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More R&R Updates

Brace yourselves, ladies and three gentlemen… Roots & Rings has a couple new features. I think I’ve got this site up to my standards! Hopefully it’s up to your standards too. (If it’s not, please complain to me via email, not blog comments. I embarass easily!) Take a look at the top. I’ve added two new tabs.

1. “Props!” – This should be pretty self-explanitory. Every so often I post a review and title it “Props!” See yesterday’s post for an example. Anyways I’ve posted links to all of my past Props! in one area in case you want to revisit them. Or in case, hypothetically speaking, you didn’t read my blog that day. But I know that could never be true, so really they are just there for you to revisit.

2. “101 in 1001” – This is a fun one. I saw this on another blog and thought it looked like a rewarding activity. After a bit of research, I realized that there are tons of bloggers who do this. I’m so behind the times! (Seriously, who gave me a website?!) It’s a list of 101 goals I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I worked on this list for a couple of weeks and think it’s pretty good. It’s pretty exhaustive*. Some of them excite me, some of them seem like awful tasks. All of them will be completed (hopefully). I’ll blog about my progress throughout the 1001 days and hope that you will all hold me accountable.

*I’ll answer the question that is probably floating around your head the same way I answered it to Stephen. No, I didn’t mention anything about babies on the list. Obviously having a baby is a goal of mine in the next 1001 days, but if I do not complete it I don’t want a list reminding me that I have failed. I’m pretty sure I’ll be emotional enough and feel like a failure on my own.

Hope you like the two new features! Have a safe and wonderful 4th!

July 3, 2009 at 9:39 am 3 comments

Props! to Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies

A couple months ago I entered a Swap through another blog that I read. It was a fun experience. We were all matched up and given different names and addresses, then we mailed our person a package with 5 goodies. My chick sent me a cute stained glass piece of art, some body butter, a package of treats for Rookie, and a couple homemade charms. But quite possibly, the greatest thing I received was a package of Lorna Doone cookies.


I wouldn’t recommend buying these regularly because I’m sure with each cookie you eat, you get another dimple on your thigh. But, Lord have mercy, they are good.

Listen, I’m from Texas. We have the “Bigger is Better” mentality here. We eat mounds of red meat, we drink high calorie beer, and we use lots of mayo and butter. We drive big trucks that can fit our wide hips. That’s just the life down here. Additionally, I’m Lutheran. We have millions of cookbooks that contain words like “oleo”. And according to us, if you add Cool Whip and Jello mix you can call it a salad. And we like our life that way. I don’t really shy away from high calorie food. My jeans have requested that I eat smaller portions of these foods, and I will comply. But I won’t quit eating them altogether. Come on guys, when I leave my neighborhood this is what I see:


A biggie sized McDonalds with a biggie sized astronaut eating a McMassive sized order of fries. What can I say? My appetite is stimulated every morning.

All of that to say, I don’t feel too guilty eating these cookies. You’ve got to live a little! So the other day we were in the car on the way home from work and Stephen and I were starving. I remembered we had some of these cookies in the back seat.

S- Oh! Cookies!
C- Yeah. These things are awesome.
S- Are they girl scout cookies?
C- No but close. They are shortbread.
S- Oh. Can I have 10 of them?
C- What? No.
S- 7?
C- No.
S- 5??
C- What? Stop asking.
S- Ugh. Why can’t I have 5?
C- Because there’s like a stick and a half of butter in each cookie.
S- So?

He had a good point. So we ate 5 cookies each. And I have no idea how many sticks of butter we actually ate and how many calories were slowly making their way down to our thighs because the nutritional facts are based on a serving size of grams (not cookies) and I left my food scale at home that day. And really, I don’t want to know. We are going to eat them anyways.

And I recommend that you do too. Not only because they are excellent, but because I won’t look so fat in my bathing suit if you’ve been eating them also.

