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Sometimes Your Camel Is Late

Life throws you hiccups all the time. It’s just part of the deal. It can’t be expected and it definitely can’t be prevented. You can spend countless hours planning a wedding but then your DJ can announce you by your maiden name instead of your married. You can purchase the most perfect (to you) house but then flood part of the house with toilet water two days after closing.

I’ve realized this is true of baby making as well. Jansen’s nursery was perfect and beautiful, the important items were purchased on the registry, I was getting my life prepared for a baby but it’s much different than expected. He came early. He brought several weeks of awful sleep. And even now that he’s letting me sleep more, I’m still insanely tired. Breastfeeding and late nights are killing me. The good news is that I know it won’t be like this forever! Sometimes life throws a little hitch in your giddy up but then in all works out in the end.

(For the record, the severe fatigue is totally worth it.)

Did you know that if you have a baby boy after the month of August, you will be asked to donate him to the live nativity at your church? It’s true, I think it’s scientific. And as you know, I had a 90210 baby, which happens to fall after August and smack within the baby Jesus age. So of course Jansen was asked to be in our church’s live nativity yesterday. I told them they could use him but Stephen and I had no interest in being Mary and Joseph. (Not just because Mary and Joseph probably weren’t in their mid-twenties, but also because any sort of acting makes me want to vomit.)

There are two things people care about with live nativities: the real baby and the animals.

There were showings every 30 minutes throughout the morning and I watched the first two. People gathering around would turn to each other and ask, “Is it a real baby??” But of course. It wouldn’t be a live nativity if there wasn’t a real baby. Come on people!

After the second showing, the group got together for a picture. Notice anything missing?


That presents a bit of a problem when you publish it in the church’s bulletin and the community newspaper that there will be a live camel. When you say there’s going to be a camel, the kids expect a camel.

Well apparently there was a bit of miscommunication somewhere between the company and the owners of the animals… or something. All I know is that Sunday morning came and there were no animals. I considered bringing Rookie to the church with a brown pillow strapped to her back. Kids wouldn’t know the difference, right? We’d just say she was a baby camel. So time and time again a little kid would run out to the little stable and yell, “Hey, where’s the camel?”

The first show was at 10:45 but the camel and donkey didn’t show up until about noon. And let me tell you, there wasn’t a sheep in sight. It was a sad day here in Bethlehem… no sheep and baby Jesus had a binkie. I’m pretty sure none of that was in Luke 2.

When the camel finally arrived, he was a huge hit. The kids that were still around loved him. They stared in amazement at his size and they fed him hay. And I don’t think he spit on any of them or pooped in the stable.

But you know, even when the camel was in transit, the nativity wasn’t all bad. At least there was a real baby. Just remember that, friends. When life is frustrating because your camel is late, look for the live baby. He’s there somewhere.

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