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Ten on Tuesday (61)

This week’s questions come from Erin from Erin B. Inspired. They actually sort of depress me because it makes me think about all that I don’t like about my house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for it, it just needs work. The kind of work that we can’t afford. Regardless, go visit Erin and thank her for her questions!! They are great questions if you aren’t a Debbie Downer.

1. What type of home do you currently reside in? (house, apartment, etc.)
A house.

2. If you could completely redecorate one room in your home, what room would you pick, why, and what would you do to it?
Redecorate? Probably my living room. Although Stephen would probably never let me completely change it. We have dark wood beams, painted wood paneling (aka: smooth walls), and trim with a giant redish brick fireplace. It’s nice but not great. It just looks dated. It’s a lot like Young House Love’s new house. I’m anxious to see what they do with it.

But if we’re talking renovate? My kitchen. Completely renovate. We’re talking cabinets and walls and flooring. It’s probably just worth it to get a new house.

3. What is your favorite place to gain inspiration for your home decor style?
Most of my stuff is hand-me-down so I can’t really say I have a style. See? This topic is not good for me.

4. What is your favorite piece of decor in your home?
My red china cabinet. It is beautiful.

5. What do you want visitors to feel when they visit your home? Do you think your home gives off that feeling?
I want them to feel comfortable. No, I don’t think we’re there. Partially because my dog spazzes every time people come over and partially because I don’t know how to keep a clean house. I’ll get there one day. Ughhhh.

6. Describe your home in one word and explain why you chose that word.

Is that awful? Yes it is. I need to work on this contentment thing.

7. What are some predominant colors or patterns in your home?
I have a lot of green. I really like green.

8. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
The nursery! DUH! Here is the post with the nursery pictures.

9. Do you take a hands-on or DIY approach to projects around your home or do you enlist or hire help?
Stephen usually tries to fix things and he usually he can. But if it’s a tough one, we call our home warranty people and get someone comes out to help us for a mere $55.

10. Where is your favorite place to shop for home furnishings?
Under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Most of my stuff is hand me down or gifted. Although our amazing recliner and dining room table are from Rooms To Go. They are very grown up!

Your turn. Maybe y’all’s answers won’t me as depressing as mine.

January 4, 2011 at 7:04 am 12 comments

Ten on Tuesday (60)

First of all, a very happy birthday to my bestest friend, Lyndsey!!!! I love you, Z!!

These questions came from yours truly.

1. What was the number one item on your Christmas wishlist?
I didn’t really have one. I always like to get Chapstick in my stocking because it helps replenish my supply. I usually get enough at Christmas to last until around July. I also wanted some boots. 

2. Did you get the number one item on your Christmas wishlist?
Yes. I got several packs of Chapstick, probably enough to last until close to July. And I got some brown boots and a gift card to Cavendar’s so I can go buy new cowboy boots. I’ve had mine since I was 16. My feet are not the same as they were back then and they hurt hurt hurt. Also my cousin cleaned out her closet and gaveme a pair of boots that she doesn’t wear. It was a pretty boot-tastic Christmas!

3. How long has it been since you’ve had a pedicure?
I can’t even remember. I was on maternity leave, so yeah, it’s been a while.

4. How cold is it in your city today?
Today it is supposed to be in the mid-sixties here in Houston, Texas. Yesterday was disgusting, it was in the 40s.

5. How many pillows do you sleep with?
One. And it’s one of those fancy contoured ones. I love it.

6. Can you roll your tongue?
I most certainly can!

7. Do you always buy the same mascara or do you try new ones each tube?
I used to always buy the same kind. I sold Avon and always used a certain one of those. I quit selling Avon at the end of my pregnancy because I couldn’t remember anything and it stressed me out to even think about it. So now I try random ones. What’s your favorite?

8. What’s your favorite cookbook?
The Google

9. What was your first pet?
When I was little we had a dog named Megan. (My parents actually wanted to name me Megan but they decided not to when they realized it would rhyme with my last name. I’m forever grateful.) My first pet that is actually MINE is my dog, Rookie.

10. Do you wear jewelry on a daily basis?
I wear my wedding ring every single day. I usually wear a watch and a necklace. I rarely wear anything more than that if I’m only going to work.

Your turn. Link up!

