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My Baby Is Five Months

Jansen turned five months last Wednesday. I’ll save the whine fest about how time is flying and my little tiny baby isn’t little and tiny anymore.

Jansen has changed more this past month than all the others. He’s reaching for everything and putting it all straight into his mouth. He has discovered his feet and rolls around to grab them. He hasn’t had as many giggle fits as he used to but he has been talking non-stop. He just gets going and blabbers on, sometimes just screaming and moaning. We think he really likes his voice. One of his favorite things is to sit in his Bumbo with the tray on. We set several toys on his tray and he plays with one until he knocks it on the floor, and then grabs the next.

We started making him cry it out at night because he suddenly turned into a terrible sleeper. We started that Wednesday night and I honestly couldn’t tell you if it’s working or not because we’ve had the monitor off and the doors closed. We’ve had better sleep, though!

Check out the growth!

He’s a cute kid, huh?

(ToT will be posted shortly.)

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