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Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen and Chelsea

Hi gang, Stephen’s friend Wes here. You may remember me from such R&R blog posts as, “When Stephen Busted His Face Open.” Anyway, Chelsea’s fingers were too tired to blog today, so she outsourced it to me. Sadly, I agreed immediately and didn’t get a chance to talk to her about the important nuances of blogging, like “What kinds of things do your readers like to hear about?” and “How much will I get paid?” The only thing she told me was that my post had to be long enough that you have to scroll a little to read it all. So I decided to write about some little known facts about Stephen and Chelsea for those of you who don’t hang out at their house very often, and to make sure it’s long enough, I’ve added some details that are funny enough to be almost true.

  1. Stephen and Chelsea’s house is deceptively large. I think it’s bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. It seems like every time Stephen wants to show me something new, there’s an entire new room I’ve never seen before hidden down that back hallway. “You didn’t know about the scrapbooking room?” says Stephen. “Come on, I’ll show you, it’s between the guest bedroom and the walk-in humidor.”  The bathrooms are unique too. One of them has Star Trek doors (except you have to work them yourself and they don’t make the noise), and the other bathroom has an outside door. You can enter the house through that bathroom.  I think that could catch on, especially for families who have relatives that don’t get enough showers. Just tell them that’s the entry to the house and that you insist everyone freshen up before entering, just like they do in Europe.
  2. Chelsea has a push-button stove. It sounds pretty modern, but don’t let that fool you.
    You can’t tell from this picture, but the buttons are labeled “Low”, “Medium”, “High”, “Puree”, and “Whip”.
  3. Stephen has swords. A lot of them. If I’m ever stabbed by a sword again, you should tell the police that Stephen is your top suspect. I say “again” because I’ve already been stabbed by a sword… one of Stephen’s swords, actually. It was one of those fancy cane swords that paranoid old men carry. I was looking at it and trying to put it back in the cane when Stephen said, “Careful, it’s pretty sharp,” and then I noticed I was bleeding.
  4. The apron hook in their kitchen is probably the most overloaded piece of metal in their house.

    There’s an even dozen of them at least. Who needs this many aprons? But the craziest thing is that in all of the fabulous meals I’ve had at their house, I’ve never seen Chelsea wear one. So the only possible explanation I have is that these are actually Stephen’s aprons.

  5. One of the funny things about hanging out with Stephen and Chelsea is the look Chelsea gets on her face when Stephen says something outlandish. This happens often so I’m pretty familiar with it. Stephen will say something shocking (or inappropriate) and instead of looking embarrassed or shocked or angry, Chelsea just looks bemused – like she’s saying, Yeah, I know, he said it, he’s crazy. But honestly, we encourage Stephen’s crazy side to come out in conversation. Sure it’s entertaining, but it’s also great blackmail fodder for when he runs for higher office. Stephen says he got a BA in political science at UT, but I think he really got a BS.
  6. Stephen is a terrible poker player. I don’t mean that he loses a lot (then I’d say he was an excellent poker opponent). It’s just that all of the action comes to a screeching halt when it gets to him. It’s like playing cards with a four-year-old at the table. He sees something sparkly and his mind goes away and we spend five minutes getting his attention back. And despite all this he wins money! It’s probably just a very clever ruse to distract us into losing money to him.
  7. Chelsea has all of their DVDs in alphabetical order. I highly respect her level of discipline and control. She is definitely the organized one in that household. If I want to invite Stephen to something, I call Chelsea and she tells me if he can go or not. She has a list on the side of the refrigerator listing what they’re going to have for dinner every night that week. It’s very convenient for Chelsea for meal planning and grocery shopping. It’s also very convenient for me, since I know what nights are better for me to “just be in the neighborhood” at dinnertime. “Oh hi guys, just happened to be driving by… say, is that steak I smell?”
  8. Chelsea is a huge baseball fan. That was a shocker for me. Sure, her cousin pitches for Rice, but she was a fan even before that. She ran the UT baseball fan club. I just checked – UT is a preseason #1 pick, they’ve been to the College World Series six times in the past ten years, and they won it all in 2005 while Chelsea was there (I think). Coincidence? I don’t know, but if the baseball team was that good, imagine how good the booster club must have been.

There you go, a little slice of life from Hurst Castle. To sum it up, it’s a little crazy sometimes but always fun. Did I miss anything? Definitely add your observations to the comments if you know something I don’t.

