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Seven Quick Takes (vol.12)

Dear Friday,

I love you.



Remember how I showed you that if you Google “how to know if my waterbed is full enough,”  you get me? Well last week someone Googled “baby why don’t you get on my waterbed” and got me. So apparently I’m the go-to girl for all things waterbed. I don’t know how I feel about that. In other Google-related news, here are some of this week’s searches:

-my grandbaby is cuter that yours
-my classes are full of losers
-bob harper do we clap tracey
-stephen’s brother shirt
-is it a big deal to be a rocket scientist

Remember this cheesecake? This glorious, chocolatey, thick, delicious, cheesecake. I made it again last night for my sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s birthday. I get to have a bite of it in about 34.5 hours, plus our minus a few minutes. Can… can… can you tell how excited I am??? I can hardly s-s-speak!

Thanks for all the dress help! I went shopping on Wednesday after work. It was quite a succesful trip. I ended up buying 3 dresses. I know, I know. I said I’d buy one for under $50. I said I’d buy one that I could wear to all three weddings and change my accessories. I remember, I wrote it. But you see, they were cheap. Kohl’s was having a great sale and I can’t pass up a great sale. For $119 I got two dresses, 4 bras, and a cute top. AND $20 Kohl’s cash! Then I went to JC Penny to check out their selection and ended up with one more. I planned to try them on last night and take pictures to show y’all but I was too busy making a cheesecake and watching The Office and 30 Rock. So you’ll just have to wait.

America’s Funniest Home Videos is one of the greatest shows that ever existed. I firmly believe that.

I’ve told you that my mind has been mush lately. I’m not just saying this. It’s true. Want proof? Re-read this sentence from yesterday: “It was fall of senior year when we got engaged and we were right out of college when we got married.” The problem? This isn’t true. Stephen was reading this yesterday and responded, “Ummm, you didn’t get engaged in the fall.” Crap. Then my sister-in-law commented, “Wait, I thought y’all got engaged in January (or February?)??” They are right. I seriously must be on crack or something. Stephen and I got engaged in January and got married in July. I’m not sure why I said fall. Ten points to Stephen and Heather for catching my mistake! Negative ten points to me for letting out an untimely and embarrassing brain fart.

Let me just clear something up really quick. If you click on the ad on my sidebar, you will not get pop-ups or spammed or anything. It’ll simply take you to the website. I will NEVER post anything on my sidebar that will screw you over. I love you too much to do that. Also, I don’t get paid when you click it. Just so we’re clear on that!

I am really enjoying these Ten on Tuesdays. I hadn’t planned on doing them each week but I’m going to keep going for a while. Quite a few of you participated these past two weeks and I had a lot of fun reading your answers! It’s a fun way to get to know y’all a bit. I read multiple answers on yalls blogs by yourselves and your readers and it was pretty entertaining. So keep it up!  We all need a day each week to do a mindless post, right? (Apparently I need two of those days… Don’t judge me.) Bloggers, I have a question for you. Would you like me to post the topic/questions on Monday so you can post on Tuesday? Or are you fine with the way it is? If I get no feedback, I’m going to keep it as is. But I have no problem posting earlier. Talk to me! Also, by Masselyn is designing me a fun button for my Ten on Tuesdays. I’m pumped!


Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to a bit of rest & relaxation! I plan to do a lot of sleeping and reading this weekend! I’ll tell you the fun details on Monday! (You can go click that picture up there for more Quick Takes.)

October 23, 2009 at 9:21 am 14 comments

Sunday Nights with Bob Saget

There are things that we hold onto from our childhood that probably aren’t nearly as cool as we thought they were back them. Like Fun Dip or cannon balls. They really aren’t that exciting, but we remember them so fondly. Who doesn’t want to revisit their youth and play with a My Little Pony or a slap bracelet?! Who am I kidding, slap bracelets are still cool! Except when the fabric starts to tear and the sharp metal pokes you and gives you tetanus.

One of my favorite memories as a child was our Sunday night routine. For a few years, each Sunday night was the same. My mom would make a pan of nachos and we’d sit in front of the television and watch Superman and America’s Funniest Home Videos. This probably explains my love for Dean Cain. And melted shredded cheese.

My sister sent me a message om Sunday night with a picture of a pan of nachos. It read, “Sunday night nachos. Times have changed a bit… I’m drinking a beer.” I was consumed with nostalgia. I love the feeling of  everything changing but a few things, somehow, remaining the same. (I wish it could be my hair color that stayed the same, things aren’t quite as fun with gray hair.)

Little has changed at our household either. I still love America’s Funniest Home Videos. I’ve seen most of the episodes, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. Stephen and I can watch that show and laugh until we cry. One of our favorite segments is Tom’s Home Videos. They put Tom Bergeron’s head on the victim’s body and make all of these exaggerated faces. I’m sure that if I had a sense of humor that was more mature than that of a ten year old girl, I wouldn’t find it nearly as funny. But I’m just that simple. And a Tom Bergeron bobble head crawling in a sprinkler is hilarious to me.

Last night as Stephen was setting up my new laptop, we were watching a rerun of the 300th episode. They pulled out the best videos for this episode. They have this segment on there called The Naughty Files. It’s a bunch of videos that are gross or semi-inappropriate. Babies projectile vomiting, a dog’s butt tightening each time he barks, a monkey getting…excited… with a zoo-goer, etc. I always think it’s so funny that people have their video cameras around to catch these things. I bet I could get some great stuff if I was just prepared for it.

Last night we would have had our very own contribution to The Naughty Files. As I was making dinner, I heard that Stephen got a phone call. He walked outside and was pacing up and down the walkway while he was talking. He came inside and continued to play around on my computer. All of a sudden, it hit me. He was wearing a button down and his boxers. Oh how I wish I could hear the neighbor’s talking. “You know that house that used to have the nasty cherub statue in their front yard? Yeah, well its gotten worse. The man of the house was walking around outside in his underwear. In broad daylight. He was on the phone. And pacing. I’m sure the HOA would love to hear about this.”

Excuse me while I go bake some goodies for the neighbors in an effort to keep them from reporting my husband for indecent exposure. And I think I’ll head to the store and pick up a video camera. I’m just one random comment away from being a $10,000 winner.

August 13, 2009 at 8:45 am 12 comments


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