July 2, 2009 at 9:38 am 8 comments

Props! to Emily Hansen Photography

It’s that time again. Time for me to shamelessly plug a person or product that I love. This is all about Emily Hansen Photography. I met Emily last November through a mutual friend. She and her husband are extremely talented. I am not just saying this. I’m talking about the type of talent that makes you want them to breed, just so we can all see what happens! Matt is an incredible pianist. He is currently teach my hubby how to play. Anyways, about Emily. She took Stephen and I to Kemah about a month or so ago. She wanted to “practice”… I don’t really think she needs to practice but, hey, we’ll take all the free photos we can get!


Below are some of my favorite pictures. I’m sure many of you have seen these on facebook but I wanted to go ahead and post them for my blog friends! And, yes, it very much felt like we were taking engagement pictures. But we weren’t. I’m about ten pounds heavier than I was back then. Trust me on that. Enjoy!


















Hope you like them! My favorites are the one with my hair in the wind and the black and white one! If you are in Houston and you’re looking for a photographer, check her out!

June 3, 2009 at 11:18 am 6 comments

Props! to George

Strait, that is.


How do you accurately give appropriate props to the greatest country music artist that has ever existed? Well, you don’t. But you can try.


Last night as I watched the tribute to George on CBS for being the Artist of the Decade, I fell back in love with him. Back in high school, I was quite the George fan. I’ve been to a many of his concerts. I’ve owned many of his CDs. I even had a poster of him on my wall! (This was way after the days of JTT and Devon Sawa and slightly after the time of Spice Girls.) As far as name recognition, talent, and success goes, very few country stars can even come close to him. He’s THE King George. He has had 44 Billboard top singles. Forty four!




I watched the two hour program with googly eyes at a 57 year old man. He sat there with his wife and son (and some other girl?) watching other country stars perform his music. What a great night. They all told stories about him and when they first met him. It was touching. What a wonderful day to be George Strait. Actually, I’m sure most days are great days to be George Strait… but you know what I mean. I’d also like to comment that I never really liked the song “Run” but I think Taylor Swift did an incredible job with that!


So I love him. And I’m pretty sure he loves me too- even if he doesn’t know it. Why wouldn’t he? I’m a great fan. And I’m sure that I’ve contributed somewhere around $320 to his bank account… not that he’s shallow enough to love me for my money.


I watched the show while facebooking back and forth with Lyndsey (you know, the friend I’m going to bribe to move to Houston by having a baby). Well, obviously I don’t have a baby, so I’m bribing her to visit with something almost as enticing as my first born. George Strait tickets. So now, I’m the proud owner of 2 tickets to the show on August 8! It’s up to her to get her butt down here for it! If she doesn’t come, I will be taking my husband. And I will post massive amounts of pictures to make her jealous.


Consider yourself warned.

May 28, 2009 at 10:31 am 6 comments

Props! to Sharpies

I fear that today’s post will be similar to yesterday’s. That’s okay. There are worse things.


I mentioned that I love getting mail from my friend Rachel because of her Tahoma handwriting. I was always envious of her handwriting. I don’t understand how at the age of 15, Rachel could write so well. How does that happen? When the rest of us were fingerpainting swirls and blobs in pre-k, she was probably meticulously writing her ABC’s. My handwriting has gotten better though. I fill out a lot of paperwork at work, so I get a lot of practice. Not that I didn’t write much throughout my life, I just never really cared how pretty it looked. I figured out the secret though. You must must must have a good pen. You know, something with great ink flow, a nice color, no friction as the pen moves along the paper. And more importantly, it needs to be a pen that makes you happy. I’m sorry, I just heard a scoff. Are you scoffing? Are you judging me? Pens don’t make you happy? I know there are people out there that’ll do a little happy dance when they get a great pen. We are the same people who own several sets of stationery and like to hold the cardstock in our hands and feel the texture of the paper. In case you’re curious, we also like labels, post its, and stamps. We are a weird breed, I know! Anyways, back to my happy pen. My pen of choice is the Pilot Precise V5, in blue ink. (Here’s the link, you have to scroll down a bit. I’m sure I’d prefer other ink colors over blue but I have to use blue for work. I’m sure those purple, pink, a teal ones would make me really happy though!)