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Because You Asked

First thing is first. Apparently the Contact Me tab isn’t always allowing you to contact me. Which, umm, what’s the point? Word on the street is that a few of you have contacted me multiple times to get the address for the book swap but haven’t heard back from me. That’s not me. I check my email approximately 73,927 times each day and respond almost instantly. So (this is very important) if you haven’t heard back from me and still want the address for the swap, leave a comment in today’s post and I’ll send it to you. I’m so sorry about this and I plan to do some research with the WordPress people to figure out what the heck is going on. We’re pushing the date back a week so everyone gets a chance to get their book in.

Okay then. Moving on. Time to tackle a few of your questions!

What kind of car do you drive? What kind of car would you like to drive one day?
From timlinzrowland.

I used to drive a Chrystler Concorde but it passed away last January so we had to pick out a new car. We debated between an Altima and a Murano. We went back and forth a bit but decided on the Murano because we’d never had an SUV and thought it would be fun. We really like it. In the future, I’d like to have sort of big truck that looks very tough and Texan.

What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?
From Vanessa.

Hmmm, this is tough. It depends on my mood and the season. I love the white chocolate mochas with a nice sprinkling of cinnamon. I also love love love the java chip frappachino with peppermint even though it’s about 17,000 calories. During fall I love the pumpkin spice latte and during Christmas I like the gingerbread latte. So yeah, in sum, I can’t decide.

What’s you favorite thing about blogging?
From Vanessa.

Favorite? Sheesh! These favorite questions are tough. Honestly, I love having an outlet to write about whatever I want. Sometimes it’s a challenge since I’m a psycho who has committed to post everyday. But the challenge forces me to be creative. A verrry close second is the relationships I’ve made. I had no idea that you could actually get to know strangers through blogging. It’s been a very pleasant surprise. So thanks to those of you who aren’t just lurking, those of you who chime in and share your stories and allow me to get to know you as well.

How did you come up with Roots & Rings?
From Southern Gal.

The story is on the About Me tab. But I’ll share it again. A very short two days after Stephen and I bought Hurst Castle, we had a small, um, flood. A friend of ours was staying with us to help us move. While Stephen and I were at work, he hung out at our house watching movies. Apparently in the morning he went to the bathroom and then went into the living room and watched a couple movies. He didn’t know that the toilet was clogged and it was still running. A long while later, he figured it out. After I had a bit of a melt down and severe case of buyer’s remorse, we learned that this was caused by a giant root in the toilet pipe. And by giant root, I mean… giant root.

So that’s where the root comes in. The ring is my wedding ring. In essence, this blog is the stories (both bad and good) that Stephen and I experience. Get it? You may all go hurl now.

That’s a good start. I’ll tackle a few more at another time. If you have more to add (like “Holy cow, did Stephen have a beard for a long time? How do you feel about that?”) then ask away.

ToT questions will be posted sometime today.

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Says The Girl Who Doesn’t Like Ikea

Remember how I was anti-Twitter and didn’t see the point? Remember when so many of you encouraged me to join because it was SO COOL AND YOU’RE JUST GOING TO LOVE IT!!!…? Remember that? Well I joined (click here if you want to follow me) and I have yet to see the light. I just don’t know why it’s so cool. It’s fun to read some clever tweets from bloggers I love, but other than that, it just doesn’t make my skirt fly up.

Sue me.

Same goes with lentils. There’s quite a buzz about lentils around the interwebs. They are cheap and healthy and easy and so tasty. I freaking beg to differ. The first 4 may be true, but tasty, they are not! In fact, I made a soup with them a couple weeks ago and literally GAGGED while I tried to eat it. As in, I almost vomitted from my own cooking. Not cool. Not cool at all!

Let’s talk about this other craze.

Ikea. Seems like everyone loves Ikea. I don’t really get it. Some of their stuff is just plain ugly. Most of their chairs are made for little people, and I’m almost 6 feet tall. It’s just not practical. I like nice wood furniture. Traditional, beautiful, homey. Not skinny and plastic and short.

But I will give them this: they have cheap stuff. (Oh and their organizational items make my heart flutter.) Over New Years we spent a few nights in Austin. We spent one of those nights with some friends of ours in their new house. They had this desk and shelf get-up in their office that Stephen was crushing on. Turns out, it’s from Ikea and it’s affordable. I spent the next weekend cleaning out my scrapbook room so we could make it into a fully functioning office, television, and craft room. That desk fit those goals.