December 28, 2010 at 7:05 am 11 comments

Ten on Tuesday (59)

These questions are from Sarah at Simply Sarah.

I’m a bum and I didn’t answer them this week. I KNOW I KNOW. It’s just that I had presents to wrap and Christmas cards to finish and mouths to feed and babies to cuddle and milk to pump and mail to read and it was all just TOO MUCH.

But the show must go on, so here are the questions and Mr Linky is down there at the bottom.

1. Do you do any volunteer work?
2. Do you have night and/or morning ritual?
3. Would you rather exercise or diet? Why?
4. If you would rather exercise, do you prefer going to a gym or working out at home?
5. What do you think is a huge waste of time?
6. What is one way you save time?
7. What is your current obsession?
8. What is a current obsession you can’t wait to pass?
9. Are you currently reading a book? If so, what book? Would you recommend it?
10. Since we had the 90s question last week, what’s your favorite songs from 00′s?

Here you go!

December 21, 2010 at 7:15 am 9 comments

Ten on Tuesday (58)

These are from me again. I came up with these questions when I was so insanely tired that I don’t even remember them!

1. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Very hard question. (Then why did you ask it, Chelsea?!) I love all cheese. I really love goat cheese and blue cheese and feta. OH FETA. That’s probably my favorite. But also gorgonzola and mozzarella. OH and brie!

2. Do you prefer fudge with or without nuts?
Without. I’m a fudge purist.

3. How do you feel about cats?
I feel annoyed by them. I will never own an animal that I only get to play with when they feel like it. I AM THE BOSS. Also, I hate how they ruin your pants by kneeding your thighs.

4. Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts?
I love me some Julia Roberts but I LOVE me some Meg Ryan. I wish on a daily basis that Meg had never injected her lips with a liter of collagen.

5. Do you wear a watch?
Yes I do. It’s big with fake diamonds around the face (one is missing) and a rubber white band. I love it. It was $17.

6. What are a few of your favorite songs from the 90′s?
So so many. VH1’s series on the top songs of the 90’s is one of my favorite things ever. It was on over the weekend so Stephen and I watched a bit. Pretty much all Spice Girls music makes me happy. Oh and Backstreet Boys, Alanis, and all that rap that white kids liked to sing (Jump Around, Waterfalls, No Diggity, Gettin Jiggy Wit It, etc.).

7. Do you like scented candles?
Some of them. Most of them give me a headache. I like the pumpkin and holiday scents. But really, I can only take them in small doses.

8. What do you like on your hamburger?
What the heck kind of question is this? Why would I ask this? There used to be a burger joint by our house (before Ike came and destroyed it) that had a burger called The Squealer. It had bacon mixed it with the meat. Yes ma’am! I love that. I love bacon and cheese on my burgers. I also love carmelized onions. And avocados or guacamole!

9. How often do you cut your fingernails?
ALL THE TIME. My fingernails grow so fast. I have to cut them at least every other week.

10. Do you sleep in socks?
Only if I’m really cold when I go to bed, but that’s rare.

Your turn!

(Apparently Mr. Linky worked for several of you this morning. Their system is now down. If it doesn’t work, leave your link in the comments.)

December 14, 2010 at 7:00 am 23 comments

Ten on Tuesday (57)

First of all, thank you for all of your comments, emails and tweets about yesterday’s post. If you happen to be struggling with infertility, let me just reassure you: You are not alone!!! There are many woman currently living daily battles, and many that have been through it and are now on the other side. (And to be clear, I do not consider my measly 10 month struggle to be “infertility.” I have no clue what many of you are going through.)

These questions are from me. If you don’t like them, don’t tell me!

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
It depends. Currently? Peppermint mocha, extra hot.

2. Where is your favorite place to eat breakfast?
I love going out to breakfast. LOVE. Bacon and hashbrowns are my love language. Oh and Migas! Mmmm. I really love breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Their hashbrown casserole business is amazing. But recently my sister took me to this place called The Buffalo Grille in Houston. It was awesome. I want to go back and try their Migas.

3. Are you on Twitter? Why or why not?
Yes I am. (@rootsandrings) I wasn’t for a LONG time but Lauren made me do it. She said that all the cool bloggers do it and I can’t be cool if I don’t. Since I do whatever she tells me to do, I caved. I try to use Twitter for blog related things. I only follow bloggers and a few celebrities. Facebook is for real life friends, Twitter is for my internet friends!

4. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Hmm, that’s a hard one. I really love Elf. I think it’s hilarious and Will Ferrell is just perfect.

5. Are you a good gift giver?
I like to think so. I never give a gift without thinking A LOT about it. So if you get something from me and you’re like, “What? A pizza stone? I don’t even cook!” chances are you mentioned something to me one time about how you love homemade pizza and wish you could make it. So then really it’s your fault for lying to me.

6. Do you like your handwriting? Bonus points for posting a picture.
I used to hate it but it’s gotten much neater over the past few years. I fill out a lot of paperwork for work… practice makes perfect I guess. I have several different types of writing. Short hand, cursive, and really neat. I tried to take a picture with my phone but the auto-focus was all wacky and it looked weird. I’ll figure it out sometime.

(Updated: Okay, here you go. Not the best pic, but I tried.)

7. Is your signature legible? Bonus points for posting a picture.
I’m a woman so my signature is basically just my name in very clear cursive.

8. Have you ever been to New York during Christmas season?
No. I think I would like to… minus the freezing cold disgusting weather.

9. Are there any items that you are completely brand loyal? 
Tide detergent. I changed once to save a few bucks. My skin rebelled for no less than 10 months. CONSTANT ITCHING. I now have to use Tide Free.

10. Who is your favorite public speaker?
Probably Beth Moore. I love her. I also love Louie Giglio. I like speakers who communicate effectively, passionately, and hilariously.

Your time!

December 7, 2010 at 7:00 am 23 comments

Ten on Tuesday (56)

This week’s questions come from Jenny. Click her name to visit her blog!

1. Where are you from? Have you lived there your whole life?
I am from Houston. Actually I am from a suburb outside of Houston but nobody actually says that… we all just say Houston because it’s easier. Yes, I have lived here my whole life, minus a 4 year stint in Austin where I went to college.

2. How would you classify your clothing style?
Casual. Cheap. I am the Old Navy size 8 mannequin, only less plastic and creepy. And actually I’m currently NOT size 8 due to the leftover post-partum doughy belly that has yet to shrink.

3. What kind of car do you drive?
A Nissan Murano. I think we’ve had this question but I couldn’t remember.

4. What would your dream home look like if you could have it (or already do!)?
I’m not sure. It would be unique. I hate those cookie cutter houses. There would be a spot for everything and a giant kitchen with lots of counter space. There would be a play room in addition to the living room. There would be bedrooms for all the kids, plus an office and a craft room. Also, there would be a big laundry room with lots of hanging space and all of the bedrooms would have laundry shoots that dropped their clothes into a bin in the laundry room. Oh and I’d have a pantry like Pioneer Woman’s.

5. Do you have kids, and if so, how many and how old were you when you had them?
I have one baby boy. He’ll be three months on Thursday. I was 25 when I had him.

6. What is your favorite hobby?
Cooking. I love to cook in a clean kitchen with the radio on. I also love naps.

7. Are you going to have any New Year’s resolutions for 2011?
Yes. I’m going to get back into my journal. I have this awesome 10 year journal that I completed forgot about while I was pregnant. I forgot everything while I was pregnant. I’m going to start again on January 1. I know I’ll be mad when I look back and see that I missed so much but I’m going to just pick up and pretend that I never missed a day so I don’t stress myself out over it.

8. What is something, if anything, that you’d want to change about yourself?
I wish I was cleaner.

9. What is something that you love about yourself?
I am loyal.

10. Pick one of the following: Someone to cook for you, someone to do your laundry, or someone to do your dishes.
Lucky for me, my MIL does my dishes and laundry when she’s at my house on Tuesdays and Thursday. If I had to pick one, I’d want someone to do my dishes. Like immediately. Like I’d want them to follow me around and the second I dirty a dish, they wash it and put it away.

Your turn!

November 30, 2010 at 7:10 am 22 comments

Ten on Tuesday (55)

First, a bit of housekeeping. As always, thanks for your question submissions, they are appreciated. You can always email me your questions (chelsea (at) rootsandrings (dot) com) or leave a question or two in the comments. I save them and compile them into lists as needed.

