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Oh For Pete’s Sake

That was my tweet last week. “Oh for Pete’s sake.” It was the only thing I could manage to get out that I wouldn’t regret. “My ****** dog” and “Are you ****** kidding me? I will kill her!” did not seem very nice.

Okay y’all, see through my anger. I do love my dog and, for the most part, she is kind of awesome. But every now and then she does something to make me remember that she is an animal and could very well live in the woods on her own and be just fine. DO YOU HEAR THAT, ROOKIE?

Do you remember last year when I told you about how much Rookie hates the mailman and tries the destroy the mail? You can click here if you want a refresher or if you’d like to see the proof. Here are the basics: Our mail comes through a mail drop directly into our house, Rookie hates the mailman, sometimes she chews up the mail as it’s coming through the slot. She got in big trouble earlier this year and has been good ever since.

But, well, last Thursday she out Rookie’d herself.

My mother in law was at our house, as she is every Tuesday and Thursday, because she gets to watch my baby those days. They were relaxing on the world’s most comfortable recliner (seriously) and Rookie was hanging out at their feet. Jansen was asleep and I’m not quite sure about Rookie, whether she was asleep or not is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

The mailman approached the door, Rookie didn’t see him coming. As he began to push the mail through the slot, she fah-reaked out. She hopped up and with the speed of an African sprinter, she hauled it towards our front door. The problem with sprinting indoors is two-fold. 1) It is very hard to slow down when you need to. 2) You run into things.

This is what we call foreshadowing.

This is what our front door looks like from the inside.

Yes, the grout is disgusting. It’s stained. I don’t want to talk about it unless the conversation involves you giving me lots of money to hire someone to tear up the floors and install some wood. What I really wanted you to see were the windows on either side of the door. They are these little foot by foot windows running from the floor to the ceiling.

Look there on the right. There is a giant television stand pressed up against the windows. Why, you ask? Well we don’t usually have it there. In fact, it was in the hallway for us to take to Goodwill. But it had to get moved because my IDIOT DOG didn’t stop running and ran smack into the glass.

Do you know what happens when you run at full force towards a window and hit it with a pointy snout? That’s right. It breaks. It shatters and flies down your walk way and (thankfully) misses the mailman to avoid any law suits. It also scares the crap out of your mother in law.

So I get a call at work telling me about the incident. I was this close to telling my mother to letting Rookie out the front door and not letting her back in. Ever. But I love that dog something fierce so after going on and on about how much of an idiot she is, I finally asked if she was okay. She was. She got a gash on her front leg that was bleeding a bit but seemed to be okay.

We ended up taking her to the vet on Friday evening. (And by “we” I mean “Stephen,” as I almost always do when it comes to errands that I dread.) The vet said that she could have had a stitch put in, had we brought her in sooner. I don’t really know if I believe that, I think that doctors will put a stitch in the flu if you let them.

She’s fine now. She’s healing like a champ. She may or may not have learned her lesson regarding the mailman. Stephen talked to the mailman on Saturday and he said she scared the poo out of him. He thought she was going to come flying through the window.

All those posts I’ve written about my smart dog? Ignore them. I don’t care if she can go to her room when she sees us putting our shoes on, or if she can go find Stephen for me if I tell her to. She doesn’t understand two very basic facts. The mailman is not evil. And just because something looks clear, doesn’t mean there is nothing there.

For Pete’s sake.

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A House Full Of Talent

I like to brag on my dog. Sometimes she is really smart. Dont get me wrong, sometimes she is a complete fool and I wonder how she functions… but I think that all dogs have that gene. I swear though, sometimes she is a genius.

Rookie loves ice. She thinks it’s a treat, which helps us save a buck or two on Milkbones and Scooby Snacks! But sometimes she’ll come to the fridge and act like she really wants a piece, and then she’ll just drop it on the floor and walk away. So I say, “No ma’am. You asked for that ice, you’re going to eat that ice. Now come here and get it.” And she will. She’ll put her head down and slowly walk to the ice and start chomping away. (And please don’t tell me that ice is bad for their teeth. She’s been eating ice since she was a puppy and the vet always tells us what great teeth she has. So you’re wrong.)

