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Just Some Loser Thoughts

I told you I wasn’t going to blog about Loser this season. This is me… not blogging about Loser.

But really, did you see Biggest Loser last night? What the heck is up with the twin cops with the mustaches? Okay I have never been obese and I have never been away from my family for an extended period of time and I have never felt the wrath of Bob and Jillian. (Can we call them Billian?) So no, I can’t really understand what they are going through. However, we are on week 3 or 4 and they are throwing the weigh-in so they can go home? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you know how many people would kill for the opportunity that you are throwing away? Thousands. No. No. Bagillions. I hope one day you realize how selfish that was. Jerk faces.

Also, while I’m on my rant? I’m all about support and encouragement but that yellow team is a bit over the top. They very much remind me of the days of Coach Mo. You can’t just TAKE a leadership role. But I suppose, just like Coach Mo, they think they have credibility because they used to be athletes. Yes, you were in the Olympics but now you’re on The Biggest Loser. AKA: You, my friend, are in the same boat as every other contestant there. You have things you need to worth through… so how about you focus on YOU for a second.

I think those may be my only comments. I mean obviously I have more thoughts and feelings on the episode, but I’m not going to go on and on because I’m not blogging about Biggest Loser this reason, remember? Except… how the heck does Alison always look good? I mean, I know there are hair and make up people but they aren’t magicians. She’s hot.

Feel free to share your opinions. You know I would love to read them!

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Loser Season 9 Finale!

YAY! The finale!!

Alison is looking beautiful in her red dress and her hair is fantastic.

Flashbacks from before the contestants got to the ranch. (I will do everything I can to make you proud… again.) These flashbacks make me so happy. Such a wonderful show. How can anyone not like this show???

So we know that Ashley and Michael are in but we have yet to find out if the third finalist is Koli or Daris. My guess is Daris because 1) he’s cooler and 2) my highly scientific method of asking my blog readers who they voted for shows that Daris will win.

Before we find out, we get to see them. DARIS! Looks amazing. He’s learning how to manage his time and stress so he doesn’t over eat at night. Atta boy. He has a ladyfriend! Yay for ladyfriends! Her name is Heather and she’s beautiful. They are a beautiful couple.

Now Koli. What is he wearing??? And why is he screaming? Pink pants are not okay. I feel like he is a different person than he used to be… but not in a good way. He annoys me now and I think he’s obnoxious. Koli just said “swagger.” Out loud. On national television.

The results: The winner is DARIS! My blog science is accurate!

OH! I forgot Shay is back!! We get to see how much she’s lost since the last finale. She gets $1000 per pound that she’s lost. She is gorgeous! She started at 304 and is now 252 so she wins $52,000! If she completes a marathon with Jared (Jared the Subway guy) they will double her amount. Awesome!!

Cherita and Victoria. And Sherry (so cute!) They are all wearing dresses in their team’s color! And now Maria. Cherita looks amazing for only being on campus for 5 seconds. And now they are going back to change… wow, they were out there for a minute.

Cherita  – 91 – 32.85% ALL at home
Victoria – 136 – 37.99%
Sherry – 99 – 45.41% She looks a lot older because of her loose skin. My sister thinks she looks like Helen. (Gross.)
Maria – 114 – 40.57% She looks awesome!!! Gorgeous! So proud of her and Michael! They have gooood genes!

Patti and Stephanie. James and John. Again, we are going to talk about how in loooooove Stephanie is with Sam. The brothers are still pretty big.

Patti – 73 – 30.04% She is so cute!! I just love her!
Stephanie – 99 – 37.50%
James – 128 – 26.39% He’s lost SO much weight ON HIS OWN and is still big!
John – 149 – 30.79% Good job.

Melissa… blah. Lance. My sister said, “I love how he dressed up for the occasion.” Migdalia and Miggy. This is the most hated group from this season. “Biggest Loser was not about the money for us.” Melissa… it’s the finale, no need to lie anymore. It was clearly about the money Miss Game Player.

Melissa – 90 – 38.something% I love that they showed her fight with Bob… just incase you forgot that you hate her.
Lance – 128 – 35.07%
Migdalia – 52 – 19.62% Still unhappy. Not my favorite.
Miggy – 91 – 37.92% Her hair looks so much better!

Sherry is still in the lead. Couldn’t be happier for her. Sherry is so sweet!

O’Neal styling in his suit! Sunshine- gorgeous. Darrel, looks great!! Andrea, her hair looks goood! Seriously, I love that they are all wearing their team colors. Did they do that before??

O’Neal – 159 – 40.87% Alison just told him that he was her favorite. I think that’s against the rules!
Sunshine – 114 – 41.45% She looks so good, she is so tiny!
Darrell – 189 – 45.76% HE DID IT!!! We like him too so I’m okay with that!
Andrea – 84 – 28.19% (I wouldn’t be getting these percentages if I wasn’t at my parents watching the DVR.)

Cheryl, so cute. Sam – WHY DO THESE GUYS DRESS SO WEIRD??? That shirt DOES NOT fit. Koli in his pink pants. Ugh. Sam looks like the Village People. Gross.

Anyone plan on watching Losing It? Not it!

Cheryl – 76 – 33.48% She looks healthy and not saggy!
Sam – 142 – 38.17% Knew it wouldn’t be him.
Koli – 215 – 45.76% WOW! But his attitude, ugh. Cheer up and smile a bit. (Edited: His percentage was actually 53.35% — I must’ve seen Darrell’s percentage still on the screen and marked that down. Sorry y’all!)

So Koli is the at-home winner. Good for him……..

Daris is still hunky. Ashley WOW. She is SO small! She is so pretty! Yay Ashley! Michael HOLY MOLYYYYY! How did he do that??? Not my favorite outfit… but sheesh! He is sooo handsome. Wow. I love all three of these contestants so I’m goinbg to be both happy and sad in a few minutes! The order will be Daris, Ashley, and then Michael.

(I will do everything I can to make you proud.) HEY BIGGEST LOSER, next season let’s not repeat the same clip 461 times. Kapeesh?