This weekend was Ikea’s semi-annual sale which meant you got 10% off of your entire purchase. Normally that wouldn’t be an incentive for me to go there, but since there was an item we knew we were going to get eventually, I figured that we might as well go get it when we could save 10%.

So we packed up and drove across town. Then we circled the parking lot for 82 hours until we could find a parking spot. We walked into the store and I made a beeline for the restroom because I have a bladder the size of a poppy seed an 82 hours in a car make me want to explode. My immediate reaction was how RIDICULOUS the design of the bathroom was. What a terrible mood to set. It stunk and it was all retarded shaped so that you had to weave through the line in order to get out. Seriously? Seriously???

We headed upstairs and got our map. Incase you’ve never been to an Ikea, the layout is sort of like one of those human mazes that you think you’ll die in. We had two goals: find the desk/shelf doo-dad and get a few of those sturdy cardboard boxes to put in the shelves. That’s it. Nothing else. Look but don’t touch.

So everything was going as planned (minus the massive amounts of people walking in strong currents like the exodus, we hadn’t really planned for them). We found the desk and shelf set and wrote down their number on our map so we could get it once we made it to the warehouse. And then we walked. And then it happened. We stumbled upon the rugs. No pun intended. Oh wait, lookie there… looks like it’s time for a quick back story.

Once upon a time a couple named Stephen and Chelsea bought a house. It had ugly red tile all over the giant living room and entryway. They immediately decided that they needed a rug, pronto. They went to their local Big Lots and found a rug that was neutral and large and cheap– all three requirements for their rug purchase. They bought it. Several months later that learned to hate the rug. It was rough and slipped on the floor. It was not a good rug. Bad rug. Bad bad rug.

And back to the present. Or not so distance past. We saw the rugs hanging brilliantly across the room. I saw this ginormous rug that looked like it would fit our living room. Two other parties were looking at this rug. I said, “Oooooh!” and “Ahhhhh!” and wandered over to get a look at the price. Rugs are expensive. Giant rugs are giantly expensive. So when I saw $299, I almost fainted. In fact, I started sweating almost instantly. A rug for $300 that I like?? Typo? I conversed with my husband. He wasn’t sold. Something about dog hair and impulse buy entered the conversation but I couldn’t hear him over the loud noise of saving money. I wanted the rug. So did other people. There were two rugs left and I was surrounded by people. I was sweating and my head was pounding. “But how do we get it home??? What if we grab it and run? Then what?? How do we get that home?” Stephen was confident he could tie it to the top of the Murano. “We’ll take it!” I yelled.

He ran over, grabbed the rug and weaved his way dangerously through the millions of bargain shoppers. It was scary. We made it down to the warehouse, gathered our other items, and checked out. Sure enough, he fit the rug on top of the car. My hero.

I still won’t say that I love Ikea because, well, I’m not a liar. But I will say that we got an awesome deal and our living room and office look much better!

So here is the photo of our massive rug. Ignore the disheveled looking living room, we pushed everything to the sides of the room to unroll it. While you’re looking at this, picture a very strong carpet smell singing your nose hairs.

Not too bad, eh?

Check out the before of the office. (Not technically the “before”– I would have had to take that last week and it would look like a land pit.)

And after we Stephen put together the desk and shelves. I asked if he wanted help but he’s a man, so… no. I put together the green boxes.

I love it. I think it looks great. And I must say, it looks quite classy for Ikea furniture! Stephen spent some time yesterday setting up the monitor, printer, etc. etc. etc. It’s coming together and looking mighty fine.

And now if I can do anything about it, I’ll avoid Ikea for another 5 years. I can’t handle that much claustrophobia again for a long while.

ToT Questions will be posted shortly.

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Seven Quick Takes (vol.15)

Time for seven more bits of random. Need more than seven? Head over to Conversion Diary to read more.


The Google is buzzing with people wondering if Daniel and Rebecca are dating. Let’s go ahead and assume yes. The Google is also buzzing with people wondering if Bob and Amanda are dating. While they seem to be extremely close, I don’t think so. I think Bob probably isn’t interested in that particular gender. Do we agree on that? If you have another theory, I’d love to hear it.

Remember when Nationwide dumped us? It was a case of the “it’s not you, it’s me” except that we knew that wasn’t true. It was us. Well we had a talk yesterday and came to terms with everything. They told us that it’s not that they don’t love us but their parents just won’t allow them see to us anymore. But they think we’re great and they want us to be happy. So they set us up on a few dates with some of their friends that they think are worthy. And they let us pick our new relationship. We made the transition last night. It went smooth. No tears, no drama.