My favorite Rookie trick is when I tell her to go get Stephen and she does. Sometimes she is more successful than others, I think she’s learning that she has to fuss at him, she can’t get run over to him and stare. We don’t read minds.

Last night I took a nice warm bubble bath. Of course it wasn’t too great because I’m the size of a hippo and hippos aren’t meant to sit in standard sized bathtubs. So while there may have been warm water and bubbles, only about 35% of my body was submerged. At one point I needed Stephen to come in there. (We’re married. He’s allowed to see his hippo in the bathtub.) I knew from the sounds I heard in the background that he was doing the dishes and there would be no way that he’d hear me yell his name. However, I also knew that Rookie gets really nervous when I yell and starts fussing, I realized I could use that to my advantage. “STEPHEN.” I yelled. Rookie came running to the closed bathroom door and started fussing. “Hey Rookie. Where’s daddy? Go get Stephen! Go get Stephen.” And off she went, her little toenails tapping on the tile floor. I could hear her fuss getting further away.

About 10 seconds later I heard Stephen’s voice, “What’s wrong? Show me. Where’s Chelsea?” He got closer to the bathroom. “Chelsea? Are you okay?” I was grinning ear to ear, “Did she really just go get you?” He told me that yes, she walked into the kitchen and started fussing at him and walked this way. Seriously, that never gets old.

But I’m happy to say that Rookie is not the only one in Hurst Castle that can do cool tricks. Turns out, this little bun in my oven has a fun party trick. (Although, due to the nature of the party, Stephen will be the only one invited.) At this stage in my pregnancy, he’s pretty fully developed. He can hear and taste. He can feel temperature. He’s like a real human baby, only he’s trapped in my uterus. I’ve read that sometimes they’ll respond to your voice or other sounds at this stage. While that sounds cool, I didn’t believe that it would be true.

It’s true.

As I was soaking my hippo body, I popped my toe against the side of the bathtub. I like to do this. I’m a habitual knuckle cracker. When I did, my belly jumped. Up until that point, Jansen had been pretty still. I was almost certain that he was asleep. But I knew I saw my belly jerk and I wondered if the timing was a coincidence or if he heard me pop my toe. So I tried it again. I popped my thumb under water. Sure enough, he jumped again. I was giddy. Besides me pushing on my belly to get him to move, this is the first real interaction I’ve had with him. He hears me and responds! So that’s when I called Stephen. I knew I couldn’t just tell him about this and not try to show him. You just couldn’t believe how cool it is.

Once he arrived in the bathroom with Rookie, I told him what happened. I tried to do it again but all of my knuckles were popped, so Stephen decided he’d try. He knelt down and stuck his hands in the water. I laid really still and he popped his finger. It was a quiet pop and there was no reaction. It wasn’t enough to scare him. (Is it mean that we get our kicks from scaring our child??) So he tried a thumb. Popping a thumb under water is loud, and it proved to be loud enough to make Jansen pop up from his nap and jerk my belly up.

It was amazing. I can’t even put into words how cool it was. He is like a REAL baby with REAL reactions and emotions (anger… I’m sure he experienced some fierce anger). It was just so fun to see a direct cause and effect with him. It totally made my night.

Now can anyone figure out a way to translate to him that the same evil woman who is scaring him during his precious nap is the same women who is housing and feeding him? I can’t have my child hating me already, that’s what the teenaged years are for.

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Seven Quick Takes

Yay for Friday! Yay for three-day weekends! Yay for random blog posts!


Alex the Hurricane is being a jerkface. We have a 3 day weekend and plans to go to the beach but it’s been raining for 4 days straight with no end in sight. While I am thankful that he didn’t visit our section of the coast, I’m annoyed that he is messing up my beach time. So we’ll be taking books and laptops and movies to the beach and relaxing indoors. There are worse things, I suppose.

Last weekend we were in South Padre Island for a family reunion. At one point I went into the ocean with Stephen and I think I stepped into a divot wrong. I woke up Sunday morning with some serious back pain. It has been bothering me off and on since then, mostly during the night and in the morning. Wednesday was almost unbearable. Thursday was pretty good. I woke up at about 4 this morning with serious shooting pains. I got an ice pack and went back to sleep. It’s pretty sore today. I’m hoping this doesn’t last forever.