Daris – 168 – 48.55%  IN YOUR FACE KOLI!
Ashley – 183 – 48.93% I am just shocked looking at her!  So she’s ahead now.
Michael (I love him! “Are my abs showing??” One of the best BL moments ever!) – 264 – HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! A-mazing!!!

Yay Michael! I LOVE this show. Anyone have any thoughts and feelings on this episode?? The finale is always so wonderful! My mom is depressed because now it’s over. I’m not depressed because I know there will be another season! I’ll see you then!

I’ll leave you with a conversation that went on at as we were watching…

Stephen- Man, Michael and Ashley are dating.
Lindsay- No. They aren’t. I think he just likes her.
Stephen- Or maybe he’s gay?
Chelsea- He’s not gay!
Mom- He’s not gay. He’s Italian. Italian men aren’t gay.

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Let’s all focus on Sunshine and O’Neal one last time so we can get it all out of our system. Hopefully.

Alison showed up while the contestants were eating Multi Grain Cheerios outside on the patio. Puh-lease. She announces that it’s makeover week and they are THRILLED. We are all thrilled. This is the best week of the season. They each get $1000 to go shopping.

The contestants go shopping by themselves. Usually Tim Gunn is there to help. Now they are all by themselves. I wonder if someone will show up. They are all going through some shock as they figure out how to dress. Daris, “I used to buy my jeans at the farm supply store, right by the tarps, there were my jeans.” Not anymore!!

Mike is still at a big and tall store. It’s so sad that he has to do that even after losing 183 pounds. Chin up Michael, we’re all proud of you!!

So I just got back from a potty break and Stephen’s updating me. “Hello my name is Anthony or John Antin and I’m the head judge on Bravo’s show blahblahblah.” So yeah. I think we’re also having a Locks of Love commercial. Hey, of all commercials, that’s a good one to have. I think I may be the only one in the world that actually likes Daris’ curls. And now they are gone.

Sunshine has her reveal first. She has Tyra hair. She looks great, minus the Tyra stuff. Her brothers showed up to see her. They are both so skinny.

Koli is next. It’s amazing to see his before pictures. Reveal. Soul patch. I’m not a fan of soul patches but okay. He’s wearing thick black glasses but it’s kind of cute. He look great.  He’s crying, I love that.

Now Ashley. She still has a ways to go but, wow, she looks so much better! She has great hair. Her sisters came and they screamed a lot and touched her collarbones. I love seeing her so excited.

Sam is up. They gave him a goatee. I liked it for a second until I thought he might pull out his gun and kill me. I’m not sure yet. Maybe if he keeps smiling. He’s normal sized, it’s nuts!

Daris’ turn. WHOA. He looks soooo different. Stephen hates it. I’m not sure about the hair yet, we’ll see how he does it on his own. He looks soooo great, so healthy. You can really see his smile now. He has a pair of 34 jeans! Thoroughly impressed.

Mikey! YAY! His hair looks great!! His facial hair is actually great. He looks fantastic. Fantastic. I think we need subtitles to understand him and his sisters freak out… or maybe my dog can decode it. His sister wants to change now. He has dimples!! Are these thoughts scattered enough??

The players take their guests to the “concert” that doesn’t appear to be a concert. Oh I guess it is. Ashanti is going to sing to them. AWKWARD. She has a microphone and there are only like 20 people there. This is like on your birthday when the whole room is singing happy birthday to you and you don’t know where to look or what to do. I do not like this. I like the clips between the singing, it’s so cool to see where they’ve come from. I think they showed the clip of Daris in the gym saying, “I will do everything to make you proud” about 17 times this season. Sam and Daris are officially to the point in their weight-loss where their “before” photos make them look swollen, like they were stung by a bee. Sunshine too. By the finale, they’ll all look like that.

(Wow. The first commercial during the commercial break is a perfume one with Keira Knightley. She is a freaking stick. Too skinny honey!)

Challenge time. There is a jacob’s ladder over the pool. Awesome. “You all made a splash at the makeovers.” Someone please work on Alison’s lines. CHEESE BALLS. The one who stays on the longest wins a one pound advantage, the first to fall in gets a one pound disadvantage.

Oh look, Daris’ hair is all curly again. Ashley is the first in the water after only 3 minutes. Ashley, you could do better. Mike is in second. They are at 45 minutes and Sunshine falls in. Now it’s between Sam, Koli, and Daris. Sam is done. Sheesh, they’ve been on for one hour! One hour, and Ashley lasted 3 minutes! Daris is daydreaming. My goodness, they must be bored. Daris apparently needs to pee. Two hours! Look what happens when you do something for yourself, Koli. You kick butt. Daris fell in at 2.5 hours. Man! Oh well, I’m proud of Koli. Rather him than Sam.

Eww, Bob called Daris Lyle Lovett. NOT A COMPLIMENT. Yeah, his hair is not okay. This is why I liked his long curly hair. With those tight curls, there’s no other option. They discussed the challenge and Daris shed a few tears. He knew he gave up. He knew he was capable of going on. So basically he still needs to work some mental things.

WHAT?? This Despicable Me commercial? Biggest Loser, you’ve hit an all-time low. Your expenses on the show can’t be SO high that you have to sell all this product placement and awkward advertising. UGH. Vomit.

Walgreens Athletic Tape. ENOUGH.

Last chance workout. Jillian focuses on Ashley because of her one pound disadvantage. Bob focuses on Daris. They need to talk this out. Bob had some words, Daris had some tears. It always makes me nervous when they jump over things. Bob makes him do those squat/sit things to show him what he’s capable of. BRUTAL. He did this after all the jumping and serious working out. “Jillian and I could not do this last chance workout.” Man alive, I don’t know how his legs weren’t shaking like Jello! And now he has to run. Beast. Sam, be scared. Whoa, he just flew off the treadmill, stood up and ran back on. Well done Daris! Now if only someone could figure out how to come put your hair back on!

Weigh in time! Look how skinny Alison is and she’s had two babies. What do you think about that, Jillian?