I finished Redeeming Love yesterday during lunch. Wow. Great great book. Great story, great message. It sucked me in and I didn’t want it to end… ever. Have you ever had a book like that? Now on to Wuthering Heights.

I ordered my Christmas cards this week. We are trying to cut costs so I was wondering if I should send them this year. I have to though, I just love Christmas cards! I ordered a custom 4×6 design from Blogalicious Designs (<– that’s a link) and opened a new Shutterfly account to get 50 free prints. Then I ordered envelopes on Amazon since NOBODY sells envelopes for 4×6 photos. It turned out to be pretty cheap! I can’t wait to get the photos in, they are going to be so cute! (For the record, Snapfish is better than Shutterfly. They are cheaper and they have a much quicker turn around. If you want to open a Snapfish account, let me know so I can send you an invite. I think we both get free prints that way!)

So I’m sitting here in my living room. It’s currently Thursday night and we just finished watching 30 Rock and CRACKED up. We changed the channel and as we started watching something on the travel channel about monorails, we heard a screaming. More like a high pitched gaggling gurgling screech. We muted the television and stared at each other. It kept going. I ran to the window, Stephen ran outside with a broom and a flashlight. He listened around and pointed the light in the direction of the noise. It stopped. It’s been about 20 minutes and it hasn’t come back. He obviously scared some squirrels or some other critters that were fighting. Or… uh… mating. We aren’t sure. Either way, we think we’ve pissed them off.

All I want to do is make crock pot meals. I don’t want to go to work or hang out with anyone. I just want to make lots and lots of crock pot meals all day, every day. I’ve been inspired! I imagine that many of these are great freezable meals. You all know how much I love a good freezable meal! I may make large amounts in my crock pot the next couple weeks and freeze portions. Oh goodness, now I’m excited!! Stocked freezers tickle me pink!

I don’t have a number 7. Whenever I need to fill space without feeling guilty about telling you nonsensical things, I show you pictures of babies or dogs. Today, babies. This is my cousin’s baby, Sophie. You’ve met her before. The first picture is just her being stinking cute with a bandana on her head. The second is the best baby Halloween costume in the entire world.

Sophie Bandana

Sophie Halloween

Have a good weekend!

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I Got My MRS Because I’m Smart

I was 22 years old when I got married. It was fall of senior year when we got engaged and we were right out of college when we got married. I always thought that’s how life worked. I come from a long line of young marryers. It never really occurred to me until freshman year of college that most people didn’t get married right after graduation. Up until that point, I was quite naive. I thought I’d go to school and get a degree that wouldn’t matter because I wouldn’t work for long anyways and meet the man I was going to marry.

I went to school. I got a degree that doesn’t really matter because I’m doing something that isn’t even closely related to my major. And I met my husband. Yep, I got an MRS.

Let me just say this. Marrying young is not for everyone. Marrying isn’t even for everyone. So please don’t think that I think my way is THE way. With that being said, let me add this: Marrying young IS for me. Of this I’m sure.

I forgot what it was like to be single. Stephen and I have been married a little over 2 years. Some days it feels like it has flown by, other times it seems like much, much longer. We’ve shoved a lot into those two years and all of that stuff seems to push away the old memories. What was my life like back then?? I can’t remember what it’s like to live with a girl. I can’t remember life without stacks of bills. What did I do in the evenings before marriage? What did I eat for dinner every night before I had to cook food for a man who required meat in every meal and didn’t think soup was food? I can’t remember.

Now that it’s Thursday, I can tell you that Stephen has been out of town since Monday. I chose not to share these details with you incase you happened to be a hatchet murderer and wanted to break into my house and steal my 30″ television or my collection of DVD’s from the $5 bin at WalMart while I just stood there helplessly yelling for my husband and while Rookie peed all over the floor. But he’s back now, so set your sights on someone else’s copy of Mr. Deeds.

Anyways, I must admit that when I found out he’d be gone I got slightly excited. He left on Monday around noon and got back last night at an hour that I don’t want to speak of. Monday evenings I go to Bible Study so we don’t really spend much time together anyways. Tuesday I watch The Biggest Loser so that means there is a two hour slot in which he’s not allowed to speak to me. So it seemed that Wednesday would be the only time I’d notice he was gone. That and the fact that our bed is colder, I wouldn’t get hit in the face in the middle of the night, and nobody would be there to pop my toes. But sometimes it’s nice to be alone. It’s nice to have total control over the remote. It’s nice to be able to sit and read with the television off! I pumped myself up to have a Chelsea-centered three days.