The second coat of paint is up in the nursery! It looks fantastic! I’m hoping that Stephen gets in the mood to shampoo the carpets tonight. While my mom and sister were painting, Rookie was hanging out with them. My sister turned around to look at her and this is what she found.

That’s my pup… with a dot of bright green paint on her snout! She’d been secretly sniffing paint while they weren’t looking. We had an intervention (after the laughter) and she said she wouldn’t do it anymore. We sort of believe her but we’re still considering random drug tests.

When I got home from work yesterday, I walked over to the curtains to open them so we could watch the rain. The second I touched one of the panels, the rod came tumbling down. The screws in that section BROKE. Half was still in the wall, half was attached to the bracket. Stephen says it’s probably from making it too tight and the drill broke it and when I touched it, it fell. I think I’m a super human and I break metal with ease.

So now we need to add that to the list of things that need to be fix at our house. Ugh.

At what stage does a baby in the womb start getting hiccups? I keep thinking it should be any day now.

My bed skirt and pillow were delivered yesterday. I knew it would be soon because I’d gotten an email on Saturday saying that they’d shipped. When I heard the knock of the UPS man, my heart skipped a beat. I ran (in the very very slow manner that preggos run) to the door to get my package and walked back to the living room with a huge smile and two thumbs up to Stephen. He wasn’t quite as thrilled but still said things like “Oh good!” and “It looks nice” probably more in an effort to please me than to adequately reflect his opinions on the matter.

I need a pedicure something fierce. I can’t see myself spending time or money on it though so I’ll probably be doing my own toenails this weekend at the beach house while my dad makes funny faces and tells me I’m stinking up the house. There are few things in this world that get in the way of a woman and freshly painted toenails. A giant belly and concern for others’ noses aren’t going to phase me.

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend. I hope Alex the Hurricane hasn’t screwed up any of your plans.

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Seven Quick Takes

Here’s a nice batch of random all fried up for you this fine Friday morning!

On this week’s ToT, there was a question asking if we’d met anyone famous. I mentioned some baseball players and then my friend Rachel reminded me that I’d kind of met Mark McGrath. HOW DID I FORGET?

Incase you don’t know, Mark McGrath is the lead singer of Sugar Ray. He is also my celebrity crush from age 14-17. Rachel’s dad worked for the Six Flags organization and got us back stage passes to the Sugar Ray concert there. Before the concert we were hanging out at some picnic table “back stage” and I had to go to the bathroom. There was this small porta-potty over next to a trailer. I went to stand in line. Little did I know, that trailer was THE trailer. As the lady came out of the bathroom, I started walking up to go in. Just then, Mark (first name basis) came out of his trailer and literally ran into me. Well, more like knocked shoulders. But still. And then he said “What’s up?” and I just stared at him.

Also, I got to go back stage at a Pat Green concert once. I was with a few friends and we wanted to get our hats signed. (Yes, I have a cowboy hat. In fact, I have several. I live in Texas. It’s not all stereotype.) He walked by and one of my friends said, “Excuse me Mr. Green. Will you sign my hat?” And he signed our hats. I don’t even remember if he spoke.

I have bragged about my dog several times before. Sure she has her faults. She pees when she greets people, she barks when someone is at the door, she has seasonal allergies. No dog is perfect. But Rookie is sort of brilliant. I swear she speaks English. The following scenario is just two of several times/situations this has happened.

I’m cooking dinner and Rookie is hungry so she walks up to me and just stands there and stares. I tell her, “I know you’re hungry, Rookie, but I’m cooking dinner. If you want to eat now you need to go ask your daddy. Otherwise, you need to wait until I’m done.” She immediately turns and runs off to stand in front of Stephen.

I’m crawling into bed and Stephen is still in the living room. Rookie is already sprawled out across the floor by the bed. “Rookie, I’m ready for night night. Go tell your daddy.” And off she goes to the living room to get him. Stephen will usually come in and say, “Did you tell Rookie to come get me?? Because she just ran in there and stared at me and then the door, then me and then the door.”