It’s fun to see a bunch of new participants. You are welcome to use my Ten on Tuesday button as a graphic on your blog. I know many of you like to make your own graphics, and that’s fine too, but know that it’s there for you to use if you want it. Just save the jpg and link back.

My only request is that if you participate, you put a link to my blog on your post. Not because I want the hits (who even clicks the links anyways?!) but because I made this up. And it feels sort of like you’re stealing my blog content when I stumble on a blog that uses my questions but fails to mention me at all. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to many of you, but it sort of feels like I planned a party that I wasn’t invited to. (And I’m not trying to call anyone out, I honestly can’t think of a blogger that does this off the top of my head. I just know I see them around.)

With that said, I’m shocked that ToT is still going strong. It’s been 55 weeks of random questions! Thanks for participating, friends!

**Oops. I forgot to mention that these questions are from Autumn. (<- link!)

1. What are your plans for the holidays? Do you travel at Thanksgiving? If you celebrate Christmas, do you travel then, too?
This Thanksgiving is at our house with Stephen’s parents and siblings (and their other halves). We travel when the family travels but thankfully, this Thanksgiving is at Hurst Castle which makes things so much easier with Jansen.

2. How do you make the plans for the holiday? If you have a significant other, how do you decide which family to visit?
We switch. One holiday with my family, one with Stephen’s. Unfortunately my family also switches- one holiday with my mom’s side and one with my dad’s. So if you figure it all out, we’d be missing holidays with one side of my family 100% of the time. We’ve been able to switch things up here and there to make sure we see everyone. Sometimes it sucks and you feel like you’re missing out and also pissing off family, but it’s part of life. This year Stephen and I decided that since we have Jansen, we are our own family and we will make the decisions necessary for us.

3. Do you have your Thanksgiving meal at lunch or later in the day?
We normally have it around 2:00. This year it’ll be around 6:00.

4. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Eating is my favorite Thanksgiving tradition.

5. After a big meal do you lounge around or get up and take a walk?
I lounge and moan and sleep and read newspaper ads.

6. Do you shop on “Black Friday” or do you avoid it?
I don’t shop on Black Friday unless we spend Thanksgiving in Austin, then all the women go to Salado, Texas on Friday. But I don’t consider that Black Friday shopping. My dad has done his fair share of BF shopping and has gotten some pretty great deals because of it.

7. When do you usually finish your Christmas shopping?
I usually have one or two items I still need to get the week before Christmas, but I usually finish the bulk of it in early December. I’m on top of things this year. I only have about 4 or 5 more people to shop as of today.

8. Do you and your significant other exchange gifts? Is there a budget?
Yes we do. Our budget is “we are poor so don’t go overboard.”

9. When do you decorate for the holidays?
After Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that’s on the agenda for this 4-day weekend.

10. Do you go “all out” with the decor or do you keep it simple?
In the middle. We usually have two trees, lights on the house, and random decor around the house. Stephen has decided that since he now has a child, he should no longer get on a ladder… ever again. So our house won’t be as pretty but he’s agreed to put lights in the lamp post and bushes, and porch.

Link up!

November 23, 2010 at 7:00 am 17 comments

Ten on Tuesday (54)

Here you go!

1. What is your favorite breakfast pastry?
Cinnamon rolls, duh! Is that considered a pastry?

2. Were you ever in a Thanksgiving or Christmas play?
Not that I can remember but I’m sure I was. Once my sister wore a vest made out of a paper bag with a head-piece made out of construction paper. I don’t know if it was for a play or if it was just to have a rockin’ good time.

3. What is your favorite clothing accessory?
I love scarves. And while they may not be my favorite, I don’t think you look put together without a belt. I haven’t worn a belt in months… God bless the stretchy pants!

4. What is your favorite item of clothing?
Right now I hate everything except leggings and pajamas. Normally I love a good pair of jeans… but I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy in them right now. 

5. What is your favorite color and why?
Burnt orange. If you don’t know, you are dead to me.

6. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
I forgot what the typical Christmas cookies are. I loooove the shortbread cookies that Stephen and I made last year. They were to die for. Tons of butter and then dipped in chocolate!

7. What is your favorite scent (food, perfume/lotion)
Here are some of my faves: Fresh coffee, homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, Jansen.

8. What is your favorite household cleaner?

9. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? And what did you actually grow up to be?
I wanted to be a mommy and a teacher. I am actually a mommy and a lady who does paperwork for a construction company. Not the same. 