Monday night I slept like a baby. A full night! That just never happens to me. I woke up on Tuesday morning and thought, “Uh oh! It must be Stephen’s fault that I can’t sleep through the night.” While that may be partially true, it’s not entirely. I slept a total of 3 hours on Tuesday night. I am the only one to blame for that!

I planned to eat dinners that Stephen doesn’t really care for. Salad, grilled cheese with tomato soup, and more salad. I had high hopes for myself and my decision making. But it turns out, when someone isn’t watching me, I don’t make great decisions. Monday night I had a Totino’s pepperoni pizza, Tuesday I had Velveeta Shells & Cheese, and last night I had a cheeseburger and small fries from McDonald’s. I am currently hanging my head in shame. I need accountability!

In the almost two years we’ve lived in that house, I’ve probably seen only 3 roaches. That is a big deal since we live in a neighborhood full of trees and surrounded by water. Roaches like it around here, but for some reason they have stayed away from Hurst Castle. Of course the first night my husband is gone, a roach shows up in my living room. I’ll have you all know that I killed it all by myself! Granted it was the size of a nickel, but it was still crunchy. I considered putting a pot over it like I used to do in college but since our living room floor is made from thin tiles, I figured the little goober could get out through one of the indentions from the grout.

Three days without my husband has made me realize that the single life is just not for me. I can’t handle it. I guess there was a part of my brain that was screaming “This chick needs a man!!” throughout my life. I may be terrible at accounting and world history, but I got a degree in the area I am good at!

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Google: Tissue Paper Wall Treatment

This morning I signed on to WordPress and read through my stats. I enjoy doing this. I like to see what sites have linked to Roots & Rings. I can see how many people click over from facebook, how many come from Google Reader, etc. But one thing that always makes me chuckle (can 24 year old women chuckle?) are the search engine results.

Yes, I’ve blogged about this before. But I feel like I wouldn’t be letting you in on a joke if I didn’t tell you about some of these. The bold is what they Googled, the italics are my comments. (By the way, the other day I said “I googled something on Bing today.” And this is why Bing will never be better than Google- because the word “google” means “to search” in our minds.)

taller girlOkay yes, I’m tall. I’m approximately 5’12, give or take a few millimeters. (No, I am not 6’… I’ve decided 5’12 is acceptable.) But why would a phrase as common as “taller girl” put you here?

delicious conneryMy father-in-law looks a lot like Sean Connery just several inches taller. So I could see how maybe someone might end up here eventually from looking up Connery stuff. But I am 100% certain I never called my father-in-law delicious. That’s creepy.

i’m pregnantNo, I’m not.

astonote eating I don’t even know what this means.

let me know if you have any thoughtsYes, please do. I love thoughts and feelings.

the angus has landed– Are you kidding me?? McDonalds, you suck. Take these billboards down and be more creative.

rehersal bowquetIt saddens me that such an awful misspelling would end up on my site.

There are a few daily searches. Anything related to Google logos, Lorna Doone Cookies, or Harry Potter’s Scar. But lately, I’ve been getting daily traffic from people searching “tissue paper wall treatment.” I get these because I talked about how I was going to do this in my bedroom. But I never posted photos or instructions or anything. So to my readers and to the random people who end up on my site, here you go!

Tissue Paper Wall Treatment – the common questions

-Why did you do it? There are a few answers to this. Basically half of my house is covered in wallpaper. I am too impatient and lazy to try peeling it all off so I’m trying to be creative. It’s easy. And it’s cheap. I like things that are quick and cheap but make a huge difference. Like hair dye in a box and cream of mushroom soup.

-What do I need? How much does it cost? Depends on the size of your wall. I had a pretty large area so I bought a very large jug of wood glue for about $12-$18. I went to the dollar store and bought about $4 worth of white tissue paper. I did the top portion of an accent wall a year or so ago and used wallpaper glue. It worked well but was so expensive. I thought I’d give wood glue a shot this time. So this project is less that $25 for a large wall, not including the paint you’ll eventually need to cover it.

-How do I do it? Plop in front of the television and crumble and tear your tissue paper. Just enough to get you started. Contrary to Lauren’s post today, not ALL things can be returned… I don’t think the dollar store will take your leftover torn up tissue paper. So start small and tear more piles as you go. Leave the sections large.