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this. Click here to follow me on Twitter. I’m not very exciting but maybe you are.

If you’re still debating joining Swagbucks… why? Here’s the trick. Join (by clicking HERE, which is my referral link) and then start using it. Post YOUR referral link on your blog, email it to your family and get them to join and USE IT too. You don’t get referral points if they aren’t using it, but they really add up when they do. I’ve been on it since February (I think?) and I’ve earned $105 in Amazon gift cards. Email me if you want more details. If you sign up today, input this code “SweetTweeting” for 20 points.

I know some people aren’t crazy about it, but it works for me. It’s really a no brainer. I get free gift cards just for using Swagbucks instead of Google. And I still use Google when Swagbucks can’t answer me!

How do you feel about Toms? I’ve had at least 4 people tell me lately that I should get a pair. Sometimes they are ugly. What do you wear them with?

I wish I could get away with wearing skirts and dresses to work. They are so much more comfortable but in the construction industry, it’s just not normal. Of course it would be allowed, I’d just get a lot of attention and that’s not always a good thing.

Happy weekend, y’all! Hope you have some fun times ahead of you!

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Seven Quick Takes – It’s a GOOD Friday

Happy Good Friday y’all! I cannot believe I have to work today. Major bummer! Tonight we’ll be going to church for our annual Good Friday service and then hanging out at home afterwards. I love this weekend!

(Note: The Quick Takes lady isn’t hosting this week.)

Tomorrow I’m making a carrot cake for Easter with my family. I’ve never been a carrot cake fan, mainly because I hadn’t ever had one and the idea of dessert that isn’t chocolate just doesn’t excite me. But I made on last year and it was fantastical. I’ve made it once or twice throughout the year and now I’m back to make it again for Easter. Here is the recipe, you should really give it a go! You will not be disappointed.

Umm, so thank you to everyone for your oh-so-serious advice and consolation on yesterday’s post. Apparently it’s been a long time since I’ve written a heavily sarcastic post and nobody really seemed to get it. I’m not concerned about Rookie. She’s been around dogs since she was a pup, we just find it hilarious that she’s such a stick in the mud around groups of dogs. We aren’t concerned about our child either. There is nothing wrong with being a nerdy kid (Stephen and I were both nerdy)… it’s just not something we worry about. Of course we hope the kid isn’t a wussy kid who doesn’t like to play with anyone but us, but we’ll cross that awkward bridge when we get there. Our kid is going to be awesome. There isn’t a doubt in my mind!

Does anyone want to play the “How Much Weight Has Chelsea Gained” game? I’m 15 weeks and very visibly showing. I’ll reveal on Monday. (Family, Lauren, and Lyndsey are not allowed to guess.)

Note to pregnant chicks or people who may become pregnant: If you get bloody noses (which you very possibly will) don’t tell your doctor unless they are excessive. I just barely mentioned that I’ve been getting them and she rushed me to a lab for a “CBC and platelet count”… whatever that is. I didn’t even have the chance to say, “NO NO NO. I’m okay!” Ummm, 5 bloody noses in 15 weeks is not an emergency. Really hoping we don’t get a big fat bill in the mail for this test.

Remember John from Fatherhoody? He wrote a post a while ago (<- that’s a link) about his pregnant wife and all of you thought it was a hint that I was pregnant. (I was pregnant, but it wasn’t a hint.) Well his wife has had the baby and he is WORN OUT. He’s looking for a few guest bloggers so I thought I’d put my feelers out. If you’re pregnant, have been pregnant, have a husband who has thoughts about babies (positive or negative), etc. and you’re interested in being a guest writer, get in contact with me.

You know what’s awkward? Getting the giggles during Maundy Thursday service. Oh so awkward.

I dreamt last night that I had my baby. (It was a girl, for those of you who would like to take that information and change your sex guess.) I was in the car with her and she was on my lap and I was feeding her green beans. Let me repeat. My newborn baby was on my lap in the car and I was feeding her green beans. Now OBVIOUSLY I know not to do that, but I’m wondering if the dream means that I have no idea what I’m doing. Stephen and I were thinking about not taking those classes that the hospital offers to teach you about babies. I know how to rock a baby, swaddle a baby, I can figure out how to bathe a baby, etc. I do not know how to breastfeed but from what I hear, the learning doesn’t come until the baby is here anyways. Should we take the class? Is it a waste of time and are they going to tell me dumb things like “babies have weak necks” or will it be beneficial? Should I just read books? How do y’all feel about birthing/breathing classes? We also hadn’t planned on taking that because it just seems to be something that will come natural at the time. Am I an idiot?

