one positive thing about being a working mother? (I’m convince there is only one good thing.) When your child is constipated for quite some time and then poops 4 times in one day, you’re only around to clean one of those diapers!

Totally kidding. My baby is only 3 months, his poop really hasn’t reached the disgusting phase. I don’t mind it at all. Is that weird?

I have this teeny tiny bump on the inside of my mouth/lip. It’s harmless and painless… but I CANNOT STOP BITING IT. It’s driving me crazy. It’s like when you bite your tongue and you get a bump and then you continue to bite it over and over just because it’s there. Can anyone relate or is it just me??

I am going to dinner with some girls tonight while our menfolk play some poker. Jansen gets to join me. Don’t worry ladies, we’ll make him pinky swear not to pass on any secrets about what actually goes on at girl’s nights.

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