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Ten on Tuesday (67)

These questions are from Ashley (<- link). She said she’s tired of the cold weather and we should start thinking about summer.

1. Any vacations you are looking forward to this summer?
Yes. We are going to Chicago for a wedding and we’re going to make a vacation out of it. I’m pretty excited. I’ll be soliciting your advice here in the next week or two. Bloggers have lots of opinions about things like that.

2. What is your favorite article of summer clothing (shoes are included)?
Cotton sundresses. I love my Reefs and I love my Sperry’s, but I live in cotton dresses.

3. What is your favorite summer drink (alcoholic or non)?
That’s a tough one. I love an ice cold Bud Light on a hot day. But I also love fun, fruity drinks and raspberry mojitos. And I love a big glass of sweet tea.

4. Do you tan or burn?
Burn. Burn. Burn.

5. Any goals you are working toward this summer?
My one goal is to get into a bathing suit and be comfortable. I’ve pretty much convinced myself that I’ll be in tankinis until these stretch marks fade. I just love people too much to expose them to my purpley lines.

6. What is your favorite summertime food?
Fresh berries. After our strawberry picking adventure last year, I’m now convinced that there is NOTHING better than a strawberry straight from the vine.

7. What song most says “summer” to you?
I have no idea. Maybe some old school Pat Green. It reminds me of summertime adventures in high school. Two of my girlfriends and I went to several of his dancehall concerts, most were not in Houston so we took mini-roadtrips. Good times.

8. Any home improvement goals planned for this summer?
My whole life is a giant home improvement goal.

9. What is one thing you hate to see at the beach?
I’m listing more than one thing because I have lots of thoughts and feelings on the matter: Large people in small bathing suits, kids without sunscreen, rain clouds, a giant boardwalk going up at MY portion of the beach that I know will cause traffic and overcrowding, jellyfish or sharks, an empty cooler, and trash.

10. Did you ever go to a summer camp?
Oh yes I did! I went to weekend summer camp once or twice and then I went to a week long summer camp twice. It was fun minus the dirt, bugs, showering with shoes on, and coed dance night. The best part was The Blob. (Giant balloon like thing in the lake – you jump off a platform on it. I think they also have them in Heaven.)

Your turn!

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