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No More Showers In The Forecast

Saturday was my final shower. Actually if we’re going to be honest, Saturday was Jansen’s final shower. Aside from the two giant cinnamon rolls my friend Kelly gave me, all of the gifts were for Jansen. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s very appreciative.

This one was put on my two of my aunts and my sister-in-law, Laura.

As you can probably tell, it was a baseball themed shower. And goodness gracious, was it cute!! This was the entry table:

All of the guests signed the baseball! The thing on the left is the invitation, it even has little Jansen’s ultrasound picture on it! There were decorations all over the place. My cousin has been playing baseball since h was in the womb so my aunt had a ton of items to bring to decorate.

We first gathered in the living room and played a guessing game. There were 10 ziploc bags and each contained some sort of white powder. We had to pass them around and guess what they were. I was quite terrible at this game, only getting 5 correct. Although at least I didn’t guess cornstarch for one of the bags even though that wasn’t an option. Cough cough mother-in-law cough. My sister actually won, which I swear is a complete fluke because she honestly doesn’t know the difference between baking powder and baking soda when it’s in the box! I think the hostesses were playing a trick on us because all of the bags smelled like baby powder and plastic!

Then it was time for lunch… aka: my favorite time of the day. Going along with the baseball theme, we had BBQ baked potatoes. (I don’t know about your baseball fields, but that’s a common food at Minute Maid Park.) They were so delicious and I managed to eat the entire thing without spilling even a drop on my dress! (Taking a bow…) Thank you, thank you!

Then we played another game. We broke up into two teams (I was the umpire) and played “baseball.” The pitcher had to draw a question out of the helmet and “pitch it” to the batter. The batter had to answer. If the batter got it right, it was a home run. If the batter got it wrong, it was an out. Three outs and then you switch. Some of the questions were baseball related and next to impossible, some were Chelsea related and TOTALLY possible, especially if you read my blog! In the end, “The J’s” won, not only because they answered more questions but because they chose a good name… as opposed to the other team who named themselves “The Averys.” Newsflash: Wrong baby!

Dessert time! Probably the cutest idea in the world… we had ice cream sundaes in baseball helmets!

I had a tough time choosing which team to be since I didn’t immediately see the Astros. (Plus, with the Astros luck, the helmet probably had a hole it in and would leak all over my dress.) So I chose the A’s.

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup. Topped with sprinkles, crushed Reese’s, and a cheery on top. Mmm Mmm good!

At this point the shower was technically over since it was 2:00. (I will never understand why people think showers are only going to be two hours. Every shower I go to says it’ll be 2 hours and it’s always 3.) But we had gifts to open, so we powered through.

I got some amazing items. Many homemade items including a scrapbook that is completely done except for the pictures. Fantastic! I’ll show you some of the other homemade items in the future when I have plans to post all of the amazing things people have made for Jansen. I also got a crib mattress (Praise the Lord!) and our carrier/stroller set.

It was a great shower. I left feeling loved, exhausted, and relieved. My best friend’s mom came even though she lives hours away. I think I hugged her at least 4 times! I was just bubbling (and sweating) by the end of it. We got so many “necessities” that it really took a weight off of my shoulders. That is… until yesterday when my doctor told me I’m already dilating and I started having contractions every time I stood up. (Cue freak out.)

I’m feeling great today. Not a single contraction, no pressure, nothing abnormal. I’m just hoping he’ll wait until September to make his arrival. I’d really like him to wait a bit longer than that, but at the very minimum, I’ll take September. And the good news is that he’ll be around to watch his very first World Series. Lucky boy!

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Yesterday We Talked About Baths, Today Is About Showers

Last weekend I had my second baby shower. This one was hosted by my mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws, and Stephen’s aunt. And of course, it was wonderfully decorated and I was spoiled rotten. Or maybe Jansen was spoiled rotten, it’s not like I’ll be wearing the onesies or sitting in the high chair. Regardless, someone in the Hurst family was spoiled rotten.

Check out some of the decor. This my mom, my MIL, and me.

Do you need a close-up of those cupcakes?

Cute! They were really good too. The icing looks like it would be super sweet but it really wasn’t.

They had all of my belly pictures hanging above the buffet!

It was pretty darn cute!

