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A List

I decided that I’d stop calling my Friday posts “Seven Quick Takes” since I’m always too lazy to link back to the Quick Takes maker. So now, we’ll just have A List on Friday. I know, the title is so creative you could hurl.

They always say two wrongs don’t make a right… but I don’t like Kenny Chesney or Dave Matthews but I really like their duet, “I’m Alive.”

Last night I went to see a speaker at a local church. If you’re a long long time R&R reader you may remember a year and a half ago when I mentioned that a senior girl at my old high school was killed in a car accident. Her dad was a pastor at our church. I didn’t know her, had only met her once or twice, but it was devastating to our community. Anyways, her mom spoke last night. I heard her speak about 6 months after the accident and that was hard. But now that I have my own child? So much harder. It almost (almost) makes you wish you never had kids so you’d never have to face that sort of devastation.

When you are in a crowded church listening to a speaker, you should never put smelly lotion on your hands. Especially if that lotion smells like Fruit Loops.

And also you shouldn’t fart during the blessing.

This is it y’all. This weekend I will finally buy a pair on non-maternity jeans that fit me. I’m a fool if I think I’ll fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans anytime soon. And if I have to wear these jeans any longer, I may break down in a hormonal fit of hysterics.

Ugh. Jansen holds his own bottle now. Not well, mind you, but he still does it. He’s learning all about reaching and grabbing and he likes to put his hands on his bottle while he eats. If he gets them just right, you can let go and he’ll hold it. It sort of makes me want to cry because that means he’s practically a grown up.

The beauty of calling this A List instead of Seven Quick Takes is that I can have as many or as few numbers as I want.

I needed to make a number 8 just so I didn’t have 7.

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