Koli- 15 – 6.18% That’s HUGE!
Mike – 9 – 2.62% Sounds good, but not great after Koli’s 15!
Daris – 9 – 4.21% He’s 205, 9 pounds is huge.
Sunshine – 9 – 4.81% How is this happening??
Sam – 2 – .83% Yikes. Expected. He’s got nothing left to lose. And he’s gaining muscle.
Ashley – 10 – 3.63% Well done, girl.

So Michael and Sam are below the yellow line. I’m REALLY hoping that they keep Michael. Sam is done. He can’t win, he can go home and be just fine. Michael still needs this for his pride. He needs a week or two with the trainers. Michael is all tears during his plea. I’m hoping these guys don’t start the gameplay now.

Koli voted for Michael. Sunshine voted for Michael because he’s a threat. Ashley voted for Sam. Daris voted for Sam. Which means a tie. Since Sam had the lowest percentage, he’s going home. Sad to see you go, Sam. I like you. You were a great competitor and a stand-up guy. But you’re okay. You’re ready to be home.

Sam gave a fantastic speech to Koli. What great guys. What if all families treated each other like that?? That would be refreshing.

372 to 236. He hit his goal weight on campus so he’s not trying to lose anymore weight. He moved to LA and lives with Stephanie. They look happy and healthy.

Next week: Michael has a meltdown because he’s still fat. An old contestant comes back to show how he’s gained all his weight back. And we see that the one person below the yellow line automatically goes home. Yikes!

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Loser 9.13: With A Big ‘Ol Afro On His Head

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I write Biggest Loser recaps. You may not know that about me because I’ve been MIA the past two Wednesdays, but I’m back. With my very own version of a recap… as Lauren calls it, my little episode of Chelsea Hurstly.

Off to a quick start. Alison immediately grabs the contestants from breakfast for a Change Themed pop challenge. The contestants will be holding a tray and balancing quarters. Each quarter is worth $10 and the winner keeps the money. This clearly has nothing to do with weight loss so we will have a very not-so-smooth transition to Suze Orman. By the end of this challenge, the contestants are seriously sweating and shaking. Mike and Sunshine are battling to the end. Mike ended up winning $1000 which they doubled because he gave 100%. They gave Sunshine $1000 because she also gave 100%.

They went to the living room and met Suze Orman , the original carrier of the Kate Gosslin hair-do. She talked about how… actually I don’t know… I was eating Easy Mac and forgot to listen. Last seasons’s Danny came to talk to them. Boy howdy, that man is good looking!! They chatted a bit and projected Sunshine to win the game.

Danny joined the group for a work out. I LOVED seeing Danny’s face in the background when Bob was giving Daris a pep talk. It looked like he was going to pass out. Koli and Sunshine worked out together and talked a bit of smack. “I didn’t know they did that for the at home winner.” Ha, Sunshine. You made me laugh. Victoria had a bit of a breakdown. She’s behind everyone else and is having a hard time adjusting. Jillian yelled at her a lot and then tried to have a shrink-session. It didn’t help. Victoria didn’t have any ah-ha moments. It’ll come eventually, it has to.

Sam and Victoria have a chat about figuring out the mental part of this. You cannot lose weight and keep it off without knowing why it was there in the first place. THIS IS A HUGE LESSON.

It’s raining and Ali looked so cute in her red jacket, cute hat, pigtails, and Burberry umbrella. ALI, how do you do that??? Granted you have hair and make up people… but I’m certain that no amount of hair and make up people could make me that cute all the time. Not all of us can be Alison Sweeney or Lauren From Texas (<– that’s a link).

There’s a challenge and two people will win a Mazda 3. They have to run out in the rain and mud and grab a key from the string of a giant balloon (can’t make this stuff up) and run back to test it. Repeat repeat. There are 150 keys out there, only 2 work. They are getting in the car while they are sweaty, muddy, rainy, and nasty. That’s gross. Although they aren’t actually wet when they get in the car from the view of the car camera. What is going on with this weird trickery??? Andrea won the first car! Yay for her! I’d be happy for anyone right now. Although I’m sort of tired of the “I love Sunshine more than life itself” crap. You love your daughter, I get it. But I don’t need to hear about it all the time. Anyways, maybe Daris will get the other, I love him. 40 keys left, 30 keys left…. and then O’Neal wins it…. naturally. So of course that means it belongs to Sunshine.


On to the workout. Andrea and Bob have a chat. Lots of mention of being deserving love and touching and hugs… which means approximately 17,000 people will google things like “Is Andrea dating someone?” “Andrea and Koli” “Andrea and Daris” “Andrea and Mike” “Andrea and who the heck?” Victoria had to run sprints again. She had to run 5 springs with each contestant. She whined her way through it but man alive, she may have killed with weight loss this week! I love that Andrea said, “Pick your head up, finish with pride!” Jillian tried again to get her to break down. She’s started. There were a few tears and even a mention of being “not goo enough” – which is usually where it starts.

Work out in the mud. I remember seeing pictures of this on Bob and Jillian’s twitter. Lots and lots of mud. Rubbed in Jillian’s hair. Loved it.

Last chance workout. Jillian beat up on Sunshine, Koli, and Sam. They didn’t care or complain at all. That’s what makes them winners. “BOB! I just jogged a whole mile and didn’t slow down at all!! I’VE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!!” Mike is hilarious. Bob replies, “Good! Do it again.” So he does. With a smile on his face. And then he kept going to 3.1, he did a 5K. So Bob told him to keep going, he needed to get to 5 miles. Totally impressed y’all. I can’t run a mile. (Even pre-pregnancy, sadly.) Mike has really come a long way. HE is why I love this show! It just gives me happy feelings inside!

Weigh In Time! Alison is in a brown dress that is not my favorite.

Sunshine – 3  – 1.54% Not good, not good at all.
Koli – 6 – 2.17%
Daris – 7 – 3.00% Whoo hoo! Yay Daris!
Mike – 9 – 2.42% Fantabulous change! But EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Hair in a ponytail! EWWW.
Ashley – 6 – 2.27% Good for her, stop showing Sunshine.
Victoria – 5 – 1.84% Good, not great. Not enough to be safe.
O’Neal – 5 – 1.77% At some point, dude, you need to wish good things for yourself. You can’t always be your daughter’s hero.
Andrea – 3 – 1.33% Super suck. I feel awful for her. Awful.
Sam – 0 – GASP! Whoa whoa whoa. He had a great attitude, but whoa.