Last night at Bible Study, there was a girl taking notes in her book with a green thin tip Sharpie. Of course I was jealous that she had such a rockin’ marker while I was using a blue Papermate ballpoint pen. But at the same time I kept wanting to scream, “Honey! You are going to bleed into your other pages! Please, oh please, stop! You’re going to cause all sorts of unnecessary chaos!” But I held my tongue. I am able to do that. It’s holding my figures that I have a problem with… hence, the blog! Anyways, it turns out that Sharpie has made a solution. Sharpie pens. I’m curious about these rumored Sharpie pens. Won’t bleed through paper? Nonsense! The people who came up with this are probably the same people feeding us the lie that a “quick 30 minute nap can completely recharge you.” Rubbish. Regardless, I’m intrigued. So I went to the Sharpie website to see if these things exist or if they are actually in the same family as leprechauns or unicorns or comfortable stilettos. The picture is there. I’ve never seen one in real life, so their existence is still in question.


More importantly, as I went to the Sharpie website, look what I found! A stainless steel Sharpie. Hello! A-maz-ing! Check out how tough and spacey it looks. I bet astronauts use this. If I were an astronaut, I’d use this! It probably costs $20 so I’ll never buy it. But I can look at it all I want! It’s so pretty….


I think I’ve officially out-dorked myself today. I apologize to my readers who don’t understand the excitement of office supplies. You are truly missing out. To those out you who do understand, I leave you with this link. It makes me happy.



Three hour Biggest Loser season finale tonight! Don’t miss it!!!

May 12, 2009 at 9:50 am 10 comments

Props! to Moms

Apparently my life has turned boring because this is the third time this week that I’ve come to the computer with nothing to say. I’m not sure why. I don’t feel bored. Do I sound boring? Granted, yesterday’s post wasn’t the most entertaining topic of discussion. But other than that, am I putting you to sleep?


I planned to do a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY post on Monday, but since my mind is mush, I’ll do it now!


Do moms feel more loved on Mother’s Day? Do they feel more appreciated? I hope not. I hope that moms don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to feel that they are great mothers and that we love them dearly. I hope Mother’s Day is just a day that they get a nice card and lots of hugs and don’t have to cook or do any dishes. Maybe my mom felt more loved on Mother’s Day during my less-lovable teenaged days, but I hope that’s not the case now. I truly hope that I show my mom love each and every time I see her.


To all of you Mommas out there, I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. I hope you know how important your job is and how much you make a difference. Happy Mother’s Day to MY MOMMY! Happy Mother’s Day to MY MOTHER-IN-LAW! Happy Mother’s Day also to all the women who have been second, third, and fourth mothers to me. (Not because my Mom isn’t mom-enough to handle me! But because the Lord has placed these women in my life to teach me things.)


Reasons Why My Mom Rocks:

*She’s a hottie!
*She makes the best chicken salad in the entire world. Not kidding. Really.
*Exhibit A
*She has great hair.
*Because of her example, I know I will not fail as a mother. And I can’t wait until the day I get to prove that!
*She lets me whine to her. And almost never tells me things that I don’t want to hear.
*Even though I’m her favorite, she treats all of her kids equally. 🙂
*She loves her son-in-law and daughter-in-law.
*She doesn’t make me feel stupid when I call her with questions I should have learned in Housewife 101 class.
*She’s been in love with my daddy for 30 (ish) years and has made their marriage a priority.
*She gives and gives and gives.
*She screams at the tv like a man when she watches UT football.
*She brought Banana Chocolate Chip muffins into my life
*She accepts all of my friends as her other children.
*She has a cute, red convertible.
*She (and my dad) taught me how to be smart with money, how to parent, how to be in a successful marriage, and how to make time for family.
*She keeps her granddog when Stephen and I are out of town.
*She reads my blog!
*When I was little, she used to make homemade play-dough.
*She’s a wonderful woman of the Lord!


Me and my hot momma on the cruise!

Me and my hot momma on the cruise!

Now it’s your turn! Why do you love your momma? Why do you love my momma?

