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Because At This Rate, I’ll Have No Memory At All

Ever since I got pregnant, my memory has slowly been declining. I used to be known for my amazing memory. I could recall any detail about any day without much reflection. My mom used to call me to tell me something so that I could remind her later. Not anymore. I thought it was just “pregnancy brain” and would only last 9 months. Nope. My memory is still mush. It’s terrible. I came to the conclusion last night that the reason it’s so terrible is because I never really get enough sleep. My constant exhaustion is making my brain useless.

With that said, this post is probably more for me than it is for you. Thirty years from now, I’m going to wonder if I was present in my niece’s first year of life. YOU WERE, FUTURE CHELSEA. I SWEAR YOU WERE THERE!

Avery turned one on December 29. Do you remember her birth last year? If not, you may want to visit this post. And then this post. And it was a few days after that when many of you started asking me if I was pregnant. You’d email me and leave winky comments on my blog. It was really quite funny. I had no idea why you might think that, besides the fact that I was loving on my baby niece so much. I wasn’t intentionally lying to you at that point, I had no idea I was pregnant. But sure enough, there was a teeny tiny human being living in my womb… and you all knew if before I did. I must’ve had a surge of hormones bursting through me the night I met Avery for the first time, because that is precisely when Jansen’s life was formed. DO YOU HEAR THAT AVERY AND JANSEN? How is that for awkward conversation?!

Anyways, I’m rambling about nothing. (What’s new?) The point is that this weekend we celebrated Avery’s first birthday and I had a baby in tow. MY MY MY how things change in a year! (Please remember that, every single person reading this. Where you are today is most certainly not where you will be on January 6, 2012. And I’m not talking about geography!) Avery partied it up with her family and a flower cupcake. She fell in love with the icing but decided that birthday hats were of the devil. Our normal smiley Avery entered into a fit of rage the second that hat went on her head. (It may or may not have something to do with the fact that Laura accidentally snapped her nose with the elastic band… but whatever.)

Isn’t she the cutest?? Well, actually I happen to think my son is the cutest… but she is certainly the cutest girl!

And because no picture post is ever complete without a cameo from my little man…

I know what you’re all thinking and all I can say is I DO NOT KNOW why God decided to give this family two ridiculously cute and OH SO HAPPY babies. But we’re not complaining one bit and we’re doing our part to share them with the world.

Don’t forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway on yesterday’s post.

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