10. What is the last song or album you bought?
I don’t buy songs or albums.

Your turn. Here’s Mr. Linky:

November 16, 2010 at 7:15 am 21 comments

Ten on Tuesday (51)

This group of questions comes from the comments section of a post last week. Thanks for your contributions! If you’d like to add more, I’ll use them for future ToTs.

1. What is your favorite decor item in your house?
Hmm. There is a painting of Stephen and I that I LOVE. But currently my favorite piece of decor is Jansen. That’s sort of all I look at.

2. What is your favorite hair product?
I don’t use many products. I would have to say that my favorite hair related item is a blow dryer. My hair looks weird without one.

3. Are you a good dancer?
Not even a little bit.

4. You get some good news, who’s the first person you call?
Stephen, definitely. Then my mom.

5. Would you rather take pictures, or be in pictures?
I don’t mind either way, just as long as there ARE pictures. I think everyone should be in some pictures or else you’ll regret it. Even if you think you look awful or hate your double chin or aren’t wearing makeup. You are you and there should be pictures of you.

6. What is your shoe style?
Comfortable. I don’t wear heels very often anymore because of my back problems. I pretty much live in my Sperrys, Reefs, and Croc flip flops. I work at an extremely casual company so I ne ver have to dress up more than that.

7. How often do you eat out?
Once a week maybe. Stephen and I rarely eat out if it’s just the two of us. I have several reasons for this: It’s expensive, the portions are too big, I can cook, I don’t like really loud places. But we’ll occasionally go to lunch or dinner with his parents and we often have lunch after church with mine.

8. If someone has food in their teeth, do you tell them?
It depends on who they are. I would tell my family and close friends but that’s probably it. I don’t like to embarrass people and, while it may be embarrassing that they have food in their teeth, it’s even more embarrassing that I have to point it out to them

9. Do you fold your underwear? 
Nope. I just have one drawer of lots of crumbled up undies.

10. Milk, dark, or white chocolate?
Usually dark. Occasionally milk. Rarely white.

Link it up!

October 26, 2010 at 7:16 am 15 comments

Ten on Tuesday (50)

This week is all about working out. I don’t work out, so I’m choosing not to answer these. Just imagine “N/A” as my answer to each question.

Go visit Ashley (<– link) to see her answers and to thank her for her questions. If you’d like to submit some questions (and I’d very much appreciate it), you can email me at chelsea (at) rootsandrings (dot) com.

Oh and also, I accidentally said that last week was week 50. I was wrong, it was actually week 49. I don’t think that mistake ruined any lives, but I wanted to apologize just incase.

I changed my mind, I’ll answer.

1. What does your work out schedule look like?
It looks blank.

2. What is your favorite machine to use at the gym?
The television.

3. What is your favorite class to take at the gym?
I’ve only ever taken one class and it was yoga. I like yoga but I prefer to do it by myself… without an instructor that listens to Dido and talks about breathing out bad energy.

4. Where do you shop for work out gear and clothing?
I don’t. But a few of the items on my draw from SEVERAL years ago are from Target and Old Navy.

5. If you can’t go to the gym, do you have a favorite outdoor activity?
My favorite thing to do outside is lay out on the beach. Or sit by a pool with a cold beverage.

6. What about a favorite work out DVD? If so, please share!
Biggest Loser Yoga. It’s actually pretty hard.

7. Are you more active now or when you were in high school?
In high school FOR SURE.

8. How has your dieting/working out philosophy changed since high school?
I don’t really have a philosophy about working out. I just don’t enjoy it so I don’t do it. Although I think I’m going to need to whip out The Shred or Biggest Loser Yoga if I ever want to fit into my pre-baby clothes. I told myself I wouldn’t even think about losing weight until I hit the 6 week mark. That’s on Thursday… so I may need to start thinking about it.

9. What do you do while working out– (i.e., day dream, read, listen to music, gab with a friend)?
Cry and whine.

10. What working out resolution would you like to make for yourself this year?
To do it, at least a little bit. I don’t want to hate my new mommy body, but I also don’t want to obsess about looking like I did pre-baby. (It took 9 months to put on, I’m giving myself 9 months to get it off.)

Link up!

October 12, 2010 at 7:22 am 14 comments

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