The food was great, I had two platefuls because I’m pregnant and I can. It even prompted one of the women to say, “Have you had an appetite chance since you’ve been pregnant?” I wanted to say, “Clearly!” but I felt that might be rude so I just responded, “Hmm, just a tad.”

Speaking of rude. They played a game called “HOW FAT IS CHELSEA?” Just kidding. Kind of. They had a guessing game to see who could guess how many inches around I am, and honestly HONESTLY it didn’t hurt my feelings. I had no clue how big I was and I was thankful that they didn’t make me guess. It was fun to see the answers though. What’s your guess?

My SIL, Heather, guessed the exact answer. I’m 43.5 inches around. She said she’s been watching a lot of weight-loss shows so she had a good idea about large waists! Whatever works, Heather!

Then we did presents. There were presents a-plenty. And of course it’s fun to open them but it’s always more fun when I get home because I can look through everything slowly and actually process it. Here’s a very important question for you… why is everything so much cuter when they put something on the butt?

A frog. On the butt! We also got this little romper that is blue and white striped and it has a crab on the front. On the butt it says, “Ahoy!” We melted. Baby butts are already so cute… they just become over-the-top cute when you decorate them!

I obviously can’t show you everything but I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. This is me with the hostesses. (L-R: Aunt Melanie (Tia Mel), MIL, me, SIL Courtney, SIL Heather – who just got engaged and has a ginormous rock and I should have taken a picture to show you)

This is the diaper bag I mentioned the other day. I actually cheated and opened it before the shower because it’s from my cousin and she wasn’t in town and I just couldn’t wait because it was in a big bag and it was heavy. So I opened it. And it was a diaper bag filled with everything she LOVED when her little Sophie was a newborn. And I had to show you the bag because it’s hard to find something this stinking cute when you’re having a boy.

Don’t you love it? It’s beautiful and well-made and I’m going to look so hip!

In case you couldn’t tell, it was a great shower. My top was sheer and I was wearing leggings, so I didn’t sweat as much as I did at the first shower in the denim dress. Which I think is a bonus for both me and the guests who have to hug me.

I’m going to leave you with the best picture of the day. It doesn’t include any baby gear or even a baby bump, but it’s such a great picture that I’d think it is totally blog-worthy. This is me with my sister.

As always, you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger. Thanks for letting me document this. It may not be as fun for you to read,  but this is the type of post that I’ll want to revisit in the future.

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Pregnant Pause – Week 34

Welcome to week 34, only 6 weeks left. Here’s an update…

Falling asleep is hard, staying asleep isn’t as hard. Once I can get comfortable and fall asleep, I usually stay that way until my bladder almost explodes. So most nights I only get up about twice and I usually don’t have much of an issue falling asleep. (But just a reminder that this is only true the past 4 nights… so it may not be my new norm, I  must be blessed with a stroke of luck.) Last night I slept in the recliner again. Besides the hour or so it took me to fall asleep, it was great. Stephen slept on the couch in the living room so I wouldn’t be alone. He told me this morning that he won’t be doing that again. I’ll be all alone… left to fend for myself if the creepies find their way inside.

Friday and Saturday night I was in Galveston. I didn’t mention that to you last week. Every year, several of my college friends try to get together for a weekend. Thankfully, my parents bought this rockin’ beach house that can fit all of us. We had 11 on Friday night and due to schedules and other circumstances, we had 6 Saturday night. We had a fantastic time!

I tell you this so I can tell you two pregnancy related things: First, I didn’t sleep on the recliner over the weekend, I slept on a bed and only used 3 pillows. It was not the best sleep but it was better than I expected. I think that’s because I was so exhausted. Second, on Saturday they threw Stephen and me a mini baby shower!

One of our friends made a fancy cake and traveled EIGHT hours with it! There were gifts and games! We played two games that I’d never played before. In the first game, there were 8 brown paper bags stapled shut. We had to pass them around and guess what was inside. Stephen and I tied with another couple but since we’re having the baby, we got the prize. Fun how that works out, huh? The second game was the type of game you only play when you invite dudes to the shower.

Chugging beer from a baby bottle… through the nipple. There were only two participants (one, of course being my husband) due to only three bottles and a lost nipple that we later realized was in paper bag #7. Stephen ended up throwing in the towel halfway through because it was a S-L-O-W process and it froze his tongue.

