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The Crunchy Mama

(Yes, I understand this is a stereotype. Take it with a grain of salt, please. I mean no harm!)

I’m not crunchy. Really, I’m not. I have nothing against chrunchy tendencies, I’m just too lazy and cheap. I don’t recycle because my neighborhood doesn’t make it easy for us and I’m too lazy to take the stuff to a drop off. I don’t buy organic because it’s too expensive. I believe in medicine and junk food.

But this weekend, I took a step back and took a look at myself. I shocked myself.

We’ve been sick. All of us. Jansen had an upper respiratory infection and pink eye in both eyes. (It was as awful as it sounds.) Stephen had a sinus infection and cold and missed three days of work last week. I started getting sick last Wednesday. I stayed home on Thursday, hoping to fight it off. Friday I felt the same, Saturday I felt much worse, and yesterday was pretty bad too. I have a disgusting cough and it feels like someone fed me razor blades. But, you see, because I’m breastfeeding I can’t take real drugs. So I have some special throat lozenges and I have been gargling salt water. I finally broke down and took some Sudafed because I thought I was going to die at one point.

I don’t really understand people who are anti-drug. I would have given anything to chug some DayQuil and NyQuil! But I didn’t really have that option. Then I took a trip to the grocery store last night and, well, I appear to be quite the crunchster.

I hadn’t showered since Saturday night and didn’t have any makeup on. I was wearing TOMs, carrying reusable grocery bags, buying a cartload of veggies to make homemade baby food, and I was wearing my baby. Who am I?

The good news is that I think we’re all on the mend. Or at least the two boys are, and that’s really all that matters. I can think of better uses of my weekend rather than hacking up my lungs and sleeping, but we don’t really get to make those decisions, do we. Hopefully this week will be better. And hopefully the posts will be more interesting.

(ToT will be posted shortly.)

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