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! I love Easter… for more than just the ham and deviled eggs.

April 2, 2010 at 8:21 am 16 comments

But… What If…?

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Rookie. We had a bit of an argument last night and she may have uttered the words “worst mother in the history of all mothers.” She visited this little blog of mine and saw that the last time her name was mentioned was 9 days ago and it was one quick mention about how much I hate it when she licks her paws in the middle of the night. Apparently that’s not very loving of me. Apparently that’s not being a good mom… or something. So anyways she’s pissed and she spent the evening telling me all about it.

So now I’m going to try to make it up by telling you all about her. Although I’m a little bitter myself so it may not be the most flattering story. That’ll teach her to tell a pregnant woman that she’s a bad mom.

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the country, but here in Houston, it’s Heavenly. The mornings and evenings are a tad chilly for my liking but the rest of the day is awesome. Sunny, cool, breezy. We’ve been trying to think of different outdoor activities that we can do so we can enjoy this. Last week Stephen had the brilliant idea of taking Rookie to this new dog park about 10 minutes away. Since he chose to go on a Tuesday I decided to stay home and watch Biggest Loser while he and Rookie bonded.

Stephen started texting me pictures of this dog park. It was beautiful. Then he sent me a few pictures of Rookie standing, Rookie running, Rookie in the distance. And it dawned on me… was Rookie the only dog there? I asked. Nope. There are more, she’s just not playing with them.


They got home and Rookie was warn out. After Loser was over I asked for the details. Stephen told me all about how pretty the park was. There were trees and a track and strategically placed poopie bags that turned out to be poopie pieces of plastic that in a strange twist of events, turned out to be bags afterall.

And then he broke the news. Rookie isn’t good at making friends. She’s kind of a nerd dog. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was certain that this wasn’t true… that maybe all the other dogs were losers and she had no interest in playing their stupid games. I mean, she’s so cute! There’s no way that she’s not popular.

So I went. Sunday afternoon we loaded up the Murano and drove to the park. It was packed. Millions, maybe even trillions of dogs. We went in the gate and Rookie immediately started smelling butts. Atta girl. Stephen and I started walking and Rookie followed. We kept walking, she kept following. It was almost like she wasn’t aware that there were dogs around. It was sad. I was seeing it with my own eyes. My dog, the very dog I had raised since she was a wee little pup, was the nerdy kid that sits at the end of the lunch table alone. It was hard to see.

I ached for her. I ached for myself and my husband. What did we do wrong? Why was she such a social spazz? Maybe she just needed more practice. She really only has experience with my mom’s dog or the occasional visiting dog. Maybe she just needs to be around more dogs.

So we took her again on Tuesday. She was so excited. She ran to the car and fussed the whole way there. We got there and she ran into the park. I said a little prayer that maybe she could make a friend. Every now and then a group of dogs would come close and Rookie would get really excited. We’d encourage her, “Go Rookie! Go play!” And she’d run towards the dogs. As she’d start getting close she’d slow down and turn around and then sprint back to us. It was awful. I was embarrassed. I felt like all the other doggie parents were judging me. Like I’m some sort of over-protective mom that won’t let her dog play without permission. Or like I’m the type of mom to say, “Go have fun, but don’t get more than 20 feet away! It’s not safe out there.”

I’m so not that mom.

Stephen and I are unsure what to do at this point. We’ll continue to take her to the park and hope she’ll learn to make friends. We’ll encourage her to participate in all dog activities as long as they don’t involve the pit of watery mud.

This whole thing has gotten us thinking though. How is it that two incredibly awesome, super fun, socially fabulous people could raise such a dweeb? I mean, I guess it’s not that big of a deal. She’s just a dog.