They say their pieces. Andrea needs to be here still. Sam has lost a ton of weight and he doesn’t need to stay. Of course neither want to leave, but if we talk about NEED instead WANT, Andrea should be there. “I have nothing bad to say about Drea. I will not choose that route. I will not choose that Melissa route.” HA. She’s gone and she’s still got a bad name in the house.

Elimination: Sunshine votes for Drea. Ashley votes for Sam. Victoria voted for Drea. Koli voted for Drea. Mike voted for Drea. Drea got voted off. Which is sad, I do like her.

She goes home in her NEW CAR. She’s so pretty. YAY Drea! She lost 76 pounds on the ranch. It didn’t say how much she’s lost up until this point- I suppose that’s because they are getting close to the finale.

Next week on Loser: O’Neal’s brother died (I remember reading that on Twitter too) and there is a serious temptation. Whoever eats the most calories casts the only vote at this week’s weigh in.

That’s all she wrote.

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Loser 9.10: No One Cupcaked Koli

First, a few items of Biggest Loser business:

  • I have wondered for weeks why nobody brings Stephanie’s name up during elimination. It’s like she has some secret shield. Yesterday an article came out that she and Sam are dating and had their first kiss during week 3 on the ranch. So that would be her secret shield. I wonder if BL will keep trying to hide it from us or if they’ll start showing us little glimpses of their relationship! I just hope they aren’t gross like Rebecca and Daniel… she got kind of weird there at the end.
  • I may or may not know someone that has gotten two interviews with the people at BL to be on season 10. That’s all I’m saying.

On to the show! Players are going home for a week. This is usually a semi-interesting and semi-boring week. Fun to see the people at home with their families, but boring because there isn’t a whole lot going on.

Was that a Tempurpedic commercial?? “You know what they don’t have at home? My Tempurpedic bed!” “Oh Sunshine!”

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and Stephen’s not watching with me, but I’m totally crying at these homecomings. The Tongans are a crying bunch. They look like fun! Daris looks fan-freakin-tastic!! My heart is just breaking for Mike.

(I’m eating a salad and a drop of vinaigrette just flew in my eye… not kidding. It burns.)

There are giant boxes for each contestant. Inside is a stationary bike and a million packing peanuts. They also have a box of cupcakes. (Just so you know, I still don’t like Melissa.) The players have to bike a marathon, the winner wins $10,000. For each cupcake they eat, they can add 5 minutes to someone’s time. Lance starts eating and eating. Andrea starts eating and eating. (Andrea is eating against her team… what’s up with that???) Mike eats a few too. And by a few, I mean 6.

The contestants work out. 24 Hour Fitness… and oh lookie there, they are open past 7:00.  (Seriously with the eye burning!) Wii Biggest Loser. Oh the plugs! “I’ve always been a firm believer of pushing my body to the edge.” Really O’Neal? Really?? I’m calling your bluff on that one. You’re a contestant on the Biggest Loser, something tells me this is the first time you’ve pushed your body in quite some time.

I feel a food commercial going on. Come on Sam, show me what you’ve got. Oh yes, Biggest Loser app on your phone! And I’M SORRY but NO you don’t have to eat organic eggs. Maybe the daily biscuits and gravy should go, but regular eggs are just fine. And now of course we are viewing the obligatory trips to their favorite restaurants.

Wait a second? How does Daris already have a lady friend?? He JUST got home. He sure didn’t waste any time. Now I’m not saying that he isn’t cute, but that chick didn’t have a choice in the matter. If a dude on television asks you on a date, you go. I hope she really likes him because I’ll go kick her butt if she hurts that sweet boy! (Boy? He’s probably my age…)

Now it’s time for the bike race. The families are all on cell phones so they can keep tabs of the other contestants. Not posting throughout this, it’s too back and forth. Sam won, Koli got 2nd, Lance got third. Alison announced that there were 32 cupcakes eaten. Koli won!!!! Whoo hoo. So very very very glad it wasn’t Lance.

Last chance workout. Oh the sweet sweat and yelling. I love it. Oh and vomit! There hasn’t been vomit in a long time. Stephen can’t stop talking about how much Koli looks like Sam now. You can definitely tell that they are related. Lance is mentally off right now. I’d argue that he’s a bit “off” all the time but I think Bob is referring to another type of “off.” Bob gave him a good chat and got him back in the Biggest Loser mood.

Weigh in. Not my favorite Alison dress, but still cute. Hmm.. I don’t know. Mixed feelings.

Blue Team
O’Neal (7) – Seriously?
Sunshine (8) – Atta girl!
Lance (8) – SERIOUSLY? Man!
Michael (8) – He’s lost 137 pounds so far! SHEESH.
Koli (10) -Fantastic
Daris (4) – Not so good, dude.
TOTAL: 2.58%

Black Team
Andrea (6) – Good number.
Stephanie (9) – AMAZING!!!! So so proud of her.
Ashley (10) – Holy moly, the black team is on fire!
Sam (14) – Wowza!
TOTAL: 3.86%

Glad to see the black team win this one. I don’t have a favorite team but I didn’t want to see it so tilted. Sunshine has immunity so between all the dudes. My vote is obviously for Lance because I’m not his biggest fan. Or O’Neal because he’s hurt.  

Koli voted for Lance
Mike voted for Lance
Lance voted for Mike
O’Neal voted for Lance
Daris voted for Lance

Lance is gone. I’m not sad. I don’t care for his attitude. But I am proud of him for how much he lost while on the ranch.

He’s gone from 365 to 265! He’s looking really great. I like him more than his wife.

Next week people come back. Ugh… Melissa. UGH.

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Loser 9.09: I Have No Title

Last night I went to the UT vs. Rice baseball game and didn’t get hom until after 10:00 sometime. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to watch Biggest Loser so I enlisted the help of my sister-in-law. Everyone say hellow to Heather! I’m posting her recap below. I have not read it, edited it (I assume she spell checked!), and I don’t know what happen. Hopefully I’ll watch it this evening on my parent’s DVR then I can read her recap and your comments.