Get a container for your glue. I used an old Cool Whip container. Add some water to thin it out a bit – trust me on this. Your wrist will thank you. Paint some glue on a portion of the wall, ONLY the size of a piece of tissue paper because it’ll dry quickly. Push the tissue paper onto the glue, don’t try to flatten it out but DO make sure that the bubbles are gone. Wrinkles are good, bubbles are bad. Just keep going… paint the glue, push the tissue paper on, use your brush to smooth it a bit, repeat. Make sure you use the straight edges of the tissue paper for the straight edge of the walls.

It’s that easy. Once it dries, paint over it. Here is the finished product.

Tissue Paper Wall

And here are the pictures of our finished bedroom that I’ve been promising you for weeks now! The brown walls are all tissue papered, the pink walls are just walls. They didn’t have wallpaper on them.


Hello Rookie dog!


Dear HGTV, Please don’t come tell me that I shouldn’t have bought a bed-in-a-bag and a matchy bedroom set. I like my comforter. And my furniture is beautiful. Thanks, Chelsea


Yes, I have a vanity. Yes, it rocks. I love it.


There are a few more things we’d like to do in here. I’d like to paint the cabinets in the vanity area. I’d like to figure out some sort of DIY thing to do to the awful countertops of the vanity. We’d like to get a few things on the walls. There is a mirror against the wall in the first photo, I’d like it to hang above the dresser in the second photo. And ONE DAY, we’d like to rip out the stained white carpet and put in wood floors.

So there is the master suite in Hurst Castle. I hope you enjoyed it. I strongly encourage you to try this tissue paper treatment if you have some nasty wallpaper to cover. Let me know how it goes!

September 29, 2009 at 9:36 am 12 comments

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Give Me What I Ask For

I’m a planner. I keep lists and a very detailed planner. I have a meal plan hanging on my fridge. On Sunday afternoons I sit with my coupons, Kroger ad, and a cookbook and decide what we’ll be eating for the next 6 days. It helps me not be a crazy lady during the week. I know Stephen appreciates it. He doesn’t particularly like my crazy lady side.

I’m not sure if this is breaking some sort of blog etiquette but I also semi-plan my posts. As I grocery shop I’ll think, “Monday I’ll write about that thing that happened Friday night. Tuesday will be able the thing Stephen said. Wednesday is Biggest Loser. Not sure about Thursday yet. Friday is Quick Takes.” And then as I go about my business, I apply the things I’m experiencing to the things I planned to write. It helps me. Well remember last week when I wrote “Talent Show“?? (You can click that if you haven’t read it. It’s actually one of my favorite posts I’ve written.) At the end, I asked yall for two more words for my next challenge.

Here’s the problem. People suck at answering multiple questions. Think about it. How many times have you sent an email or text with two questions? You only ever get one of those answered. “Where do you want to go to lunch? What time should we meet?” The answer you’d get back would be, “Let’s go to Panera Bread.” The end. Do you see the problem? So when I asked you to leave me two words, very few of you did. Many of you had plenty to say about my jump roping experience and how cool I am. And while your comments were hilarious, that doesn’t help me today. Today is Thursday, the day I had mentally prepared to write a “two word challenge” post.

If you’d like to participate in next week’s challenge, leave two words in the comments today. But because you left me with nothing, you get this today. I saw it on another blog and thought it was fun.

I am thrilled that Lauren is a Biggest Loser lover after only one night and very few threats

I think every weekend should be a three day weekend. It makes me happier.

I have a lot of bruises on my legs from painting last weekend.

I wish I had the money to replace all of the floors in my house.

I hate talking on the phone.

I miss The Austin Stone Community Church and the people I met there.

I fear that I am going to get sunburned this weekend.

I hear that Kate Gosselin and Paula Dean are going to have a television show together. Seriously?? That’s dumb.

I smell the bathrooms across the hall from me. It’s as disgusting as it sounds.

I crave the chopped salad from Outback Steakhouse. And also Andes chocolates.

I search for blog material in all aspects of my life.

I wonder how Stephen and I will be able to afford kids.

I regret painting my hallway the pink/tan it’s painted.

I love being entertained by your comments. Seriously, you guys are funny!

I ache all the time.

I am not patient.

I believe in Jesus! I think He’s just swell!

I dance never.

I sing when I’m alone in my car or alone at home. That’s it.

I cry when I get overwhelmed. And sometimes when I have migraines that are so bad I’d rather die. And sometimes when I see something that fills me with joy.