You can kind of see my belly in this photo. We got some great stuff, including a Rex dinosaur from Toy Story 3 that makes the most obnoxious “raur” in existence. In case there was any question, Stephen registered for that.

In other pregnancy news, my feet hurt. Not like, “oh they are swollen and I’m tired and blah blah blah.” No, the pads of my feet hurt like they are bruised. I literally cannot walk if I’m not wearing shoes or else I feel like someone is beating the bottoms of my feet. It started several weeks ago with random foot tingles, specifically in the middle of the night. Slowly those tingles started to hurt. Now it’s brutal. I’m going to chat with my doctor on Thursday about it but after consulting The Google, I decided it’s Metatarsalgia… which basically just means pain in the metatarsal area. Most websites just say that I should wear shoes with good arch support. I’ve basically been living in my Croc flip flops because they feel like air. They seem to do the trick. Does anyone have any experience with this?

That’s about all I’ve got for you this week. Here’s my belly shot!

What do you think? Huge? Not so huge? Sometimes I feel massive, like when all of my shirts are too short. But other times I don’t feel very big at all.

I’ll add this picture to Bumptastic so you can compare the weeks. Also, I’ll get ToT posted once I come up with ten questions. I actually got a good recommendation for a fun ToT on Twitter but I think we’ll wait until next week to do that one. Happy Monday, have a good week!

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Pregnant With A Chance of Showers

We’re closing in on the end of this pregnancy. The true sign? Well besides my massive belly and constant yawns, we’ve hit the season of showers! I’m blessed with so many fantastic people in my life that there are 3 showers being thrown for me. The first one was last Saturday. I was slightly nervous just because that is A LOT of attention on me for a long time. I’m not that great in person, that’s why I write on the internet.

But it was a blast. There were 5 hostesses and I’d show you a picture except the one on my camera turned out terrible. They themed the shower around books and animals. The invitation had invited everyone to bring their favorite children’s book to start a library for Jansen. Let me tell you… GREAT idea. (So great, in fact, that Stephen spent an hour and a half on Saturday evening reading through many of the books.)

When I walked in, this is what I was greeted with.

How stinking cute is that? The baskets in the back went home with me and are now full of books. And look at those baskets in the front! They’ll be perfect in his nursery! Those big green things are books that spell out his name. PRECIOUS.

Everything was decorated perfectly, with his colors spread throughout the house. This cake was fantastic.

Don’t you just love those tissue paper pom poms?! Since I’m still mobile-less, I’m thinking about making a big orange one and hanging it above his crib. Thoughts and feelings?

My sweet little niece joined the party and was a big ball of smiles the entire time. I’m really hoping that she’s giving Jansen secret messages about how to be a happy baby.

We played a game that involved candy bars. When I first saw it, I thought it might be that nasty game where there are melted candy bars in diapers and you have to smell and taste to figure out what they are. I’m thankful that it wasn’t that game. Instead, there was a science fair type board with candy taped to it.

Then Mendy, the loudest and perkiest of the hostesses, read us a story. Anytime she paused, we were to yell out a corresponding candy that went with the story. Example? “When Chelsea found out she was pregnant and told Stephen, he exclaimed, _____”

“SKOR!” Which, of course, I won because I was there when I told him! If you guessed correctly, you won the candy. It was such a cute game!

Then it was time for gifts. Gifts and more gifts. It was quite overwhelming and hard to process. Not to mention I was sweating like a freaking pig! When I went home I sat by myself and looked through all my loot so I could really process it. I later showed Stephen and made him pretend like he was REALLY INTERESTED. He agreed to sit and look over everything as long as I promised not to make him say that everything was “cute” because he “just doesn’t use that word.”

I really did get some great stuff. Bottles, a swing, a bathtub, items for the diaper bag, items for the house, so much stuff! I didn’t get good pictures of all of it but this is a set of Astros and Longhorn onesies that made me so happy!

Y’all, it was so much fun. It was so nice to see all of those women in the same room at the same time. I’m quite overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity, and I know Stephen is as well. Thanks to the hostesses for throwing such a fabulous shower! Thanks to all the attendees for your love, support, gifts, and prayers. You all mean the world to me.

Now I get to recover this weekend and then have showers the following two weekends. Of course I’ll tell you all about them and show you more pictures. For now, I’ll leave you with a reminder of how cute my momma is!

(If you want to see any of the pictures larger, just click on them.)

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