But wait. I think there is something… someone… more important than Rookie coming. Something that could benefit from having a true social life. If we can’t socialize a dog, how the heck are we going to socialize a human? Let’s just pray that God has mercy on this child and He can somehow teach it to be normal despite our awful parenting.

Let’s all bow our heads and pray on that for a while.

April 1, 2010 at 7:30 am 23 comments

Seven Quick Takes – The Quickest Yet

YAY FRIDAY! Click here for more Quick Takes.

I’m happy about where The Office is headed. I haven’t been a huge fan ever since the co-manager junk. But now it looks like it’ll go back to it’s old crazy pranks and not-awkward humor.

There’s a large stack of books on my kitchen counter for the Book Swap. There are so many that I want to read. I’m excited for everyone participating. If anyone else wants to participate, you have like one more day to get it in the mail. Apparently many of you have been snowed in and unable to get to a post office so I won’t make the assignments until the middle of next week. Also a quick apology to two of you. I came home yesterday to two books on my porch in the pouring rain. So two of the books are a little warped. They still work and have words, but they aren’t crisp. Actually none of them are crisp because they are all used (I think). So that’s a lot of rambling. The botttomline: LAST CALL. Leave a comment if you’re still interested.

So… global warming, huh?

My backyard is under water. I’m not exaggerating. We are at the lowest point of our street and it’s been raining continuously for like 82 days. Rookie hates it because she’s prissy and hates getting her paws wet. I hate it because I love the sun.

There was a cup of hot cocoa in my Keurig sample pack and I gave it a go earlier this week. Not.A.Fan. Yeesh.

It’s almost college baseball season. In case you weren’t around for last season, here’s the cliff’s notes: My cousin pitches for Rice but I have burnt orange blood and have cheered for UT my whole life. When I was in college I hated Rice because they were very very good and occasionally beat my Horns. And now my own family is on that team. I’m embracing it though. I have shirts and hoodies and hats. Basically, I’m a super fan!

I don’t have much to offer today. Sorry. I get to see a bunch of college friends this weekend which pretty much means I’m a happy chick. And I get to spend some time with family and I love that too. So I’m gearing up for a great weekend and can’t focus on Takes, however Quick they may be.

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Seven Quick Takes – With A Picture of Avery

Was it just me or was this week 18 days long? I think God is messing with us. Hey God, it’s not funny.

Click the logo below to visit the other Quick Takers.

I don’t know how the weather is in your parts, but here in Houston we are experiencing The Great Flood Part Deux. As of this morning, it has settled down a bit but it’s still cold and dreary and spitty. It’s really starting to annoy me. It’s February… which means that we should be expecting a few random warm days here. But no. Instead it’s cold with a few random freezing days. This is not okay.

Every morning when I’m getting ready for work, Rookie lays behind me at my vanity. When I blow dry my hair I point the blow dryer at her to annoy her. She gives me about 3 seconds and then runs away to tell on me to her daddy. Yesterday morning she was a bit feisty. I aimed it at her and she shook her head. I laughed and did it again. She itched her ear and shook her head. I laughed and did it again. Over and over I aimed the blow dryer at her and over and over she shook her head, scratched her ears, and threw herself on the ground to wiggle around upside down. It totally made my morning!

Sometimes I reread blog posts and think, “Hey, that was kind of funny!” But then sometimes I reread them and think, “Why does anyone care? What am I doing?” Blogging is weird.

Side note on yesterday’s post. We’re not rich. Please don’t misread. And the Star Trek doors are just sliding doors, apparently those were cool in the ’60. As were brick floors, wallpaper, and push button stoves.

I’ve been seeing my chiropractor on a regular basis. She’s a friend of mine and lets me come to her house and see her for free. (Praise God!) I have noticed a significant improvement in my headaches and carpal tunnel. If you suffer from either, get yourself a GOOD chiropractor. And if you’re in Houston, let me know because I’ll hook you up with mine. I used to get headaches on a daily basis but I’m down to about once a week now. It’s incredible!