I fight like a girl. Except I took Rape Aggression Defense class in 8th grade so I know a few moves. (Slap, grab, twist, and pull– know what that could mean?)

I won a guitar signed by Cross Canadian Ragweed in college. I should write about that sometime.

I lose sleep if I have anything on my mind.

I never watch Lost, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, or Desperate Housewives. And look, I’m still alive and happy!

I always have Chapstick in my pocket.

I confuse people when I say that I love baseball but hate hot dogs. I really don’t know why people think they are so correlated. Why would my fantastic taste in sports be related to my taste buds despising tubed meat?

I listen to the Roula and Ryan show every morning. I used to listen to Pandora all day. I haven’t figured out my next game plan. Yesterday I kept the radio on but heard Black Eyed Peas 4 times.

I can usually be found wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I am scared of knives, snakes, and losing family.

I need to sleep through the night. Just once. Please God. Puh-lease!

I am happy about the dining room table my mom bought us for $100 at a resale shop. Now if we could only find cheap chairs in the correct height…

I imagine what we’d do if we won the lottery. It makes me pretty excited!

I tag nobody. I’m not into forceful blogging. (Except forcing you to give me two words. These posts don’t just write themselves. Help a girl out!) But seriously, steal this if you want to.

September 17, 2009 at 9:45 am 27 comments

My Feet Might Fall Off

I. am. so. tired.


The end.

Really. That’s all I have to offer today.


Because my mom and I spent about 12. 5 hours painting my living room on Saturday.


Then I slept. And then I went to church.

And after church, I spent another 5+ hours on the final coat.

And I can’t even think straight right now. (Hence the crooked photo.)


All I can do is sit here, read a bit on my Google Reader, watch Iron Chef, and admire my messy living room and beautifully painted walls.


With wine, of course.


*Once we put the furniture back and pick up the living room, I’ll take a few more photos to show you.

September 14, 2009 at 8:38 am 22 comments

Pictures of My Grown Up Life

Happy 090909, friends!

Remember yesterday when I talked about being a grown up? I thought I’d show you a few pictures of my grown up life.

First, here are the photos of our bathroom that I’ve owed you for quite some time. In case you forgot, our bathroom looked like this on September 12, 2008.


That’s mold. Ike hit our neighborhood pretty hard. A tree in our backyard fell on our neighbor’s garage and on the way down, a branch punctured our bathroom ceiling, resulting in mold. And this.


So we gutted our bathroom. We played around with the idea of redoing it ourselves since we’re poor. But after about 7 months and no bathroom, we decided to hire someone. We patched up the skylight because we thought it was quite ugly. We tore out the furdowns above the vanity and above the shower to open up the teeny room a bit. This is what we’ve got now.


This is the view from our bedroom. It’s a very tiny bathroom. Just a toilet, standing shower, and sink. And here is the view from the toilet.



So there you go. You waited all that time for those pictures and I’m sure you’re underwhelmed. I make no apologies.

I’m not posting photos of our painted bedroom just yet because we just bought some curtains. Once we hang those, I’ll take some photos and show you how pretty my tissue papered walls look.

Want more pictures of my adult life? This is what we did on Saturday.


Those are our disgusting wood panel walls. Actually, that is one of the built in bookshelves. The walls are real wood and are actually pretty rough so they don’t need to be sanded. But the area behind the shelves and the area around the bay window are super glossy and fake. We sanded them down so that I could prime and paint this weekend. I like how Stephen’s arm is blurry from the vibrations of the sander. That black stick looking thing is the vacuum hose. I was waving it in the air while he sanded so we could try to capture some of the dust. I’d like to think that it helped, even though our house was COVERED in tiny dust particles.

And here is a picture of me taking a sanding break to put Molly in her game day clothes and force her to take a picture with me.


It should be noted that I’m wearing a homemade shirt that says “My Buddy Has Sweet Skills.” Lyndsey and I made those shirts in college. We were in an organization called Diamonds. Long story but we did stuff for the University of Texas baseball program. We were all assigned “buddies” on the team. Our job was to be their #1 fan. I could write an entire post about my mixed feelings on that subject, but I won’t. I’ll just say that my Sweet Skills t-shirt is about 40,000 times cooler than my buddy that year. Although it did speak the truth, my buddy did have sweet skills.

Please also take a look behind me. That is our monstrous fireplace. That is one of the things about our house that I actually love. You just don’t find those in new homes. You’ll see more photos of the living room next week after I paint it.

I hope you enjoyed the quick peek into my life. I’ll leave you with one more photo of how my life is so adult.