Here we go!

Biggest Loser Notes a la Heather:

Why are the Samoan guy’s nails painted black? 

“Now it’s more about smarts than it is about physical strength—-now I’m in trouble” Samoan guy #2 

Trivia game where the team who answers three healthy food questions first wins—winners get a trip to Four Seasons; losers have to clean the kitchen—how dramatic, give me a break; and they have clean the gym—kind of gross

  • No one knows what Ellagic Acid is—including me but apparently it’s in strawberries
  • Blue team wins!


The winners get spa treatments and Daris has a green face
The black team whines about cleaning, shut up already 

Is it makeover week yet?  These people need it!  As Shawn said about Lance—‘that guy has a crotch on his face’ 

Workout time:  Jillian- “You didn’t come here to win the Four Seasons, you came here to lose 200 pounds off of your ass”   hahaha 

“I’m sweating like Tiger Woods in divorce court”-Michael 

Ashley has an emotional moment during the workout and Jillian helps her through it by talking to her Mom.  Ashley feels she has to take care of her mom since her dad died.  They talk it out and the conversation ends well. 

Michael leaves in the middle of the night because his grandmother is in really bad health, but we’ll have to wait to see how she’s doing. 

The rest of the contestants go to meet Allison and Curtis Stone for a cooking challenge.  Crotch face has his beard in a pony tail—ew.  They have to make a meal using only 12 ingredients and the winning team will get a 5 pound advantage at the weigh in. 

The black team’s food looks better. 


1st Course:  Black team

Main Course: Blue team with their pork tenderloin

Dessert:  Black team with their pear, strawberry, and goat cheese dessert

Black team wins! 

Time for the last chance workout, oh but wait, Subway Commercial while they talk about Michael’s grandmother 

Milk commercial 

Last chance workout:  looks as difficult as ever.  Koli (Samoan guy #2 I think) is close to being under 300 and losing 100 pounds.  Bob makes the blue team work extra hard to try and get over the 5 pound disadvantage. 

Time for the weigh in:  (for Chelsea:  Alison is wearing a cute pink dress with a thick black belt, hair looks good too J)

Black Team:

–  -5 pounds to start with

-Andrea:  -5 pounds , 60 total

-Sam:  -8 pounds, 94 total

-Ashley: -7 pounds, ?? total

-Sherry:  -3 pounds, 55 total

-Stephanie:  -2 pounds, 56 total

Total 2.5% for black team

Blue Team:  (needs to lose an average of 8 pounds a person)

-Lance:  -8 pounds, 83 total

-Daris:  -10 pounds, 98 total

-Koli: -9 pounds (woohoo!), emotional moment ensues; under 300; 106 total

-O’Neal:  -9 pounds, 87 total

-Sunshine:  -9 pounds, ?? total

-Michael:  -11 (wow!!!), he’s under 400, and has lost 129 total—impressive week especially considering what happened with his grandmother (which I missed what ended up happening, but I’m assuming she passed away) 

Blue team wins!  Sam is safe on the black team since he has the highest percentage. 

Black team votes Sherry off.  I’m mostly sad she didn’t make it to makeover week. 

Sherry looks great now!  She’s down to 138 (down 80 pounds total).  Amazing! 

Everyone will be going home for a week on the next episode. 

I hope my summary lived up to your standards!!

 (Okay I lied… she sent me her recap in Word so I copied and pasted. Apparently that puts in some random lines and I couldn’t post it that way. I went through to take out the lines and I saw some stuff. BOO! I don’t know who went home though, so that’s good.)

March 17, 2010 at 9:22 am 7 comments

Loser 9.07: If We Want To Get Letters, We Have To Work At The Post Office

Recap- Melissa went home, nobody cared. Darrell and Cheryl are still holding torches on their heads.

We start back at the torches. They went on for almost ten minutes and then Darrell let it drop. Which is a shame. I really like them both so I think I’d be disappointed either way.

Temptation time!!! Hello chocolate chip cookies. This challenge will split them into blue vs. black. The winner of the temptation gets to choose the teams and also gets to choose someone to have immunity this week. They can choose themselves. They play a game of memory that involves food items and Choose Team cards. This is a loooong game. I’m not looking forward to seeing how much trouble they get in. (Or maybe I am…) Michael is going to be in soooo much trouble. This is pretty gross. Michael got the cards, which totally sucks for Andrea. Michael is choosing teams – each person will be assigned to a team except the person who gets immunity. After this week, the person with immunity will go to the team that the person voted off was on. Make sense?

The new teams go as follows:

Black: Sam, Cheryl, Andrea, Stephanie, Sherry, Ashley

Blue: Koli, Daris, Lance, Miggy, Sunshine, Michael

Leaving O’Neal with immunity. Not smart moves Michael. Don’t you people know by now that it’s NOT smart to piss everyone off??

Bob and Jillian come in to the gym and see the new teams. Jillian drops the f-bomb. She super pissed, which I can see. But this is also a game, so nobody can really blame him. I don’t agree with his choices, but it’s not shocking.

Michael sounds like the mafia. “If you don’t put up the weight, you’re going. Because you’re no use to me.”

Lars bars or something. Fruit, nut, salt… that’s it. Whatever.

On to the challenge. Players have to go to the top of a building and pull a banner up. The winner gets letters from home. Sheraton Universal. This is almost no contest – the teams are crazy stacked. So of course the blue team wins. Miggy cried even though crying is for weak people. I really like Daris, seems like a great guy.

Dr. H met with the contestants again to track their progress. They only showed Sam and

Last chance workout. It wasn’t very exciting. Y’all, I”m only at 400 words. Apparently I have no thoughts or feelings today.

