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A Friday List

I cannot tell you how many people emailed me last season of the Biggest Loser to tell me they miss my recaps and to ask if I was secretly still watching it. I wasn’t. I gave that season three episodes and it proved to be 6 hours of wasted time. But I’m watching now, with much less fervor than I used to. I semi-blogged about it on Wednesday and… crickets. Only three people had thoughts and feelings? Yeah probably won’t be doing that anymore. Looks like I have to either write out 1500 word recaps (which involves over 2 hours of complete undivided attention) or nothing at all. Sorry y’all. No can do. Jansen is too important.

If I do not get a haircut and an oil change this weekend, my split ends will grow split ends and my car will self destruct.

If you and your husband disagree about something, how do you come to a compromise? What if it’s something you cannot back down on? What if, say maybe perhaps, you don’t like the new placement of the couch in your living room but, I don’t know possibly, your husband does? But what if the very thought of that couch makes you lay in bed and suddenly say, “I feel like the couch is a crooked picture frame on the wall. It is bugging me and it needs to be moved.” How do you handle that?

I mean, normally your husband is fantastic at rearranging furniture… hypothetically speaking, of course. But you just have some nonnegotiables regarding spacing and alignment. Like maybe you don’t like the couch pushed all the way up against the wall, you feel that it needs breathing space. And you don’t like anything larger than a chair tilted. What if? What would you do in a situation like that? You’d like to keep the peace and respect your husband’s wishes… but oh the tilting.

My mom is having toe surgery today. She thought she just had an ingrown toenail that has been killing her for over a year, but it never would go away. She finally got it checked out and she also has a bone spur. So yeah, full on surgery where they’ll put her down and everything. She’ll be in a boot for a while and they told her it’ll be painful. Toe stuff is not fun.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I painted my fingernails for the first time in like 5 years. I really do like it but it started chipping two days later. I hate that! Alison Sweeney tweeted that she uses that gel kind and it stays on for a long time. Where do you buy that stuff? Anyone know? I read something sometime about how only professionals can put use it because it uses some UV or something. Is this one of those instances where I should consult The Google? You’re better than Google…

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