May 8, 2009 at 10:07 am 6 comments

Props! to Dinner Creations

When you’re married, all of your plans revolve around your spouse. You make plans together. You do things together. Even if you do things separately, they are somehow interrelated. Last weekend I was home alone. My hubby was off on a men’s retreat so I was left home to entertain myself. How do you entertain yourself when the weather is disgusting, you have two dogs with you, and you don’t want to clean? You cook! And cook and cook. All the live long day! And then you collapse into a hot bath because your back is throbbing in pain and you wonder why you decided to spend all day grocery shopping and standing in the kitchen when you have a herniated disc and are prone to severe back pain. But that’s beside the point. Wait, what was the point? Oh, you cook!


I know. You’re confused. Who were you cooking for, you ask? I see your confusion. I was cooking for Stephen and I. But, Chelsea,  you just said Stephen was gone… why were you cooking for him? It’s complicated, I know. But try to keep up. Have you ever heard of Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) or Make Ahead Cooking (MAC)? I imagine you have, but let me explain anyways. I’ve already caused enough confusion. OAMC is when you prepare meals and freeze them. Then, throughout the month, all you have to do is take a meal out of the freezer and stick it in the oven. All the hard work is done! This ranks up there with the Crock Pot as far as easy-peasy cooking goes!


Let me be careful not to deceive you. It takes some work. It takes preparation time, planning time, and cooking time. But I assure you that it’ll pay off. Stephen has this weird theory. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s really a theory… maybe just a thought. What’s the difference? Anyways, if he has a decision to make, he often thinks about this: Do I want to screw Present Stephen over? or Future Stephen? Example: He’s on the way home from work and as he pulls in the driveway he sees that the car needs gas. Does he screw over Present Stephen and go fill up the tank now? Or does he screw over Future Stephen and know he has to wake up earlier in the morning to get gas before work? Get it? Okay, look at your calendar. Find a free Saturday or Sunday. If you can devote a few hours to cooking, you’ll thank yourself over and over in the weeks to come. Yes, I’m saying to screw over your present self to benefit your future self. Although I don’t see it as screwing myself over… it’s cooking, it’s not bad!


There is a family friend of ours that used to own a business that did this sort of thing. You go in, prepare a bunch of meals and take them home and put them in your freezer. But the economy is terrible so Dinner Creations had to close their doors. She has now put out a cookbook that includes all of the amazing recipes they used. I spent a couple hours last week reading the cookbook (yes, I know that’s weird… I like to read cookbooks… you can stop laughing now) and found quite a few I’d like to try. Most of the recipes tell you to assemble them in a 9×13 pan. But Stephen and I are only two people. So I use 8×8 foil pans instead. I made 4 recipes and now have 11 meals in our freezer. Wait, maybe you didn’t hear me. Let me turn my music down. There. I made 4 recipes and now have 11 meals in our freezer. ELEVEN.


There are plenty of websites out there that have OAMC recipes. I have tried a couple. But I’m not about to waste my time making meals that turn out to be gross. Also, sometimes those websites don’t give you clear instructions on how to freeze. This cookbook gives you instructions on how to prepare the meal as if you were cooking it tonight. Below that are instructions on how to freeze and package so it’ll taste wonderful in the future. It’s super easy. The cookbook also includes breakfast food and desserts. How cool is that?


Well, as much as I’d love to post a few of the recipes on my recipe blog, I’m not going to. I’d so much rather you buy the cookbook. Diane has been a friend of the Rosenhagens for years. Her family is fabulous and her cookbook is amazing. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve posted the information below. If you want more details, ask me or Diane.


Your Future Self Will Thank You For Clicking Here!

May 1, 2009 at 9:58 am 6 comments

Props! to Glimmersticks

If you are male, feel free to skip this post.


I’ve never understood those women who don’t wear makeup. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wearing makeup, I just don’t understand it. Maybe I have self esteem issues. Maybe I just don’t like scaring small children. I don’t know.


If I had to narrow my morning routine down to three items, they would be as follows:


First, moisturizer. In an effort to postpone the inevitable turkey-neck, I moisturize daily. I change types and brands each time I complete a tub. Although I’m trying to go all-Avon, so I’m just testing each of their moisturizing options. I’m not sure how anyone doesn’t moisturize. Besides the preventative advantages, it just feels lovely! If I skip this step, my face feels like it’s going to break.


