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Miracle Blanket Winner!

(If you’re looking for Ten on Tuesday, scroll down or CLICK HERE.)

I don’t know how to do the fancy screen shots of the winner. Sorry. But I went to to get the winner. Congrats to comment number 19.

“I have 7 of my closest friends and family that are all expecting between May – July 2011. I would give the blanket to any one of them and maybe buy one for the rest of them. It looks like a great product.”

For the record Stefanie, it was your second comment that made you a winner, so well done on the tweet!


If you didn’t win, go to this site to order your own. If you buy it for a shower gift you will forever be remembered as the person who gifted a good night’s sleep!

December 21, 2010 at 9:37 am 1 comment

Ten on Tuesday (59)

These questions are from Sarah at Simply Sarah.

I’m a bum and I didn’t answer them this week. I KNOW I KNOW. It’s just that I had presents to wrap and Christmas cards to finish and mouths to feed and babies to cuddle and milk to pump and mail to read and it was all just TOO MUCH.

But the show must go on, so here are the questions and Mr Linky is down there at the bottom.

1. Do you do any volunteer work?
2. Do you have night and/or morning ritual?
3. Would you rather exercise or diet? Why?
4. If you would rather exercise, do you prefer going to a gym or working out at home?
5. What do you think is a huge waste of time?
6. What is one way you save time?
7. What is your current obsession?
8. What is a current obsession you can’t wait to pass?
9. Are you currently reading a book? If so, what book? Would you recommend it?
10. Since we had the 90s question last week, what’s your favorite songs from 00′s?

Here you go!

December 21, 2010 at 7:15 am 9 comments


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