Stephen Geese

Sometimes my husband chases geese.

September 9, 2009 at 9:12 am 16 comments

Seven Quick Takes (vol.5)

Oh friends. It’s Friday! How glorious! And not only that, we have a three day weekend. That almost makes me want to do a happy dance. I totally would if I weren’t 8 feet tall and so very white and completely unable to pick up any rhythm, even made up rhythm in my head. Maybe I’ll just do a really cool fist pump.

Anyways, because it’s Friday that also means it’s time for some Quick Takes. Seven of them, to be exact. You can head over to to see a whole bunch of other Quick Takers or to add your own to the list. Enjoy!


Last night, Stephen called humus “pita juice”… that’s gross. And not even accurate. I guess he could call it “chick pea juice” but even that sounds nasty.

Last night I was asked to serve in another area at church. It’s something I believe in and would love to see thrive, so I agreed. Want to know the terrible, horrible news? I found out that we’ll be meeting the first Tuesday of each month. Do you know what I do on Tuesdays??? That’s MY night. My time to sit in front of the television for two hours and eat pizza and watch the best television show that ever existed. The Biggest Loser. Since the first Tuesday of September has already passed, our first meeting is September 15. Otherwise known as the season premiere of The Biggest Loser. Otherwise known as the day I start living my life again.

So I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this. For those of you who weren’t around during last season, you may not understand. This show is my life. I love it. And each Wednesday I devote a post entirely to Biggest Loser. So, you see, I can’t DVR it and watch it the next day. Not just because I don’t have a DVR, but because it’ll throw off my blogging routine. And you don’t want to throw that off. I think I’ll have a heart to heart with my parents and ask them to DVR it and let me come over after my monthly meeting and stay up late to watch it. Mom, Dad… consider this our heart to heart. Thanks, you’re the best!

In other Biggest Loser news, I saw a preview for the new season last night. Remember Daniel from the orange team that went home pretty early on? He’s back! I think that’s fantastic. But I was sad to see that Mike’s brother wasn’t on. Unless that’s a surprise. I can only dream… 

Stephen and I are going to paint our living room next weekend. I’m absolutely giddy with excitement! It’s currently covered in disgusting wood paneling. This weekend I may start on some of the prep work. Apparently you have to clean, sand, clean, prime, and then paint. There are even more steps if you plan to fill in the cracks between the panels. I think we’re choosing not to do that. It’ll look great without those filled in. It’s going to be a ton of work but SO worth it!

I heard on the radio that there was a study about men. Apparently if they are around a hot woman and then take a test, their scores are much lower than normal. Researchers say that they think men use up a lot of energy and brain function trying to look good and impress the girl that there isn’t much left when they need it for the test. That’s also why they stumble on their words and do dumb things while they are around these women. My thoughts? I guess that explains why I’m constantly surrounded my so many idiots.


I got my laptop case in the mail last night. I love it. I put my laptop in it immediately and it sat on my lap while I was on the couch watching tv. I made Stephen tell me over and over how happy he was that I love it and how much he loves it. I even made him pet it and tell me how wonderful it is. And he humored me, because he’s that awesome of a husband. Really yall, it was $20! I’m thinking that I’m going to be doing the majority of my Christmas shopping through Etsy. I’d so much rather give my money to “the little man” and the things you can buy there are so cute… and custom! If you know some good sellers, give me the link. If you are a seller, give me your link!

When I brought it in the room to show Stephen he said, “Is that what you bought from that girl, Etsy?” He’s cute.

Three day weekend.

The Heaven’s are opening and the angels are singing … “Ahhhhhhhhh” (That’s not a yell, it’s a beautiful tune.)

Three days. A lot I want to do. I’m getting my hair cut tonight and then going on a dinner date with my hubby. Tomorrow I will be either writing or cleaning the living room wall, depending on my mood. We also have a Princess Party to attend for Stephen’s cousin’s daughter… who is just so stinking cute you could spread her on a cracker! All I’m saying is that it’s a good thing she is so cute and that UT is playing a crappy team, because her party is at the same time as the game. I’m also spending some time with a couple girl friends from high school, always a pleasure! Basically, what I’m telling you is that my weekend is going to be fabulous.


I will leave you with a beautifully written letter that my Blog Friend 4 Ever, Lauren wrote:

Dear 3 Day Weekend,
I love you. I would even make out with you, if you were make-out-able.

September 4, 2009 at 9:14 am 21 comments

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