Second, some sort of powder. Currently, I’m using a Cream to Powder product. (Also Avon.) I think this step would be necessary! I’m not a senior citizen so I don’t know the true definition of the phrase, but I guess that this would be the step that means to “put your face on.”


Finally, eyeliner. Specifically Glimmersticks. This eyeliner rocks. Ignore the name. It’s not sparkly or shimmery or glimmery. It’s normal, self sharpening, wonderful eyeliner. I discovered this eyeliner a couple years ago. A woman I worked with sold Avon. I was tired of my crappy pencil that dulls so quickly. So I thought I’d give it a shot. I loved it. So much so that when I quit my job, I started selling Avon so that I could always have access to this eyeliner. It’s cheap and they have it in multiple colors. I think they have a skinny tip version and I think they also just came out with a waterproof version. I use the plain ‘ol black.

The queen of my makeup world.

The queen of my makeup world.

Does anyone else use Glimmersticks and love it? Anyone want to try? Have a product that you swear by?

April 28, 2009 at 9:34 am 8 comments


Move over Oprah*, there’s a new opinion in town. Starting today, I’ve added a new feature to your favorite source of R&R (Roots & Rings… did you get that? Yeah. Okay.) Chelsea’s Favorite Things! Chelsea, why do you think you’re so special? Why do you think we care?  Well, I don’t know. But you’re reading, right? And who doesn’t like to know about great products, books, movies, and links? If you don’t like my opinion, that’s what the comments section is for.


Because I don’t think “Chelsea’s Favorite Things” has quite the same ring to it, we’ll call it “Props!” I’m not sure if this will be a Tuesday thing, I may move it to Friday. Or it may be completely random. Man, I’m such a rule breaker! Can you handle this??


Today is the first edition of Props!: Reusable Shopping Bags!


It took me a while to hop on this bandwagon. I always have a problem paying for something that you can get for free. And I just kept thinking “What a pain! I’ll have to remember to bring them, and keep them in my car, and carry them around the store. No thank you.” All three of those are valid points. It is tough to remember to bring them. It’s tough to remember to take them to the car after I unload my groceries, and I don’t enjoy carrying them around in my basket. I currently keep them in the front part of the basket that is normally reserved for my purse, eggs, and bread. Now they’ve thrown me off. The eggs have been demoted. I’m not sure how they feel about that. I think the carts need a thin, metal  “pocket” on the outside so we can slip our bags in there. Anyways, this is not the point.


These even make brussel sprouts look good!

These even make brussel sprouts look good!


I shop at Kroger and have their black bags that say something about Eco Blah Blah in lime green. They aren’t as cute as these “happy bags” but they do the job. This is why I love them. They are big. They can fit the equivalent of about 4 plastic bags. (The ads say they can replace 6, but I think that is only true ifall of your items are stackable. A lot of mine aren’t- tomatoes, bread, etc.) I also love them because they have a flat bottom. This makes things fit well and keeps the bags standing in the trunk of my super cool Nissan Murano. (!!) I love that they have long straps. They are so easy to carry! And I love that the tree huggers don’t turn their picketing and chanting towards me when I walk out of Kroger with my 12 plastic bags. Just kidding, they only give me death stares and hand me fliers about how my great-grandchildren won’t have any place to live and will have to make their clothes and curtains out of my wasted plastic bags. Just kidding. Do they even notice? “Tree huggers! Hey, look at me! Look at my reusable bags. Aren’t I great? Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go home and take out the recycling and plant a tree.”


Anyways, this is an easy way to “do my part.” And if you haven’t jumped on the “GO GREEN!” bandwagon, it’s okay. No guilt from me. But these bags are good for more than just that. Trust me, you’ll appreciate how easy they are. I never knew I hated plastic bags until I started using these. I do wish I had held off and gotten some cuter bags. If you have cute bags, show me. I’ll live vicariously through you.



*Contrary to popular belief, I’m quite different than Oprah. Unfortunately I don’t have as plush of a bank account. So there will not be free handouts – unless the item is super cheap and I just think someone HAS to own it, or if the company wants to give you one. But seeing as my opinion doesn’t have quite the pull as Oprah’s, don’t hold your breath!

April 21, 2009 at 10:50 am 6 comments


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