O’Neal: (9) – 2.77% Immunity

Blue Team:
Michael: (15) He beat the 100 pound record but everyone’s mad at him and nobody cares.
Sunshine: (7)
Lance: (5)
Miggy: (4) Miggy can’t talk because she’s “furious” and needs to cry.
Daris: (7)
Koli: (10)

Black Team:
Andrea: (5)
Cheryl: (4)
Sherry: (6)
Sam: (8)
Stephanie: (8)
Ashley: (10)

Black team wins!!!! Amazing! Blue team has to vote someone off and it can’t be Michael since he was the Biggest Loser of the week. It sounds like it’ll be between Lance and Miggy. The obvious choice is Miggy. Glad to see that they agree with my thoughts. Miggy is gone.

She went from 240 to 179. I’m sure she’d look great if she wasn’t wearing a tucked in stretchy shirt. She says she’s changed her attitude from negative to positive. I hope so.

Darrell went from 413 to 293. He’s looking good. I really like him.

Dear Biggest Loser,
Please don’t leave me for two weeks again. It makes me sad.
Your Biggest Fan,

March 3, 2010 at 8:30 am 10 comments

Loser 9:04: A Great Episode Without Any Good Quotes

Michael’s mom is gone and he’s sad about it. The contestants talked to him about his attitude and his work. He said he’s going to step it up. We’ll see.

Pop challenge. Run The Presidential Mile, grab a key card, come back and test the key. You can either get a check or an x. The first team to three checks, wins immunity. My guess is that the Presidential Mile is not actually a mile. Tough break for Michael, can’t get a good card! My guess is also that I want Alison’s coat. Poor purple girl isn’t getting anything either! And lookie there, the red team won immunity.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” The red ream team had to give out three envelopes: No Gym Access, No Elimination Vote, and 2 Pound Disadvantage. I think this is mean. This is Biggest Loser asking for drama. It’s not fair to the red team. No Gym Access went to John who spent most of his time in the pool (smart). They gave the No Vote to Michael so he wouldn’t make any rash moves this week based on hard feelings (smart). And they gave the 2 Pounds to the green team since they had a bad week last week and they hoped they’d have a good one (not a BAD move, any choice they made would have been bad). GREEN TEAM IS NASTY. Nasty.

Bob decides to talk to the red team about the weigh in. Melissa is sticking with her story that she isn’t playing the game. He’s choosing to just drop it. Bob and Jillian sneakily separate Lance from the group so Jillian can confront him. He’s sticking to the story as well and has also decided that he’d no longer like to work with Jillian because he doesn’t respect her. NICE MOVE. Be mad and refuse help from the best trainer in the world. Very very smart.

I think at this point, Melissa has convinced herself that she’s not playing the game. Biggest Loser Simple Swaps. Melissa has convinced Lance to go back and give Jillian a shot because they need her. Ziplock.

Challenge time. Alison is look like a cute little construction worker. They don’t look like that in real life, trust me, I know. The players have to pull themselves up 120 feet in this contraption. The winner gets phone calls from home and the ability to give phone calls to three other teams. Green team is immediately pissed because they think they won’t get chosen. Well, YEAH. Maybe if you smile every now and then! This is brutal, it’s a lot harder than I originally though it looked. Hate the red team if you want, but man alive, they are fighters. Gray team won. Atta boys. “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry on this damn show.”

They chose to give the calls to the red team, the green team (who didn’t cry… what?), and the brown team John. Great choices dudes!!! The phone calls always pull on your heartstrings. They also give you a little glimpse into their home lives, which I like.

Brita. Subway. Bob takes he contestants to Subway for their lesson on eating then takes them outside for their last chance workout. He points to a mountain and tells them they are climbing. Daris (orange team) starts running back and forth to get extra exercise in. Well done! Then ask they reached the bottom of he mountain, Jillian was waiting o put them through more hell. Man, she really made them do some crappy stuff. Throwing giant rocks and chasing them, pushing each other in wheelbarrows, crawling. Fun stuff. They actually looked like they were having fun.

Weigh in time! Alison has ruffles and a bumpit. Ugh, she’s so cute. Let’s just say that I’ve had it with the green team. I’m ready for them to go.

Red: Melissa (11) & Lance (6) – 3.16% Immunity
White: Michael (15) – 3.18% He’s lost 70 pounds is 4 weeks!
Black: Andrea (5) & Darrell (10) – 2.37%
Orange: Cheryl (6) & Daris (6) – 2.38%
Pink: Ashley (7) & Sherry (4) – 2.10%
Brown: John (10) – 2.29%
Gray: Sam (14) & Koli (12) – 3.78% Rockstars!
Purple: Stephanie (6) – 2.54%
Green: Migdalia (4) & Miggy (1) – .67% — arms crossed, angry at the world. (For the record, the 2 pound disadvantage didn’t matter.) 

OH THE GREEN TEAM! Awful. Bitter. Angry. Migdalia started crying and Miggy told her not to cry. NOT OKAY. We are women. WOMEN CRY. So then they screamed at the rest of the contestants to vote Migdalia off. Whoa nelly. These women. There are just no words.

The contestants voted Migdalia off- just barely. She started at 265 and is now 219. I have nothing else to say.

Anyone see the preview? We watched it on DVR so we missed it.

January 27, 2010 at 9:20 am 13 comments

Loser 8.05: This Marks The Beginning of GAME ON!

(I TOLD you I’d post this today! Second post of the day… does that mean I get tomorrow off?)

We learned right away that things were about to change. No more color teams, time for blue verse black. Bob verse Jillian. So the players gathered around a giant wheel with 36 spaces. They spun the wheel and it landed on a silver platter that could either uncover some sort of dessert, money, or the right to choose the teams. Three or four people went, all getting desserts of some sort. Rebecca ate this big chocolate donut and Alison said, “Definitely feel free to clean your teeth in a little bit.” I laughed. Then I stopped laughing because it was Tracey’s turn and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, she got the right to choose teams. Shock, horror, gasping, fainting. Well, not fainting. But close. Coach Mo said, “I have seen a lot of things…. something there is not natural… it’s super-natural.” Duh! I’ve been telling yall this since day one! (Well actually week three. On week one she almost died. On week two I thought she was cute as a button. But on week three, I said she was a witch.) I maintained that opinion last week. I maintain it still.

Or she’s an NBC plant.