I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with my Contact Me tab. Every now and then I’ll get a message from it but it’s pretty random. So let me repeat this: if you need the address for the book swap, leave a comment to tell me to send it. Also, if you have a batch of Ten on Tuesday questions for me, you’ll need to email them to me. If I’ve ever responded to one of your comments, you have my email address. If not, just leave a comment that says, “Email me lady!” and I’ll do it. Or you could just email me at chelsea (at) rootsandrings (dot) com… that works too.

I have an exciting weekend ahead of me. Mardi Gras parades begin in Galveston this weekend so my family is going to go to a few. We’ll stay at my parents’ beautiful house down there and celebrate my SIL’s birthday. On Sunday, Stephen and I are going to drive halfway across the state of Texas to watch the game eat good food with Lauren and Michael. Which probably means I’m going to be exhausted on Monday and be dying for another weekend.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my beautiful niece! (Oh and my brother and sister-in-law. They are beautiful too!)

February 5, 2010 at 9:29 am 25 comments

Rookie Mistake

I have a great dog. She’s smart and loving and so stinking cute. At night time she stares at me when she thinks it’s time for me to go to bed. She runs to our bedroom, waits a few minutes, then runs back out to find me and just stares at me. This repeats until she’s too tired to care, then she just lays on the floor by my bed. She does the same thing then it’s time for me to get up in the morning. Somehow she knows weekdays from weekends, don’t ask me how. But she’ll fuss at me and jump up and lick my ear if she thinks I need to get up. She’s never been wrong.

She knows a lot of English. Hungry, thirsty, bone, toy, outside, potty, room, night night. She gets all those, and she obeys. She has a bit of a problem with “Please don’t jump on our house guests” or “I’d rather you not pee all over the floor when people come over” but we’re working on it.

No matter the time or place, if we say, “Rookie go to your room” she’ll run into the nearest kennel.

Case in point. A couple weeks ago we kept our pseudo niece and nephew while their parents went to Galveston for a terrible anniversary weekend. So Pancho and Leia spent some time with Aunt Chelsea, Uncle Steve, and Cousin Rookie. We had a great time. Pancho hid from Rookie and Leia while they played and sniffed each other’s butts. Then they all napped.

Pancho loves Uncle Steve. Since Pancho stole the good sleeping spot, Leia had to settle on this.

Sweet pups! But that wasn’t my point. See how small they are? They share a kennel. A kennel that is still significantly smaller than Rookie’s kennel. So one evening we were about to head out the door. We told Rookie, “Go to your room.” And this is what she did.

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Want to know what is not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Besides the explosive diarrhea, of course. Rookie’s hatred for the mailman. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. The mailman is the only person on the planet that Rookie hates. Fortunately she is kenneled during the week so we avoid drama those days, but on the weekends… watch out.

Our mailbox is actually just a slit in our door. Our mailman literally drops the mail into our house. Rookie does not enjoy this. She thinks he’s going to kill his momma. And since she doesn’t like the mailman, she doesn’t like anything he brings. Every time he comes, she goes nuts. Growls, barks, runs all over the house. The hair on the back of her neck sticks up. She looks terribly vicious. And then he starts to put the mail through. She transforms herself into a rabid werewolf a la Taylor Latner and takes care of business.

And we end up with this.

Mail with holes. This was a particularly vicious day. I think it was because Stephen and I were at work and my sister was hanging out at our house. Rookie really wanted to make sure she was safe. Every piece of mail that day had holes in it. THROUGH the envelopes and cards. You could literally hold them up and see straight through them. In multiple places. You know what comes in the mail this time of year?? Christmas cards. My apologies go out to my cousin, Natalie, who now has a hole in her body. And to Taryn. I’m sure it wasn’t personal. I don’t think Rookie can read, so certainly she didn’t know that card was from you and Drew. Or maybe she did and she wanted to toughen your dog up.

The world may never know.

(Giveaway ends tonight. If you haven’t entered, do it.)

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The Calm After The Storm

I am currently settled into our big leather chair. It’s Sunday night and I have a large glass of Dr. Pepper next to me and The Next Iron Chef finale on the television. My feet are cozy in slippers and I’ve got a pillow and a laptop on my lap. I am happy. I am relaxed. I am accomplished.

