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Hello Friday

Well yesterday was not fun. Stephen, Jansen, and I all stayed home sick. Stephen has a sinus infection that is really killing him. I really have no idea what’s wrong with me but I’m sure it has something to do with sinuses. If mine turns into an infection, I will take that as a message from God to quit breastfeeding and take some stinking drugs!

I think I’m going to made some peas for Jansen this weekend. I bought more baby food storage cubes so I have more space for freezing. I need to make him a veggie that isn’t orange so he doesn’t turn into an Oompa¬†Loompa. Any other suggestions for an easy, non-orange veggie?

Sad to say that I have purchased two bags of mini Robin Eggs. (I wish they were called Robins’ Eggs… that sounds so much better.) They are so delicious and I don’t want to tell you how many I’ve eaten. I think it’s okay because they only come around once a year and I won’t be wasting any calories on jelly beans or Peeps. That stuff is just nasty.

We got Walk the Line on Netflix and I think we’ll watch it this weekend. I’ve never seen it. Is it good? Seems like it would be, I like Johnny Cash.

I know everyone is tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen, but I just need to say that I think it’s all really sad. Something is seriously wrong with him and I really hope he gets help before it’s too late. I also think it’s sad that the whole world knows about his issues. He’s publicized himself so much that bagillions of people are just staring at him and watching him fall apart. Sad. Very sad.

You know how when someone mentions lice or ants, you start itching terribly? I’m having that experience with pink eye. Ever since I heard that Jansen has it, I keep thinking my eye is crusting over and maybe it will fall out. There has been no juice or crust, but I can’t stop thinking about it.

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