Everyone cried and feared for their future. Then they met up for the verdict. No surprises, Tracey is an idiot. Not just because she broke everyone up, but because she made weird choices. Here are the new teams.

Bob: Tracey, Coach Mo, Liz, Allen, Rebecca, Rudy
Jillian: Daniel, Shay, Dina, Danny, Amanda, Abbey

The fang came out and everyone was PISSED. Liz was vicious. She decided to become Tracey’s best friend with the sole intention of stabbing her in the back. The trainers were peeved too. They chose to take it out on the contestants. They had a brutal workout. Amanda threw up her Granny Smith and Liz passed out. Even in Liz’s doped up stupor, she was talking about her agenda. Liz, your spite is not flattering.

Dina needs to be cracked. She has quit a couple times. Jillian asked her to jump onto a platform and she just walked out. She couldn’t do it. I know there is some crazy mental block there. Probably a combination of fear of heights, fear of success, some odd mental thing, and not being aware of her new body. Rudy gave her a good talkin’ to but she was still unable to do it. I really want to see her succeed.

Then the blue team went to Albertson’s to shop for some Jenny-O turkey and have a picnic.

Time for the challenge! There was this course of all these obstacles. They had a platform with four poles. One team member had to ride on the platform while the other four carried them. They were all hot and angry and Amanda lost her shoe and Shay yelled a lot. In the end, the blue team won. They received videos from home. (Hear that Lauren, VIDEOS! Not DVDs.) Rebecca gave her video to Dina. Very very sweet moment. But Dina turned it down, saying that she really needed to do this on her own.

Then I experienced one of the worst moments of my life. We learned that Tracey is from Texas. Excuse me while I pull a Dixie Chick and say that, on behalf of Texas, we are ashamed to claim her.

I love Rudy and his wife. So cute. And then Liz asked Danny to watch her video with him. She pulled the ol’ switcheroo and put his video in the DVD player. Such a special gift – and another opportunity for us to see Danny cry.

Last chance work out. Pretty entertaining this week. I enjoyed it. There was a quick product placement ad for 24 Hour Fitness and BodyBug (whatever that is). The black team gathered to try to get Dina to jump on the platform. Still no luck.

At the weigh-in, Alison was wearing a really cute dress, as usual. I wish I had her wardrobe. For serious. Can we just talk about how humiliating it is for a woman to stand in front of the nation in a sports bra and spandex?? Awful. Anyways. Tracey is up first and she drank a massive amount of witch’s brew and dropped 7 pounds. Nobody cheered. I didn’t. Rudy lost 8 pounds, his total is up to 73 pounds since the beginning of the competition. He always impresses me. Liz got up on the scale and we had this sense that it wasn’t going to be good. We were wrong, she also lost 8 pounds. I don’t think she’s a very sweet woman any more though. Looks like I’m going to end up eating a lot of my words this season! The black team didn’t start off great. But then Danny lost 10 pounds, Daniel lost 11 pounds, and then Shay lost 16 pounds (called that one, by the way) so they were safe.

Liz had immunity so the obvious answer is to vote Tracey off. But they started talking and they did the Biggest Loser thing and started talking themselves out of it. Idiots idiots idiots. Coach Mo said he should go since he lost the least amount of weight this week. (Missing the point of you being there, Mo!) So his team was DUMB and listened to him instead of voting CRAZY WITCH LADY off.

Mo has done well at home. He went from 355 to 279. He sounded good and has changed his coaching style. Good job Mo, wish it was Tracey.

Once again, I watched this on the DVR so I need to know the teaser. Please??

(If this is your first time to visit my blog today, scroll down. I had a bonus post this morning. You probably ought to check it out. GIVEAWAYS!!)

October 14, 2009 at 12:38 pm 18 comments

Loser 8.03: I’m Used to Pizza, Not Climbing a Hill!

If last night happened to be your first week watching Biggest Loser, you picked a good one! There was drama, tears, backstabbing, temptation, and a million amazing one-liners. I can’t even tell you how many times I thought to myself, “Oh my! I LOVE this show!”

We quickly found out that this week was a week of choices. To start: Would you rather have a 2 pound advantage or keep your trainers for the week? Alison gave this proposal to the contestants. She said that whoever stepped forward first, got the advantage (but had to give up their trainers) and nobody else would have the opportunity. CLEARLY nobody would be dumb enough to take this, so she made it clear that if nobody stepped forward, she’d raise the stakes. Apparently since Tracey was in the hospital the first week and we all felt sorry for her the second week, we didn’t realize that she is an IDIOT. She took a two pound advantage (without discussing it with her teammate, Coach Mo) and gave up the opportunity to work with Bob and Jillian.

Sean said, “I wanted to say ‘What are you doing you crazy woman?” but…. what are you doing you crazy woman?”  Which, by the way, was just one of Sean’s 17 billion wonderful quotes. I think I’d like him to narrate my life. So of course Bob and Jillian are hurt and disappointed and shocked that Tracey would make such a rash (and ridiculous) decision. They spent an hour talking to her about how she needs to have self-control and blah blah blah. She just stared and them and pretended to learn something and didn’t blink. That woman could DOMINATE in a staring contest. For real. How does she not blink for an entire 2 hour episode?

I need to take a quick Tracey break. Let’s talk about Abby. She went to the hospital to get an MRI on her shin because she’s been having so much pain. Turned out she had a pretty bad stress fracture and couldn’t do any land exercising. She didn’t seem too upset. She said that in the scheme of her life, this is not a huge deal. She’s handled much more. I just loved what she said (probably because it was almost verbatim what we talked about in Monday night Bible Study when we talked about Ruth and Naomi and how God can work through our baby steps when we heal… but that’s another story for another time) when she commented that, “I just did what I had to do that day because that’s all that I had. I gave what I could and nothing more.” You’re awesome, Abby. She went back to the ranch and talked to Bob about it. He was secretly concerned for her but to her face he told her that she’d be okay. She’d get through it. Why? Because he has experience training injured people and because there is Yoplait Light in the fridge! Try it! It’s fantastic. (We don’t buy Yoplait because their containers are shaped in a weird way so you get some yogurt stuck in the top lip and it’s almost impossible to get it out. This severely angers my husband so we buy Kroger brand. TAKE THAT Biggest Loser marketing.)