This weekend was one of my rare weekends when I look back and wonder, “Who the heck is this chick? Is she on drugs?” I didn’t stop moving. I have the pains in my back and stains on my tile floor to prove it. For real.

After work on Friday I headed home to hang out with Rookie and Molly for an hour or so before going to a dinner. Molly was staying with us for the weekend while my parents were out of town. It’s always fun to have Molly around. I specifically enjoy watching her and Rookie chase each other around the house while barking. There’s really nothing more entertaining than a 6 pound fluff ball and 45 pound wolf dog play. Try it sometime. And when said wolf dog needs to go outside to potty, this is what said fluff does:

Saturday morning I slept. And slept. It was glorious. When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I took inventory on my kitchen and made my grocery list. Incase anyone ever thinks it’s a good idea to go to the grocery store around noon on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I beg you to rethink. Unless you’re the type that gets a high from maneuvering around hoards of grocery carts and fighting for the dwindling supply of canned pumpkin. I am not. I get a high from stocking my freezer or from finding something on sale. Although I did buy two cans of pumpkin even though I already had two in my pantry and only needed 1 for my recipe. You want pumpkin? You need pumpkin? I suppose I need more pumpkin. You know, just incase.

I came home and unloaded the car. I put the ingredients for chicken chili in the Crock and asked God to make this the best soup in the world so my husband would decide that soup doesn’t suck. Without looking back or thinking about what was in my near future, I started making the dough for Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls. I’ve been wanting to taste these for a long time now and I don’t think I know many people bold enough to take these on… and then share them with me. To be honest with you, I didn’t completely read the recipe before I started it. I didn’t really want to know what I was getting into.  So I started the dough. I put it in the laundry room to rise for an hour and decided to make some mini-meatloafs (meatloaves?) to restock my freezer. An hour later I checked on my dough. I told Stephen that if it didn’t rise I would cry. I didn’t rise much. I didn’t cry. I recovered it and turned on the dryer to heat up the room.

Once the dough was “good enough” I started rolling them out. According to PW’s cookbook, you should roll the dough into a 30 x 10 inch rectangles in two batches. Thirty by ten. Thirty inches by ten inches. Imagine your kitchen. Do you have a space that can accomodate a 30 x 10 inch rectangle of dough, plus some space around it for oozing mess, work space, and butter, sugar and cinnamon? That’s a lot of space. Thankfully I had the space but I was cutting it close.

So lets just say that these were a lot of work. Not difficult, just time-consuming. I learned after the first half of dough that there is such thing as a Wrong Way to Roll Cinnamon Rolls. I did better on my second go. By the end of the rolling, cutting, icing whisking, packing, etc. I was exhausted. I nursed my wounds by eating 3 delicious cinnamon rolls and a bowl of mediocre chicken chili.

But I pressed on. I made some King Ranch Chicken with some turkey I had in the freezer from many moons ago when I made my first turkey. So King Ranch Turkey, really. I have no idea if it’ll be good, it’s in 4 9×9 pans in my freezer now. This is what I ended up with.

Ignore my dated kitchen. Dated kitchens work the same as fancy new ones. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I should have taken a photo of the counter after I rolled the cinnamon rolls. It was bad.  Bad in an ooey gooey cinnamony delicious way. But it’s all okay because I ended up with 8 trays of Heaven.

Then I went to sleep. And slept like a freaking bear in hibernation. Sunday after church we went to a surprise party for my uncle. We got home around 4:30 and I got back in the kitchen. Why? Because I’m a crazy lady. I threw some stuff in the Crock to make tortilla soup and accidentally turned it to warm instead of high. Warm doesn’t cook chicken. In case you were wondering.

Then I whipped this baby up.

That’s a chocolate pumpkin cheesecake, thank you very much. And since my Crock Pot was on warm instead of high for an hour, we were without dinner. So I hopped back up and fried up some bacon, chopped some potatoes and made some hashbrowns, and scrambles some eggs. And that Lord said, “it was good.”

And now I’m relaxing. I’m about 14 seconds away from going to bed where I will pass out and sleep like a baby. Or like a shih-tzu.

(Ten on Tuesday questions have been posted on in the archives – click the button in the right sidebar. Tomorrow marks the first day that YOU come up with questions.)

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