Oh dear, I’m already over 500 words into this post and I’m only half a page into my two pages of notes. (By the way, my notes look very much like a junior higher’s notebook because they are sloppy and have nonsensical  words and doodles like this…)


So now onto the first temptation. I love temptations. Each contestant was put in their own booth. Alison brought them 100 calorie cupcakes. Whoever ate the most cupcakes got to pick one person from each team to weigh in that week, the other teammates’ weight loss didn’t matter. All of the contestants were extremely scared to eat a cupcake after the drama with Tracey acting without thinking. None of them wanted to piss off Bob and Jillian. Very wise. And wise Liz said, “We don’t want to put a target on our back! We don’t need that control so soon!” And then wise Sean said, “I want to take a cupcake and rub it all over my body!” And then wise Chelsea said, “I love this show and I love Sean.” You’re right Liz (and obviously you’re right too, Sean and Chelsea). But Tracey decided to eat 4 cupcakes and pin a big fat target on her back. To which to cute brunette girl on the pink team said, “I think Tracey is a little bit… crazy.” Umm, yes. Idiot idiot idiot.

So needless to say, Bob and Jillian are not please. Bob has flames coming out of his ears, Jillian can’t look at her. Then Jillian decides to look at her so that she can scream at her. And it was good. Did everyone LOVE Bob’s imitation of Jillian?! If I had DVR, I would have watched it over and over. So at this point, everyone thinks Tracey is dumb. All we get out of Coach Mo is that this is “extremely frustrating.” Understatement of the century.

The challenge this week was an incline challenge. Each team had to carry 500 pounds up a giant incline. They could choose to do it in 10 pound increments from a close distance, or 25 pound increments from a further distance. The green team won- which is great news for Abby because she can’t do much this week. But even after the green team finished, each team kept going. They all wanted to finish the challenge. When the final weight was carried up the hill, they all walked together. It was awesome. The lesson was beautiful. “If you think you’re alone, you’re not!” (Sermon?) I love when they work together and you can really see them growing and being proud of themselves.

On to the last chance workout. Next awesome quote from Sean after dominating his treadmill challenge, “I don’t even think a puma could get on a treadmill and do this!” Bahaha! We didn’t see a whole lot during this workout. We did see a glimpse of Dina. She wanted to quit so Jillian yelled at her. She eventually decided she didn’t actually want to quit. I love that she said, “Do me a favor, don’t talk to me.” And Jillian just said, “Got it.” I think that we see how Jillian is able to learn each of the contestants and what helps them go on. She knew Dina needed to focus on her own and push herself. Well done Dina!

Afterwards, the pink team and Dan separately talked to Tracey about her choice for their team. They wanted to make sure they were all on the same page. Tracey hasn’t quite proven that she can make a stable decision up until this point, so I’m not quite sure why they thought she’d start now.

On the weigh-in. The drama immediately unfolds. Alison asks Coach Mo what he thinks about Tracey’s decisions that week. (Thoughts or feelings, Coach Mo?) He said that she is his teammate and he supports her and that he can’t change the decisions she’s made. So Jillian blows up. She yells at Coach Mo even though it’s not really his fault. I think she’s just yelling because that’s what she does best. But I do agree that he should have showed a little emotion towards Tracey and told her to STOP being an idiot and start thinking about him when she’s making her decisions.

Now to the scale. Everyone is freaking out because they have no idea who Tracey will pick to weigh in. I liked Julio’s take on it. He said that people need to stop worrying so much. Either way, someone is going to have to weigh-in. So just worry about yourself. Uh yeah! The whole season would be far less dramatic if they’d keep this in mind the whole time. But come on, that’s not good television!

Okay so I can see why Tracey would pick Liz to weigh in. But then she chose Rudy?! Rudy the Beast? Really? So what WAS your strategy?? In my opinion, it’s too early in the game to be pissing people off. Why make decisions that will make the rest of the contestants hate you? Enter pink team. More drama. (Go on, brush your shoulders off.) Then Sean, only lost 6 pounds. No red team dance, sorry Stefanie. Looks like I don’t have to do a vlog demonstrating the dance. Then Shay, more drama. She lost 6 pounds. Daniel is the best teammate ever. He is so supportive and encouraging.

So then it’s Tracey’s turn on the scale. Everyone is literally folding their hands and praying that she’s lost less than 2 pounds. We soon find out that Tracey may or may not be a witch because she somehow loses 11 pounds. ELEVEN. What??? We hear crickets. No cheers, no high fives, no celebratory dances. Just laser eyes and mental curses. So what this now means is that the red team and orange team are below the yellow line. NOOOOOO!

The red team is awesomely awesome. Got that? Fabulously fabulous. Stellarly stellar. Amazingly amazing. They said, “The greatest gift that anyone can give is self sacrifice.” There’s a sermon in there too but, once again, this is not the time! They said Shay needed to be there, had to be there. She didn’t have support at home and couldn’t leave yet. They asked everyone to vote for them. And everyone agreed.

The “where they are now” piece was awesome. Sean had lost 120 pounds since coming to the ranch. He was looking awesome. His wife is about to have a baby girl and name her Jillian. A little much? Seems to be the consensus. I have mixed feelings. Obviously this was a life changing experience for him and I’m sure Jillian made a huge impact in his life. I think it’s kind of cool to give your child a name that represents a really special time of your life. Not sure that I’d name my daughter after a woman who curses more than Snoop Dogg, but to each his own.

But what was really cool was when we saw Antoine. He lost 105 pounds and looks fabulous. We really appreciate that he answered our question from the first week. Who did Alexandra have a crush on? Well Antoine of course! And now they are dating and it’s wonderful and makes me oh so very happy!!

What a great week. Great show. Already can’t wait until next week. Did yall see the preview? Tracey is hurt. “Coincidence or karma?” Ha! Seeing as I don’t believe in karma, I think coincidence. But a funny coincidence. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

September 30, 2009 at 9:11 am 18 comments

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